Living The Secret Otaku Life

Hi fellow otakus.. I don’t know if you go through the same thing as I do.

I’m not ashamed of my love of anime/manga but I somehow find it embarrassing when people (especially those who don’t know a thing about it) find out and talk about me reading manga. Idk, sounds contradictory, but it’s like an involuntary response.

Main example: Closing/switching tabs and plugging out earphones whenever family tries to look at what i’m seeing on my laptop. Next one is really aggravating. Whenever my friends and I go to Comics Connection (..they go see the K-pop stuff), I have to resist the urge to look at the huge collection of mangas and cool keychains. I just avoid anything anime-related when i’m with them..

You know, when someone easily says, “Oh, anime, you watch?”, I just feel awkward and conscious when they say ‘anime’ in such an unfamiliar tone and it feels terrible. I mean, I want to declare something like “Yeah, I love it. Go watch it, all of you morons. What the hell have you been doing with your life?!”. But I really don’t know, it feels like people perceive anime as a foreign interest and I feel uncomfortable letting my friends/family know about my love for it. Zzz.

And I’ve always loved the anime style of drawing people.

(yes, that’s my drawing and yes, I know it’s amateurish) Anyways, I very consciously hide my notebook when I draw and when people ask what i’m drawing, I say that i’m actually writing some stuff. ZZZZZ. Back to the point, I really love drawing but I absolutely suck because I can’t draw details and I can’t draw hands and fingers and I can’t shade either. The only thing that keeps me going on is the sailor uniform. HEEHEE. Just love their uniforms, so pretty!!

So yeah.. i’m just living the secret otaku life for now.

(Above picture is a depiction of what I would like to appear as, but unfortunately that will never happen. See, anything anime-ish looks so damned good.)

Yeah! So since I can’t declare my ABSOLUTE, UNWAVERING AND PASSIONATE LOVE FOR ANIME in real life, I shall just say it now. Anime is my life!!!!

An otaku, and proud to be one :D


20 thoughts on “Living The Secret Otaku Life

  1. Rei

    Because I love conversing on this kind of things, I have so many things to say, but I think I’ll try to keep it to the minimum but I can hardly contain my thoughts.

    I know the feeling of conversing about this hobby with someone whose unfamiliar with it, it irks me sometimes, but I still think it’s always nice to see this hobby in another perspective other than our own. Besides, we all somewhat started out as newbies of this kind before too, so it actually brings me back to when I first started out when I talk to these kind of people, and at least they bothered trying, even if it’s just a little bit and for that short moment, to accommodate to what I like.

    Also, is there anyone who you can talk to about this hobby comfortably offline? You make it seem like there’s no one in your area that shares the same hobby! That surprises me because in every classes that I was in, I at least knew a few people who watches anime. They don’t show it nor are they really big fans, but they do watch it from time to time. Maybe if you declare your love for this hobby, the closet otakus might appear! Or at least that’s how I work, because that’s how I got together with a few friends of similar interest.

    Oh, and continue drawing since you love it! You will definitely improve in due time! I love drawing too! I won’t say that I’m really bad at it but I, sadly, can only copy, not create.

    1. passingotaku Post author

      Hello :D Haha actually when I first started watching anime (which was from quite young, maybe 7/8), it was mostly my siblings whom I talked to, about how awesome anime was. Yes, there were and now are friends that share the love, but I still can’t comfortably confide in them.

      Lol, one of them thinks that shoujo manga is cheesy crap, and in fact (despite all my friends being girls,) most of them seem to despise shoujo manga and go for ‘cooler’ shounen/seinen ones. But still, yeah I can talk to them happily and I always love it when they don’t know about webtoons and then I introduce it to them and then they get addicted :)

      You’re right, perhaps I should open up more. When i’m with those friends that like anime, i’m really eager to discuss, but there’s always so much more to say that I don’t!! And after awhile we’d sort of act nonchalant to this anime thing and converse about other stuff to show that we’re not all about anime (to do with image?). But there’s one friend whom I discuss Noblesse with weekly and it’s great talking to her :) BUT I NEED TO VENT MORE THAN ADORATION FOR ANIME– ANIME IS MY LIFE, GUYS. I READ MANGA EVERYDAY!! I IMAGINE SCENES FROM ANIME IN REAL LIFE WOOHOOO. Yeah, it’s mainly my obsession that I can’t share xD Because I think that they would perceive me differently if they knew, so I just want to look like your regular friend who has a normal interest in anime.

