Learn To Make Your Own Decisions

I came across this picture once (Facebook does have its good uses), which inspired this post.

And it struck a chord in me. When making a decision, it’s always tough to choose straight right out especially in front of the person who asked you, or the persons who are around you and waiting to hear your choice. Because then there would be peer pressure and you’d definitely have to take into account the feelings of others, as well as to do what you feel is best for your image, or what is best for the good of the people around you. That’s for me, at least.

But when you flip a coin to decide, I realize that almost every time, I would fervently wish for it to land on a particular side on which my decision truly lay. It’s too late by then though.

So then, I realized: this isn’t truly my decision, why must I care for others like this? Why am I even so self-conscious and afraid? Shouldn’t I just stay true to whatever I feel? I once heard a quote which said “It’s better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for who you are not”, and sometimes I feel really scared that i’ve lost myself in the heaps of disguises and tolerance that i’ve displayed.

Even so, i’ve discovered a method for me! When you flip a coin, don’t tell others what each side of the coin would mean. Just flip the coin, and regardless of where it lands on, tell them the decision that you truthfully want (and claim that the decision was made by the coin heh). This may sound dirty since you’re kind of deceiving others, but whatever. At least i’ll still be making my own decisions :D


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