A Poem A Day Leads The Mind Astray

Not exactly poem but my prose-ish thing..  I’m gonna try and be committed to writing at least one a week and posting them here. It might not help, but I want to believe that doing this will improve my English or at least my creative side :P Well, but at least one thing is that I’ve put in all my emotions writing these (I only write when I feel a strong surge of emotions welling up) so at least when i’m older and I look back at them, I can laugh at how silly I was :) So here’s a short one for today!

I can’t just run away

To those dazzling lights

An illuminated life

And ignore the

Darkness that I’d cast away

For it will haunt

And persecute me relentlessly

As a shadow

And I will fear it always.

The message should be quite clear.. you can’t just flee from or bury any mistakes that you’ve done. You can’t live happily knowing that there’s something wrong, somewhere. Sigh. Anyway, on a side note, the masked dude Hei from Darker than Black is pretty hot :)


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