Watch It Please T_T

Does the title sound too desperate? :( Okay.. I uploaded a piano version of Orange (from Toradora) on youtube and it’s my first ever video so despite knowing that i’ll get below 100 views in my whole lifetime because I suck and i’m just uncool like that please watch it and give me feedback! Haha I know I suck but oh well. It’s here:

I decided to give this a try because of Rei (another awesome blogger! Feels weird calling her Rei. Rei. Rei). Hope that you’ll enjoy the piece!

Thanks :D


6 thoughts on “Watch It Please T_T

  1. Rei

    Oooooh! It’s time you start your journey on Youtube as an entertainer! Are you going to learn and upload more pieces from now on? I think it’ll be a fun experience!

    Anyway, I thought it was pretty good, but maybe the overall pace might have been a bit too fast. It’s still cool though, because you made it sound very upbeat so it’s refreshing to hear! And you learnt it by ear too, that’s awesome. Other than that, because I’m no expert in music, I have nothing else to say except that I liked it! Bring on the full version, I’m ready for it!

    1. passingotaku Post author

      HAHA NO WAY, I’m really not good at all. But I’ll try to upload more pieces for fun when i’m free :) Thanks so much!!! Yeah, I think it’s quite fast when compared to the original, but I got used to that pace so when I tried playing it slowly, it felt weird.. So oh well xD

      Thanks again!

  2. Rishiya

    Hey there, it’s me again :D
    You did a great job, I love your playing!
    looks like you’ve got yourself a supporter ;)
    Do more covers! I’ll be waiting to watch more


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