Cheesy Shojos

There’s always this thing about shojo manga that pulls me in– maybe I’m just a sucker for romance, but no matter how cheesy the plot is, I’d always fall in love with the characters. Well, most of the time. What exactly makes it so intriguing, I wonder?

Is it the heartache that we all feel when the heroine is crying? It certainly makes the male lead wake up and do something after that, and this scene never fails to appear in most shojo mangas. Speaking of these cliches, based on my experience of reading many of such mangas, let me try to name a few! :)

Male lead: A very handsome and cool guy that is popular/athletic/an honor student/ rich

Heroine: Meh. Your average girl that could want a boyfriend/hates guys/be secretly in love/moves near to male lead’s house/works at his house/harbors a shameful secret

And of course, over time and a series of accidental happenings, the male lead somehow falls desperately in love with the heroine. Somehow. And after pushing away ex-girlfriends/boyfriends and clearing away jealous girls or protective parents (together with scenes where characters fall sick-and get lovingly tended to by the other/a lot of crying/misunderstandings/love triangles), THEY END UP TOGETHER! Yay, finally! And the kiss, of course. Ahh. Read it many times, honestly, but i’ll never stop loving any of them. I mean, look:

These kind of covers which practically shout “LOVE! SHOJO! CHEESE!” simply grab my attention! I mean, look at that hot guy holding that pretty girl. With that expression. A must read!!

But then again, for those who would prefer more interesting plots (aka still cheesy shojo but with a little unique added in), Tenjou no Kajitsu is the manga for you! Well, i’m just recommending it because I happened to chance upon it recently and although the first chapter seems like your usual cheese, it gets better and better in a short while.

And for the better, different type of cool plots like:

(I mean, you can tell from the atmosphere straightaway that this is not your regular shojo. Look at the sheer coolness of the characters and their background AND THE GUY’S EVEN HOLDING A SWORD. Plus 10000 cool points)

Anyway, that picture is not actually from a manga. Sorry if anyone is disappointed (I am too..) but it just depicts how unique other shojos are! Such examples that I can think of right now would be Hana no Kishi and Dengeki Daisy. I swear I know more but that’s all I can think of right now, sorry :(

Anyway, c’mon! Spread the love of cheese! Of beautiful shojo mangas! Of stories that will never come true (sigh. That’s the only problem. They give us false expectations of reality because the characters and plot are just too awesome to be real)!

Haha, see this pretty girl? She’s from a shojo manga (manhwa actually). And see that look in her eyes? She telling you to read her story (as well as all the shojos ever made). Its called Dear My Girls by Kim Hee Eun and I just gotta say, I absolutely love the way that her characters are drawn.

Anyway, whatever it is,

Go forth, and spread the love :)


8 thoughts on “Cheesy Shojos

  1. starsamaria

    I tend to like more realistic shojo series like Nana and Bokura ga Ita – they’re such emotional series you can’t help but get caught up in them. I love Dengeki Daisy – Teru and Kurosaki are a fun couple. But shojo manga aren’t always centered on romance – there are horror, historical, fantasy, and comedy shojo series, not to mention that there are plenty of series with male protagonists (Angel Sanctuary, X and Otomen come to mind).

    1. passingotaku Post author

      I guess you’re right :) for me, I just prefer the simple romance shojo although I also love them with other genres included (fantasy!! I love Hanatsukihime as well as Hana to Akuma). I usually read manga with romance as the central theme and yes– I love dengeki daisy! One other manga that I can recommend is Warau Kanoko-sama– I see you like more realistic plots but this is definitely one that you can enjoy :)

  2. inimangaka

    Gotta agree with everything you wrote. Shoujos are predictable, and lovely, and I can’t stop reading them! I love them so much that I decided to write one (to delude myself that I am being productive while reading more shoujos!). Nowadays I am really in love with Love so Life and Skip Beat (and so many others!). I will keep on reading your blog, please keep writing ;)

    1. passingotaku Post author

      Thank you so much!! For me, I’ll always read any shojo manga in my path. It’s great that you’re writing one- its really fun when you get to decide the plot right :) AND YES DELUSIONS (thanks to shojo manga, every time a guy catches my eye, I’ll imagine him as the male lead of my story. Sigh)! Skip beat is one really awesome manga (and anime) and you should try L-DK too!

      1. inimangaka

        Thanks for the fast reply ;D
        I’m already reading it. I love L-DK! The male main has a very particular way of expressing himself, maybe that’s why it is so interesting.
        And do you know Hitoribocchi wa samishikute? It is kinda short, but became one of my favorites too.

      2. passingotaku Post author

        Thanks for replying too ;) Yes i’ve read Hitoribocchi wa Samishikute and its a really beautiful and inspirational manga!! Romance is really addicting, isn’t it?

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