Let’s Create An Otaku Club

Isn’t that idea brilliant!? I’ve been considering it a lot recently because it seems like an awesome idea :D When I go to JC (Junior College), I’ll be able to propose the notion of creating a new club and what better suggestion is there than an OTAKU CLUB? :)

A gathering of like-minded otakus! Okay. So obviously this club is going to be Japanese related, and we’ll all share our passion about anime/manga but what will we actually do? AHA! Maybe we shall call it the Read-manga-for-3-hours-and-discuss club xD Nah, it probably wouldn’t be approved, but what do people actually do at Otaku Clubs? Or like K-on, make it a light music club/Japanese band? Go around spreading the love of anime to fellow students?

OH YESYES! And holding cool events like cosplay contests and introducing wacko characters like Suzumiya Haruhi and basically having fun! On a more shojo-ish note, we could hold balls and parties with our very own Japanese band concert of course. AHH PARTIES AND BALLS. That is simply the epitome of shojo fantasy. Because there aren’t really much opportunities for such things in real life..

No, but really, it could be a club that wants fun and wants to spread the love of anime :) But speaking of cosplaying, i’ve actually never done it. Maybe I should write another post on it. But for now, this idea sounds great, right? But improbable too because I don’t have the resources/confidence/manpower or even enough friends with the same interest to support me, to carry this out. Still, I can hope for it :D

Otaku Club just sounds like fun.


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