Brainy guys

So.. I admit that i’m so addicted to romance that I rarely step out of the romance zone to read other genres of manga. But once in a while, I try, and I realize that there’s a whole range of non-romance stories out there that are just so AWESOME!

But i’ll just be stating 3 of them that are being widely compared because their protagonists all have one (amazing and appealing and charming and cool) common feature, which is their advanced brains. THEY’RE GENIUSES!! Can you guess the manga now? :)

1. Death note- Who hasn’t heard of it? Who doesn’t love Light? In some ways, he might be a twisted character but his charisma and appeal will never stop oozing out. I mean, look at him.

(This is just fan art and his eyes look a little weird, but HE’S HOT.)

2. Code Geass- This one never gets old. Re-watched it many times, and can’t stop crying at the last episode of R2. I mean, Lelouch is a great antihero- whatever he does in the whole story just builds up and when he finally dies (and beautiful music by hitomi starts playing), its just tragic. I really love him. And hate Suzaku and his stupid ideals..

Ahaha, the classic evil genius/arrogant look that both he and Light always have. And I absolutely love the geass. Too cool.

3. Liar Game- IF YOU HAVEN’T READ IT, GO READ IT. Its just beautiful. Don’t be fazed by the long chapters- you’ll be finding it all too little soon. Its a brilliant psychological manga with great characters.

Ahh, brainy guys are really the coolest! How I wish they were real sometimes. That would just be intriguing but some scenarios are really too scary! Oh yeah one more recommendation would be a webtoon called Dr Frost.

You know, once in a really blue, like aquamarine blue, the blue of the waters of deepest oceans and the rarest sapphires (okay too lame)– anyway, once in a blue moon when I read manga/anime without romance (I’m ashamed to say rarely), I find great treasures. I remember going crazy over bleach and shouting “GETSUGA TENSHOU!” Or wishing that I had ‘innocence’ from D Gray Man and absolutely falling in love with Naruto and its amazing plot. There’re too many good manga out there!

And recently I read this really good manga that was shojo-styled but without romance, and it was called Ichi. YOU MUST READ IT. Its about samurais, but its more cool than you would’ve thought. And while googling about it I coincidentally found another romance shojo this time, called Pika Ichi! Haha.

Its a really good shojo to love! With cool and hilarious characters to boot.

Anyway, regardless of romance or not, the world of manga is all out there, free and too good to be true. And of course webtoons are included- Noblesse and Girls of the Wild are examples of awesome ones. The characters that you see are just so out-of-the-ordinary and cool and their stories are groundbreaking. Sigh.


4 thoughts on “Brainy guys

  1. mlatimerridley

    Yeah, I agree with you- it’s hard to step away from the romance manga but there’s a lot of good stuff on offer when you do! I’m partical to Pandora Hearts myself, the story has so many twists and turns- I love it! Also, Naruto, Bleach and Fairy Tail. But romance always calls me back- two really good shoujo at the moment I think are Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (going to be an anime in Autumn) and Seiyuu-ka!

    1. passingotaku Post author

      Hey thanks :) Pandora hearts is awesome!! So is 07 ghost and so many others, though romance genres indeed still win the top spot. Mangas like Fairy Tail and Air Gear are just so great because of their plots and the emotions they stir up. Epic! And i’m gonna check out those two shojos you listed ;)


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