      Thank you :D And copying art in itself is a huge talent! It’s really great that you can do that, and since you have almost infinite resources available on the internet, you can draw all your favorite characters. Tried copying before and failed horribly. Resorted to more drastic measures– tracing– but couldn’t even do it -_-

      1. Rei

        First, I just want to say thank you for your reply that’s always so full of content! It’s one of my first times meeting someone online who’d always reply with comments addressing on a lot of things at once. Many times, many people would just end the conversation in a few sentences and sometimes they don’t even reply at all, so I thank you for your effort.

        Anyway, it amuses me somehow that you said most of them doesn’t quite like the shoujo genre (I thought girls normally do). Many females I knew who watched anime are cool with the shoujo genre, and they all, including myself, like the shounen genre as well. We somehow tend to lean more towards the shounen genre though, but I do like to have my dose of romance stories every now and then, just not too much of those that makes me want to crush my computer screen; doesn’t seem to be too good for my heart, haha. An example of those can be Bokura ga Ita. It wasn’t bad, but the heart-wrenching development processes were so repetitive, I was clenching onto my table the whole time. I couldn’t stop watching it though, so I eventually finished it, but was unsatisfied with the anime ending, which is why I proceeded to reading the manga, which I don’t really do all the time because I’m more of an anime person than manga (I’m interested in it, but I just can’t seem to sit still and… read… Maybe it’s because I don’t like reading, even if there’s all the amazing artwork I love on it).

        I don’t know, but I think it’s kind of sad that you love anime and manga so much yet you don’t discuss about it that much even with your friends who share the same interest. As for me, I only have two friends that I hang out with, but I’m glad that they both share the same interest, though one of them has already moved on and went off to shows like Glee and etc., but she’s still willing to listen when I mention about anime and stuffs. Sometimes, with either of that two friends, I don’t know how we do it, but we could spend hours in Comic Connection browsing through literally all the shelves of manga and talk for hours about our likes and dislikes for it. It’s nice that I can share comfortably about my hobby with them easily, because I have nothing else to share since I rarely keep up with the news, and I don’t particularly care for any other happenings – my only source of entertainment and conversation topics are mainly anime and manga (with maybe some games and a bit of personal stuffs). It’s a really bad lifestyle–to not really keep up with anything other than anime and manga related things–but I can’t help it since I’ve yet to find something else which is unrelated to anime and manga that attracts me. With this, I just think it’ll be nice if you’ll be able to share your obsession more offline(go, throw away your cool and regular image! :D) since you need to vent about it so much, haha! Oh, but I’m sure you have more things that you keep up with, unlike me, so it’s great that you’re able to divert your attention to something else sometimes.

        Thanks, I am glad that I can at least copy too. As for tracing, I’ve done it before when I just started drawing. I think it can be a good start since you can get a sense of proportions better by tracing other people’s work, though it’s not good to rely on it. I think if you continue to trace or scribble, you can do it better and better each time. How long have you been drawing for?

        (That, I felt like I wrote a rather long essay. Pardon me, because it’s hard to stop once I start to ramble. (^___^;; ))

      2. passingotaku Post author

        Haha, you’re most welcome! In fact i’d like to thank you too because it’s always great to receive a thoughtful comment from cool people ;) It’s fun discussing like this :D

        Oh about my friends not liking shoujo, to be honest, I think it’s more of an ‘image’ issue (somehow I just perceived that..) and I get affected by it sometimes. I guess it’s because shoujo romance manga, along with romance books like twilight are considered ‘uncool’ here. I think that the girls in my school are so vehemently keen on breaking out of their nerdy image (my school has that branding zz) that they resort to such lengths. Maybe it’s just this rebellious phase of life yeah, but it’s kinda rampant in my school, breaking school rules (especially attire rules), swearing etc. and basically doing stuff to make you seem cool. That’s why it’s kind of stressful sometimes. Back to the point, most of us would rather debate about action mangas (bleach) and our discussions are not intense because there’s always reservations about making your real stand. Idk, it’s really fun sometimes but we’re all too cautious (or maybe i’m just not a good enough friend to open up to T_T).

