Otakus Unite

Greetings, wanderers. I’m simply another anime and manga lover here to openly express my obsession with them. Peace.

Me, I personally am absolutely addicted to anything anime-related. Despite countless attempts to curb my addiction, anime evidently grips me tighter than my resolve, so here I am. I love those beautiful girls with iridescent eyes and cute expressions, as well as dashing and cool guys (oh, did I ever mention my fetish about silver-haired guys with heterochromia-eyes with different colors- and either wielding a badass weapon or with supernatural powers. I simply adore that type!).

Dashing boys, aren’t they? Well, besides manga/anime, I also enjoy webtoons (Yes, Noblesse, yes.) and I love hearing Vocaloid songs and somehow, their lyrics are always more meaningful to me.

Basically, I’m an otaku and I’m here, just passing by :)


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