Holyland is a manga that’s shounen to the core, complete with the young hero Yuu who has an amazing spirit and tough resolution, with a storyline full of mixed martial arts and action.

AHH DAMN, IT WAS AWESOME!! Its basically about our hero who got bullied and felt like he didn’t have a place in the world, so he went out to the streets. And to stay in a world full of thugs and violence, of course he had to fight. This is definitely a manga worth reading, and it’s so inspirational too!

Shounen heroes like Yuu always seem to never back down, and despite any weak moments, they always have the fierce determination and iron will that will help them achieve anything, despite all odds. And of course, friends and comrades who add in a little too much of a bromance element will always support him ;) One thing I liked about it is that it didn’t have an ecchi element (usually present in shounen) and it was amusing at times too.

For example, I found this scary Tsuchiya,

…Quite amusing.

So I’ve gotta admit, reading this manga got me all pumped up and in fact I feel like trying street fighting out! Not that I have the actual guts to pick a fight with someone.. Sometimes, mangas like this one just make you feel alive again and its absolutely motivational to see the hero with such an unwavering spirit. Then…You look at yourself again and you realize how shitty you are– I want to change, just like Yuu. And I don’t. I don’t even do anything productive. What do I do?

That’s what I do, wither away slowly whilst dreaming of the impossible. Yes that cute chibi picture is quite a contrast to the main topic, but the point is that I just slack off. Because you see, I was supposed to do homework but I went on to read the nearly 200-chapters Holyland manga…Why.

Okay, I’ve gotta carry on. Holyland is just an example, but shounen heroes are freaking badass and they all have flawless qualities. The only problem with Holyland is its ending. I swear I got a heart attack on the second-last chapter *spoiler alert* where Yuu was nearly killed off by a stupid plot twist. That’s just evil. Even in the end, I’m not sure if he died BUT HE’D BETTER BE ALIVE BECAUSE YOU CAN’T JUST KILL HIM LIKE THAT:(

So sorry for my stupid ranting. Conclusion is that shounen lovers should go read it. Now!!


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