        BUT!!! SHOUJO MANGA! Isn’t it normal for teenage girls to go crazy about romance mangas!? Haha maybe it’s just me, but it’s getting increasingly hard to step out of this genre– I mean, hell, I don’t even read anything that doesn’t have that tag anymore! Aha! I was once more an anime person too, but then I kept having this guilty conscience when watching anime because I wasn’t doing my homework. When I read manga, I devour it so fast that I don’t even have time to think haha. But for now, webtoons are the best compromise because of… COLOUR!! Webtoons are like a whole new world and they’ll be taking the top spot for now. Most webtoons available are just so damned epic.

        Wow, you indeed have such wonderful friends! It’s really awesome that you can do that with them. But yeah, I probably won’t be able to give up my non-anime life.. I have a best friend (ahh, I shall not go into ranting about how the term ‘best’ has so much danger to use) who knows that I love anime, and she openly told me “No. I don’t like it.”, and when I let talk to my other friends about anime, she gets the cue and talks to our other friends. Sounds really cold, I know, but we have an awesome relationship filled with fun when we’re together. And although anime is the core of my life, there’s so much in the real world worth living for. Idk what I really am sometimes (usual identity crisis) but I try to ignore it all and tell myself that at least I feel happy doing whatever I am doing. I can hang out with friends and love anime all by myself and I can say that creating this blog has made my happy meter overload :)

        Hmm I’ve been drawing for about a year but it’s nothing serious and I don’t intend on perfecting the anime style. Sometimes I look at my drawings and think “Wth is that ugly thing?”. Ogling on my laptop screen is good enough, and I know a friend’s friend who can draw and colour really well, so I admire her! And I admire you too! Being able to copy is awesome. I think that if you can produce a beautiful piece of art, that’s already great.

        Haha, it’s okay! I think that I wrote this rather long too :P You don’t need to reply to all of it! But in any case, thank you!! :)

      3. Rei

        I guess it’s really all about the image. Well, in every school there will always be those who thinks that breaking the rules is cool, though I can never understand why they think that way. Okay, maybe breaking the rules may show that they’re daring (but has no discipline in a way) but NOT getting caught is what I call cool, but since most of them get caught anyway… lol. It’s good to be cautious, but being cautious in certain discussions instead of in following the rules, hmm… Funny, if you ask me, haha.

        Oh, but don’t they get a bit repetitive sometimes? The stories I mean. Though, I do know the feeling when it’s still interesting to read the story even if you know what might happen next! Anime taking over homework; I’ve been guilty of that before, but I still made sure I finished all homework before I sleep so it was all good for me, heh. It doesn’t happen anymore though, no time for that since there’s the national exams for me this year, ugh. I’ve never been into webtoons before, but you made it sound so fantastic I think I might just go search them up!

        Yeah, but sometimes I wonder how they tolerated me because they have other interest as well but I only had things to say for anime and manga. I’ve been trying really hard these few months though, to get involve in something else other than this hobby, since I know there’s more interesting things out there to experience other than this only hobby I currently have, but I don’t plan to drop this hobby anytime soon either. I think it’s really nice that you can still refer to her as a best friend and have fun together even though there is something that you two have totally opposite opinions of! I never had good experiences with friendships (except for the current ones) since they were all the “use-and-throw-you-away” kind of friendships (definitely made me lose confidence in the friendship aspect), but I always feel really happy inside when I see strong bonds, even if it’s not mine!

        It makes me smile seeing how you’re so easygoing with your drawings! Wish I can be more like that too sometimes. And thank you for the compliment! On a side note, it’s really nice to be able to talk to someone when I’m at home because my friends doesn’t approach me outside of school unless I do so, so thanks! :D

      4. passingotaku Post author

        Lol yeah! Hmm but I guess it’s kind of a school social conditioning thing, which is why so many people break the rules. The best example would be wearing low (ankle) socks. When I was younger, I had always happily pulled up my socks all the way, but now even I would opt for ankle socks.. As long as it can be seen from all angles, it’s fine though :) Oh, and the folding of skirts too!

