School Starts Again

Dreadfully, school reopens tomorrow.

Actually, I don’t know if I should be happy or sad. My life would go back to being an active, fully packed and productive one. And course add in the homework, stress, exams and tiredness.

Idk idk idk idk idk, having mixed feelings. But at least an active life sounds good. Human interaction is healthy though tiring. No more slacking off.

I don’t know.


4 thoughts on “School Starts Again

  1. a boring otaku :)

    hey again! i feel sorry for you .. well hehe my holidays just started sooo i have 2 month of watching anime :D and mayde i will start a blog too… well i’m very lazy hihi. good luck for school :)

    1. passingotaku Post author

      Wow, you’re so lucky! Enjoy your holidays ahhh you have such a long time to devote to anime, good for you :D Yes, you’ve started a blog right? I’m following you and i’ll look out for your posts!

      Thanks, I really dread going to school though. Have fun during your holidays :)

      1. a boring otaku :)

        thank you for following me but it’s my 1st blog so i don’t really know what to write.. some tips for a beginner?

      2. passingotaku Post author

        You’re welcome :) Actually, i’ve created a few blogs in the past but they were all for school projects, so this blog is my first personal blog too! :) Tips? Haha. Just write anything you want to. Anything that you feel strongly about, but have never been able to share in real life. No one will condemn you (probably) on the internet :D

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