Oh The Horror (Seinen Recommendations)

So.. it’s 1am now, and I’ve just finished reading Eternal Sabbath, a seinen manga. I’m going to recommend two seinen mangas here, but before that, I AM FREAKING SCARED RIGHT NOW!!! Omg, this brings me back to why I should never read horror manga especially at night. I’m just all paranoid about monsters and psychotic killers now. Now don’t you worry, I’m not talking about gory and disgusting manga like.. Ichi the Killer? The first one is quite mild (and not horror but still a cool seinen).

Okay so you see this cool looking dude here? Good. Read Eternal Sabbath. Genre is mainly a little bit of psychological and supernatural, and also this series is quite underrated in my opinion.

Now for this webtoon. I love webtoons so I just devour all of them, and when I chanced upon Superior Day, I never would have imagined that it was so damned creepy. It’s like so freaky but so addictive. With weird humor, as someone had pointed out.

I dare you to read Superior Day. It’s a great read anyway :)

So anyway, typing this is definitely more calming than reading any of those terrifying mangas. Probably started with a childhood trauma of watching a zombie rip out the intestines of someone and eat him alive. I was like 7 then? You wouldn’t have known what a terrible effect that had on me, and I curse my foolish false courage then for telling my parents that I was brave enough to watch that scene. Stupid me.

Anyway, to end of this horror post, I’ll just add one last creepy vocaloid video, Dark Woods Circus. It’s actually really good, so watch it!

Sigh. There’s school tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Oh The Horror (Seinen Recommendations)

  1. stardazzx3

    I just finished read Eternal Sabbath in five hours xD I am going to read Superior Day soon! Thanks for those recommendations!

      1. stardazzx3

        I so so so so love Superior Day! It has some humor in it xD I just couldn’t stop giggle when I see Shi-Woo’s creepy face, heh

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