        Oh yes, you are taking O levels? All the best! Haha why not take a hiatus from watching anime for awhile if you can? It’s great that you can will yourself to do work. I’m such an addict that I can’t even stop myself from anime/manga even in exam period. Lol, I have an exam on Tuesday.. and during PSLE days itself, I couldn’t resist the temptation to read manga because studying was too tiring. Thinking back, I can’t believe I did that. It was fine then since exams weren’t tough yet, but now i’m just dying!

        Haha yes, do read webtoons when you’re free :D I LOVE THEM!! Haha sounds like you’ve had pretty harsh friendships.. I had unpleasant ones before, but after that I tried to make myself into an ideal friend that I always wanted to have myself (patient, caring etc.). Did that sound weird? Sigh I guess i’m just a coward who needs friends to survive. About that best friend, she’s really amazing but our core values are still a little different so sometimes I can’t relax around her– I did that once and accidentally created a conflict between us when our conversation went off-topic. But it ended up fine :) Yeah, that’s me.. I’m really superficial and I just want to keep my place and peace amongst friends. It’s awesome being with them, and worth it.

        I’ve always wanted to try out a new hobby or cultivate a new interest! But I think about how old I already am, and if I go learn a new thing (e.g. karate, ice-skating, bowling), I’ll look like an amateur noob and not like i’ll get anything out of it anyway. Weak conviction, right? But I guess I’m pretty content with life now too. I just need to stop reading so much manga now though. Anime is my drug.

        You’re welcome, and thanks too! :) It’s really nice talking to you too! Good luck with your drawings and your academics and everything :D Enjoy the weekend^^

      5. Rei

        Maybe people will probably consider it as nerdy but I’ve never ever thought about wearing ankle socks or folding my skirt. Never did, never will, because I’d rather keep out of trouble if I can!

        Thank you. I’ll cut down on my anime time but I don’t think I’ll go on a hiatus because I don’t want to fall too far back with the new updates! Well, since you know what’s your bad habits, I hope you’re trying to overcome it and is studying hard for your exams~ xD Studying can be fun if you believe it to be♪ I guess if you find it really hard to stop to study, then you have to cut it down bit by bit. Remember, if you work hard now, you’ll be easier off next year!

        I think it’s great that you’d think of improving yourself as a person after some broken friendships, and I don’t think needing friends to survive means you’re a coward. Everybody needs a friend. I did say I can go with no friends, but I’ll admit I’ll feel a bit lonely sometimes if there’s no one to share a conversation with, so when people are willing to listen to me, I really appreciate it. Ah, it’s great that you try to keep peace amongst your friends and find that effort all worth it! I’m envious that you have someone you’re willing to put up with, because for me, I’m still confuse as to what I want to do about friends. I have friends now, but I think I’ll care only just that little bit if they left me because of my past experiences, which is why I don’t bother trying to make us remain close (we never had conflicts though). But there’s just another part of me that really wants to devote myself to helping and finding more friends, though that never ever worked out well whenever I tried to do so (even with the current ones I hang out with) so I sort of gave up, yet also not quite… Which is why I said I’m a bit confused about what I want – sometimes I will want a friend that I can devote myself to but other times I just find it a hassle since they don’t care. Personally, I feel that I’m not doing a good job as a friend, but I don’t have the will to work hard on doing so because it never worked out for me. (^___^;;) While I’m at this, maybe you can somehow enlighten me on this matter on what I should do, cause I’d like to hear your opinion on it.

        It’s never too late to learn a new thing! Old? But you still have so many more new adventures to experience, and so many more fun years to go! It’s great that you’re content with your life now, but it’s always good to have a hunger for learning more things!

      6. passingotaku Post author

        I think that it’s great that you don’t do those stuff! I’ve always admired the few friends who wear their skirts confidently without folding them– for me, I would rather fold like the majority and also look better (wearing long shirts with long skirts doesn’t really look nice). I guess I just care too much about appearance haha. Luckily the length is still acceptable in the school rules!

        Okay :) And haha exams. Gosh what am I doing now!? I am updating my blog (probably gonna add more posts later -_- And I made another piano cover!) and totally not studying.. I’ll probably just spam a post on this later. Need to vent out my uselessness. Thanks for the advice and all the best to you too! :)

        Haha I know.. but my reason is more superficial and more about keeping up appearances. For me, if no one shares a deep conversation or regards me as a friend who she can tell all her secrets to, it’s fine. But I need friends who are constantly there, and who have fun with me. Using the canteen example, I would never go down for recess or lunch without a friend. I had an ex-classmate who once confided in me this year, telling me why she never did go down for recess for the previous two years. I was quite shocked, but I knew that it was definitely true. It’s little things like this that affect self-conscious people like us a lot.

