Educational Manga Lololol

So I randomly stumbled across this manga, called ‘Crimsons: Akai Koukaishatachi’, and it was an educational manga about…fish, and marine life. I bet you’re going like “WTH!?” now, but no seriously, it sounds lame but it’s kinda addicting somehow.

Okay to be honest, I’m not recommending this manga to you unless you’re either pretty bored, or you like reading about salmon and stuff. It’s quite refreshing though, to read about fishes and learn more about marine creatures and their interactions. Yes, it’s educational so there’s definitely factual information in there. Not to mention that there’s this irritating and philosophical bacteria that keeps popping out of nowhere xD

–Oh, lastly, there’s….some kind of fan service very occasionally. Besides humans, there’s fish ones too on chapter 12. It’s just weird.


P.S. Maybe schools should start handing out educational manga. Make learning more interesting. Jk.


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