I can’t believe I started on this so late, but I found one hell of an amazing webtoon.

KUBERA!!! If you haven’t read it, go read it now. It’s an amazing fantasy and adventure webtoon with hints of romance and is even tagged as shounen which means that it caters to practically everyone and it has hot and gorgeous and badass and cool characters and even real comedy to keep you amused so it’s definitely a must read.

Read it or Asha will cut off one of your ears. Anyway, Kubera is a damned good webtoon. The only devastating thing is that its not complete, and probably far from being complete. THAT REALLY SUCKS :( But the plot is awesome and the best thing about it is definitely the characters. There’re so many characters and I’ve grown to love almost all of them, because each of them are so unique, so special, and so interesting in their own ways!

Anyway, the plot starts off with this girl called Kubera, which is apparently the name of a God, and she’s got otherworldly things (Suras) hunting her. Her village is burned down while she was away and she returned to find a high-level Sura behind this. Kubera wanted to take revenge under the assumption that everyone she knew was killed, but Asha, a magician, saved her and there begins their long adventure together.

They’ll meet lots of characters which are so lovable, like Agni (LOVE HIM), Gandharva (adorable) and his companion with red wings (I forgot his name :P Wait I think its Maruna), Brilith and Yuta. You can’t dislike them! There’s one bitch Sagara though, but that’s probably about it.

Cute Yuta. He’s actually a ‘half’, born of two different Sura clans.

“A garuda half… with beautiful wings”, I couldn’t agree more. I love him.

I like how some characters are able to make themselves transform to cute kiddos and then change back to hot bishies ;) And how the characters are inter-linked, or what their true intentions are..ARGH basically you must read this webtoon!!

For me, i’m not really interested in how romance develops here, because the intensity of the plot and the well-developed characters are really what keeps me reading on. Wait maybe that was a lie. I’m totally rooting for Agni X Brilith! But anyway for now, since the city of Atera is under siege and the promise between Agni and Gandharva was kinda broken (AND AGNI’S BACK!!), I can’t wait to see what happens when Gandharva arrives. He and Agni should seriously team up. Those two make an awesome pair.

LOL. So anyway I hope that you’re convinced to read Kubera if you haven’t! Must say, the main herione reminded me of Miku Hatsune the first time I saw her. Also, on a random side note, I realized why i’ve been turning to webtoons more than manga these few days (you should check out webtoons, there’s a whole lot of great ones out there). Its because of COLOUR!!!!! No, really. And the beautiful art too, of course. Ahh, its so refreshing to read stuff in color, its like manga and anime mushed up in one to give you a simply awesome webtoon :)

So go read Kubera, and you absolutely won’t regret it.

To the awesome people (usually koreans) out there who have been making webtoons, I admire you a lot! And to the esteemed author of Kubera, please continue to add more updates, because i’ve heard that you’re working on a different side story or something..? And lastly, to the translators and group that have been working hard to upload english Kubera chapters..THANKS. I love you and if you upload them faster, i’ll do anything. Anything.


2 thoughts on “Kubera

  1. hottistcooki

    i just finished the latest chapter for this webtoon today. (I started it yesterday too :D) i do agree with you that it is really good, but there are certain parts that are leaving me with dissatisfaction. I was serious disappointed when I found out that Asha was a girl! it seemed like almost everyone was too when i scrolled through the comments. after that i gave up on asha/liz couple but then yuta suddenly appeared so now im hoping for a grown-up yuta/liz couple (it would kind of weird to see kid yuta and liz) but still,,,im crossing my fingers hoping that asha was a guy all along and maybe just lied about his (uhhh i mean her) gender.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Hahaha dude. Or lady! (; I actually wrote this last year and loved it so much, was madly frustrated as I always am when waiting for new updates, so I stopped. AND NOW I’M WAITING FOR IT TO BE COMPLETED BEFORE I START AGAIN!!!

      Yeah I remember how superb this was. But what, Asha’s a girl?! Denied. Damn. But Yuta is pretty cool too! This webtoon is full of so much win, with all those badass characters with their badass powers. Totally my type of story. Webtoons are really traps– have you tried others (e.g Noblesse, Girls of the Wild, Tower of God)? All so extremely remarkable with such beautiful story lines……….. until you reach the latest chapter and cry. Weep for the fact that you’ll only get a measly portion of a small chapter the next week or so. So i’ve decided to be patient and read the completed ones all at one shot xD (P.S I really want to know what happened to Liz as of now.. she probably has a cool backstory/future interaction with the real Kubera right? –don’t blame me if the facts are wrong haha my memory is faulty! But I remember that she was very noob!)


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