        About how to be a better friend.. haha yes I think that you’ll require a lot of patience and the desire to truly become an ideal friend. I’m not too sure if it’s applicable to you, but I just treat my friends the way that I’ve always wanted my ideal friend to treat me. Simple things like listening wholeheartedly to everything and giving sincere replies, waiting for a friend while she went to the toilet or when she is tying her shoelace, constantly praise the person for good deeds, never be jealous (or show it), be encouraging and fun etc. I’ve become such a neutral and ‘good’ person outwardly but actually i’m just doing this for convenience’s sake. But after awhile, I actually find that being a good friend is a good habit, and the stuff that I do becomes natural and part of my everyday life. Oh, and the most important thing is to always smile. No one likes a grumpy friend. No matter how irritated you may be, smile.

        Haha yes i’m old! I don’t have the courage to go learn things, honestly. I’ve always wanted to try learning the drums or learning taekwondo but when I think about going to classes with kids that are probably 5-6 years old, I lose my resolution. Adventures happen in my mind all the time, whether it’s by anime, by books, or by my imagination. Hope that you find something cool to do! :D

      7. Rei

        I care a lot about my appearance too, but I guess in school I just let it off. Besides, I don’t think long skirts or socks look that bad though (obviously not too long), but that’s just me.

        Oh, but deep conversations are always sort of exciting, heh. Hmm, it’s either that I’m not doing enough or I’ve been unlucky with who I meet for my entire life so far. Though I don’t want to push the blame to others, I still feel like it’s more of the latter. What you’ve stated as what an ideal friend should do are things that I thought were always normal to do, so they just occur naturally among my friends and I, haha. Apparently, none of us in our group has ever shown a frown meant for one another. My biggest problem is definitely on the more personal side. I’ve always wished that I can find someone who I can comfortably confide in, because I’ve never done it before and it’s hard to keep those negative thoughts inside sometimes, but I’ve not found one in my entire life so far, icluding my family. I feel it’s not that I don’t want to tell them, but it’s more like they don’t really want to listen. I’ve tried telling, both families and friends, but they tend brush it off with an opinion or two and move on to things concerning themselves. I don’t mind it, because I know it’s not pleasant to listen to negative thoughts, but I just thought maybe they could have given me a bit more respect since they tell me that my advices always work like a charm, yet they’re not giving me the help I need.

        But I guess your mindset is more of an ideal one; that it’s okay no deep conversations are brought out and friends are there for the fun and the joy. From now on, I guess I will take my mind off about wanting a listening ear from any of them and just enjoy the daily things they share to me about themselves. It was nice sharing this matter with you, thank you!

        If you want to learn it and have the ability to, you should do it! You always have to start from somewhere, right?! :D Eh, I don’t think the classes you take would only be with such young kids. Heck, even some adults are participating in those sort of activities! Because I was once in my school’s band and was in the percussion section, I learnt how to play the drums. It was a fun experience, so I think you should learn it if you get the chance, and since you already know the piano, learning other instruments is definitely easier, isn’t it?

      8. passingotaku Post author

        Okay :) I agree that deep conversations are always nice to have too :D But deep conversations usually involve telling others your inner thoughts (and secrets) and I’m always reluctant to share them, because i’ll be paranoid that my friends would tell other people later and their impression of me will change. It’s good to let it all out, but I know that i’ll regret it later!

        DUDE, YOUR FRIENDS ARE GREAT! Haha those things are normal? Hell no over here xD There’s this really close (or so I think) friend that I have, we usually go down for recess everyday together. So once I stayed back to ask my teacher a question, and she just went down without waiting for me or telling me. Tell someone that you’re going to the toilet? Or tying shoelace? No one waits for you! And sometimes we all take our anger out on the group and when one person rages, the rest of us will just awkwardly wait for the tide to pass haha. I guess that if you keep up with them and make an effort to be part of the group, everything will flow nicely :) Effort is really needed.

