Greater Insights Into An Otaku

This is a random post, really. All because I came across this picture.

HAHA. Spot Sasuke if you can.

Point is, i’m an otaku to the core, but I don’t have a room like that. I’ve heard that other (not generalizing) otakus have rooms full of posters, mangas, figurines and shirts of anime characters while my room is pretty much void of anything anime-related.

I do envy those who collect cool plushies, and at least I do have a small collection of anime stuff like a keychain of Mio’s bass guitar xD but it’s pretty pathetic. As for the manga, since I can read it online, I don’t see the need to buy them. Plus the bought ones are probably in Chinese  (which is still okay) or Japanese  (which is as familiar as Greek is to me). But of course, holding the genuine manga in your hand must feel really good.

Most of the people whom i’m acquainted with probably don’t know that i’m an otaku, and even those who know that I watch anime won’t know that i’m obsessed with it to such an extent. Because I don’t show it, and even if I want to, there’s no one to tell. But one day, I think that i’m gonna make my room just like that picture’s. I’ll make it all shojo-ish and pretty.

Starting with cute pictures like these :)

That’s definitely what i’m gonna do, and it’s a secret for now!


8 thoughts on “Greater Insights Into An Otaku

    1. Aleris Post author

      Haha yeah!! :D Can you imagine an anime-themed room, it would be so cool, full of plushies and posters and figurines and whatnots! xD I’M TOTALLY GONNA BUY ANIME STUFF SOON. :) AT AFA NOV 2012.

      1. Rei

        Yes, of course I am, and still standing strong! I left two more papers next week and it’ll be over for good. I’m really looking forward to AFA. (*´Д`*)

      2. Akari Post author

        That’s great! Haha hang in there for the last 2!! I can’t wait to go AFA too (GOSH IT’S ONE WEEK FROM NOW) and I think i’m going on the 10th right after some symposium I have. I’ve checked out the activities and there’s some event about Project K that day so I HAVE GOT TO GO THEN! xD

        Wait don’t be distracted yet! ;) Strive on man, you can do it yeah!!!

      3. Rei

        Oh, cool. That’s the only day I’m going as well. It’s awesome how you seem to be a big fan of K Project and it’s going to be one of the featured anime there! What kind of merchandise will you likely be getting? Tapestry, pins, or keychains?

      4. Akari Post author

        Heh I see! ;) YEAH I KNOW RIGHT, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT THEY’LL FEATURE! Project K is seriously awesome! :D Hmm I wonder what I’ll be getting, probably anything that makes me have an urge to grab it (though I’ll have to control myself since I ain’t a rich kid)! xD Haha let’s have fun!!! I’m sure AFA is gonna be really crowded!

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