(Okay, I added few unnecessary ‘z’s there)

So recently I stumbled across this blog called Animenz, whose author is a legendary transcriber of anime songs and a really good pianist too. Seriously, you should go check out the stuff he plays. My personal favorite would be Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo from Shakugan no Shana.

It’s really nice right!!! Okay. Obviously that’s not all that i’m gonna rant about. So after hearing this lovely tune that could only have been composed by angels, I excitedly printed out the scores, put them in a pretty file and started diligently practicing for about twenty minutes or so. After much frustration (damn, the key in the piece has 4 irritating flats!) I think I could smoothly play about a quarter of the song.

So, satisfied and determined to finish the piece by that day, I went for a short break. Which was the biggest mistake of my life, because my idiotic brother came down and started SIGHT READING the piece. Despite a few pauses and errors, he managed to sight read almost half of the piece.

That was utterly demoralizing -_-

I mean, I know he’s played far more pieces than I have and is definitely better than me at the piano. But when he does stuff like this, I will completely lose the motivation to continue learning the piece. Damn it. Inferiority complex. Shoo, finish mastering your Fantasie Impromtu first, idiot.

SIGH. Just feeling jealous, I guess.


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