I’m obsessed with manga and I can’t help it. Anime is like a drug. And I recently got badly scolded by my parents for not doing work. I really feel frustrated.

I wonder if other otakus ever have this problem. I become so fixated with reading and watching more and more manga/anime that I totally ignore my work and sometimes stay up till 3/4am doing it! I know i’m just obsessed and that I have got poor time management skills as well as the lack of courage to stop myself and to just do work. Because the world of anime provides too good a dream, and a haven for me.

(Hey note that I still have a life okay! xD But seriously, I have problems with my studies now and I’m just being a lazy sloth by continually choosing anime over work.)

(This is from Guilty Crown, an intriguing manga)

Don’t you wish you could head to school and look like this with your friends in the classroom? It’s all so unrealistic but cool.

Or don’t you want a carefree life like this? Free to do whatever you want, hang out anywhere with your mates, because YOLO or whatever.

Anime has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and of impossible dreams and I find it hard to turn back to reality, and the truth of the plain old Earth. There’s supernatural powers, fascinating personalities, unwavering determination, unusual scenarios and refreshing stories all in a few clicks, and reading one simply ignites the embers in your heart that will eventually engulf it in ENRAIHA (just joking, suddenly thought of this from Kaze no Stigma, lol)– I mean, flames. And it’ll just spread into a wildfire and consume you whole.

There’s no turning back indeed, but I’ve decided that I can’t let go of this world (does that sound the slightest bit of what a cool ass anime character would say xD). And so, I’ll do my best to hang on, because after all, this is the world that I’M living in, and I don’t want to screw up my life. I can enjoy anime, but I must fight on in this world, and make my mark here. I used to abandon life and embrace fantasy, but no more.

That’s why, I’m sorry! This blog was created because of my love for anime and manga, and my passion will never stop, but i’ll just stop posting as often and I hope that readers will understand. Maybe a post every fortnight or more when i’m free! But i’ll do my best to juggle anime and the real world, and appreciate everything about life. Real life is tough with so many challenges and adversaries, but that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

(Okay this was random but) See! Yeah i’m gonna be like that girl and bravely step out :) Although I’ll have to admit that anything anime like that picture looks so much brighter and more positive..

Blast away all hesitation.

Let’s start the homework :)


3 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Synonymous Anonymous

    agreed anime and manga is addicting to the point where i pulled all-nighters 3 days in a row 2 watch/read and maybe i did a “some” of college forensic science + environmental geology assignments


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