Bad apple

It somehow seems that its always Japanese songs that gets to me the most. I’ve listened to a whole range of English and Korean pop as well as classical music but in the end, there’s just this quality about Japanese singers with their unique voices and their song’s amazing lyrics that makes gives them their definite number one spot.

So I’m just gonna share this song ‘Bad apple’ that I chanced upon, and its from Touhou, a “bullet hell shooter” game series created by one single member (who calls it TEAM Shanghai Alice. Haha). This guy is hella awesome.

And here’s the synthesia version that is also mind blowing.

Anyway, this song totally connects to what I felt when I first saw the video and I thought “Damn, we feel the same way, bro.” But then since the song was about feeling listless, and just being numb and inexistent in this world, I realized that I was the only loser feeling like crap because well, this guy can feel this way and yet compose such a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics with beautiful animations and get so many views and praises for his awesomeness. Heh, he doesn’t need to feel numb anymore.

Besides that point, I really love this song and kudos to the people who produced it!


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