        I understand.. it’s like, I used to tell my mum everything about myself in the past but now when I tell her, she’s just either disinterested or distracted, and I learn to listen to stuff that people talk about too because people prefer it when you’re giving them the attention. But now I don’t really mind. I’ve learnt to keep all the words in myself and vent it out alone- of course saying it to someone feels better, but it’s more secure when no one else knows- after all, I don’t really have a confidante that I truly trust. Yeah it’s great talking about this with you too, so thanks too! :D

        Thanks! You’re right, maybe I’ll try learning something sometime :P heheh. Thanks again! xD

      9. Rei

        For me, I wouldn’t share what I don’t want to spread. Actually, I feel that the bad thing about deep conversation is, say, person A shared her secret to you and person B. Person B spreaded it to others, but person A will distrust the BOTH of you because it’s never clear to her who actually spreaded it. Never happened to me before, but I feel that that is bound to happen someday, haha.

        Wow, your friends must be rather… high-class? (Sorry, can’t get the correct word out at the moment.) I really thought everybody does those naturally. As for things like shoelace for my group of friends, we’ll normally be the one who tell the other person “Hey, your shoelace’s off. You should stop and tie it,” and we’ll just automatically wait for that person to finish doing so. But of course, things like going down for break together from class become less frequent for us after we all went into different classes. We just meet up at the canteen. Sometimes, one of us will skip going down without informing but we’re still fine with it. The two friends that I hang out with each have another of their own group of friends as well, and nowadays they always hang out with their own group more than us together but somehow this doesn’t bother us and we remain rather close, I guess. Guess we’ll all quite carefree, haha.

      10. passingotaku Post author

        Yeah.. I also don’t want to share what I don’t want to spread but sometimes during such conversations, it’s either very tempting/ pressurizing to let it all out! And yes, I agree with you. Sigh, just hope that i’ll have better self control in the future.

        Haha about my friends, yeah we’re all just so uhh unkind. Idk, sometimes, to put in bluntly, I feel that we’re all mutually using each other. Maybe interdependence is a nicer word :D But it’s actually great and fun hanging out with them most of the time. Your friends are nice :)

        Oh well! I guess it’s fine not to think about it so much sometimes and just enjoy the time spent happily. At least I know one friend that I can probably have for a lifetime and call when i’m a lonely 50-year-old. Then we’d go shopping together and talk about life xD as aunties!

  2. Sora

    i am also an anime watching, manga devouring person, and i also hide my laptop or switch tabs when anyone glances at it. I get sort of embarrased. one of the first steps to learning how to draw is copying, and if you cant copy, try to trace, use a window. And OMG i love Noblesse.

    I dont really tell all of my friends about my manga intrests, but i only know one other person who reads manga. Its like nobody else in my city knows anything about it. =(.

    My brother dragged me into the world of anime when i was really young, and i had been watching stuff like full metal alchemist, bleach, naruto, hellsing, gilgamesh, and some other stuff. Its alot easier to talk to people on the internet about manga and anime than it is in real life. =).

    1. passingotaku Post author

      Hey there! :D Haha glad we feel the same way. I’m not that serious into drawing but thanks for the advice! I think that it’ll really require a lot of effort and patience if I want to draw at a mangaka’s level. AND YES I LOVE NOBLESSE TOO!! :)

      It’s great that at least another person shares the interest, why don’t you try discussing about it with him/her? I know.. sometimes it feels like no one else actually knows right? xD That’s why I took to the internet. To vent. Heh.

      SAME HERE, MY BROTHER TOO! I started a Naruto-watching marathon when I was younger due to him, which probably pushed me into the anime world. Now there’s so much anime that I love like 07 Ghost, Hakuoki, Ao no Exorcist etc. Uh huh, the internet is so much better, right? There’s like no hate here– it’s a really great place to rant :D

      1. Sora

        Yes, the internet is soooo much better. I was wondering, are there certain manga types that you don’t like. Everyone has a certain kind, but its always different. Like, i mean, if you had to choose a genre.

        oh, and rei, shonen makes much better anime than stuff like fruit basket. thats why although in stories, shoujo is more loved, but in movies and stuff action is top.

        web manwhas are definitely worth the read. Cant see cant hear but love is really cute, and i always love the over the top cute art. noblesse is definitely my favorite, you can read their raws on naver. Have you ever read kubera or orange marmalade? i love those as well.

      2. passingotaku Post author

        YUP :) Uhh mangas that I don’t like? There’s no particular genre that I dislike and i’ll just read anything that interests me :D I try to avoid horror and tragedy though, especially tragedy– those leave me crying all the time!

        I think that the long and epic animes are usually shounen, and their sheer awesomeness keeps them in the top spot. Shoujo has a pretty fluffy and cute feel to it, but it’s only in shounen where we can appreciate the action, the power, the determination and all. Romance is not the main focus, and there’s infinite possibilities as to what can happen in shounen so it’s just so cool! I personally love Code Geass. Even though it’s old, it’s one of the best shounens ever created.

        I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!! :D Haha I absolutely adore webtoons and yes I have read Kubera and Orange Marmalade! And of course Tower of God, Girls of the Wild, Under Prin and so many more! Webtoons are just unique and great in their own way. Just too good.

  3. Sora

    Oh, and i forgot to add that i understand the whole twilight thing. It happened at my school, and everyone says its totally uncool, and that we should stay cool about this stuff, but i read the twilight stuff in like, 2006, right after it came out, and it was awesome. Everyone is pretty much afraid that someone else will figure out that they are reading romance novels. Arg. —sorry about the ranting— :)

    1. passingotaku Post author

      Haha yes.. I know right? They all just try to maintain the cool and indifferent image. When we talk about books/anime/manga that we’ve come across, no one will ever admit that they read the romance genre. BUT I LOVE SHOUJO ROMANCE!!! Haha. Anyway oh well.. I guess it would make you seem lame.

      You can rant more in here xD I love ranting too.

  4. Ace

    I think, somehow, I know how you feel. I am not really the otaku type. I just watch anime and read manga if they are interesting enough for me. I also know a lot of people from my school who are really otakus and dedicated to anime. I noticed that one of my classmates has the same interest. We were in the same class and it was our free time back then. I wasn’t talking to anyone but only looking at what my classmates were doing. I gazed at her direction and finally realized that she was like..quiet and smart. But at the same time, she was like a cast away in our room. I also noticed that nobody really approaches her and talks to her.

    Then I decided to just clean the room since I was so bored and it so happened that the broom is located behind her seat. I went there and caught a glance of what she was doing. She was reading a manga which I was familiar with. and I was like “Negima?” and she looked at me with shock.

    (OMG that was really awkward back then.)

    She was like asking all over about what manga/anime I read and was totally fangirling. Then I asked why she wasn’t talking to anyone (how dare me ask, I don’t talk to anyone either and only have like 2-3 friends XD) then she replied to me about how it seems like no one shared the same interest as hers. Which explains why she was so excited when I was familiar to what she was reading and her interests in general. Since then, we became friends and she started to lend me mangas and suggest animes that she think would suit my tastes which is very cool.

    What I can only say is that, there’s someone out there that would really understand and accept you as you are. You don’t have to be shy or feel uneasy about what you love. And I hope that you can now finally be comfortable about your interests.

    Sorry i’m so lame. But I wish you all the best! ^_^

    1. passingotaku Post author

      Hey there, thanks for dropping by! :D Haha you’re not lame! That’s a great story and experience you have there and it’s awesome that you managed to befriend her.

      This actually reminds me of some chance encounters that I very recently had. Don’t you think that it’s like once we know that this other person also likes anime, there’s an instant click? I think it’s so amazing xD

      There was some inter-school activity where I sat next to this girl for some event and later we went to eat together. And then she randomly popped the question– “Hey, do you watch anime?” What happened after that was simply a frenzy of excited and amazed chatter and giggles as we exchanged our information. Vocaloids, Webtoons and our favorite types of manga– we talked a lot and instantly became friends. I could tell her so much in that short moment as compared to the huge amount of things that I couldn’t ever tell my friends. That was one hell of a fun experience, all thanks to a random question asked. :)

      Yeah, I’m the same as you, I just watch/read whatever interests me too! And all I can say is, thank you very much for the encouragement :D I am quite comfortable with this interest but sharing it with others is always a little hard, because I am afraid of what they may think of me. But I’m really glad to have stepped into the world of anime.

      Thanks again, and all the best to you too!!


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