Arcana Famiglia

So there’s this really random anime that I really randomly chanced upon, and it’s Arcana Famiglia. Watching it made me smile :)

Currently there’s only 3 episodes out on Animeseason so I can’t really judge this. It’s not a very unique or interesting anime, but it’s exactly the type of story that I like :D Not your usual romance and shoujo. It’s about this girl who belongs in an organization full of vigilantes who are all ‘arcana-users’, which means that each of them have an individualized power (e.g. mind reading, invisibility, strength) which is allocated by some ‘card’. I’m not really sure about all this because I just started!

But so anyway, her father for some reason (that has to exist to keep the story going), decrees that there is to be a contest between these arcana-users and the winner, well, gets to marry the heroine of course! xD And did I mention that there are so many different types of hot and cool guys there? OMG, that’s the best part.

Aww man, they look so sweet together right?! BUT NO. That guy wouldn’t fit with her. His arcana power is limitless strength and he’s a glutton! Cute, but no :)

THIS ONE. YES! Actually, I haven’t actually seen this guy appear yet (there’s no way this bishie would have been left out of my radar which detects and captures all hot guys). But he looks so cool and he has silver hair. SO YES! Haha. And the best thing is, if I haven’t seen him, then he might not be one of the ‘good guys’ so won’t it be more awesome if she falls in love with the enemy?! Hehe. An otaku’s delusion.

And there’s this guy who’s interested in marrying our heroine and he’s acting all cool so I don’t like him. But he does look cool sometimes.

So!! Besides the awesome reverse harem thing, this manga is really good in my opinion. What more could you expect from such a cool heroine? She knows how to fight, looks cool and occasionally acts really cute! And not to mention the guys are good. Not the best standard, but then again i’m hoping for cooler ones to pop out later in the story.

AND THE BEST THING! The whole plot of this anime! Omg, fantasy and powers. Something that I’ve dreamt of my entire life. Every time I watch anime like this where people all have a type of magic/power, and I see how awesomely they use it, I get so jealous! Really wish that I knew how to fight or use powers like that. I wonder how many times I’ve wished that contractors existed so that I could obtain such abilities from them (huge Kaze no Stigma influence..). Sigh, the heroine is too cool! I remember once when I was so inspired by the supernatural powers that anime characters had, I went around shouting “GETSUGA TENSHOU!” (first thing I learnt from Bleach) and looking at the sky desperately to hope that something, like in animes, would happen. DELUSIONAL INDEED.

Okay, so yeah.. For now the obvious main two contenders for our dear heroine’s heart would be these two.

I don’t support any of them. Guy on the left is too idealistic and enthusiastic and not cool enough! Guy on the right is TOO cool which is not cool. You’ll see what I mean if you watch the anime! But there’s an obvious outcome as to who she’ll end up with though..

This screenshot was taken during the scene where these 3 people see the heroine (I FORGOT HER NAME LOL) in a dress. She usually wears a uniform so yeah. You can clearly see the levels of interest from right to left. So of course the yellow-haired dude is going to get her! What a strong reaction and what a giveaway! Plus she has the most scenes with him so far so I guess they’ll be a couple in the end.

OKAY! So go watch it if you’re free! But it’s still uncompleted so you’ll have to be patient :)


8 thoughts on “Arcana Famiglia

  1. boringotaku

    You probably won’t belive it but I just finished watching the 3rd pisode and I loved it. It was very funny when I got the maill that you posted about about it.

  2. mlatimerridley

    I’ve been humming-and-ahhing about watching this one; I saw it advertised a lot in Japan. It does look good though (of course with so many bishies… I don’t know how I’m resisting :) !)! I hope it ends with her getting together with one though (my problem is they never seem to). God, I love a good shoujo! Have you ever heard of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun? They are making an anime out of it (I can’t wait!!).

    1. passingotaku Post author

      Hahaha I know right! So many bishies! This anime is pretty cool ain’t it? :D But of course the best harem award would go to Hakuoki because the guys there are really so hot xD Yes I hope she ends up with one person too. I totally lol-ed at your comment– lololololoool– yeah it sucks when the heroine can’t decide who to choose and the anime just ends, hanging like that! AND HEY YES I KNOW OF TONARI NO KAIBUTSU KUN! That’s awesome, I’ll definitely watch the anime when it comes out! :D It’s such a hilarious and awesome manga yeah :) There’s a really cute anime, Otome Youkai Zakuro, that you might want to check out too!

  3. Kcm

    i watched it~ right now! and yeah, i get what u meant by chars. and i like the one wearing hat. coz his my type >< but ive kindda upset that mostly guys that have blonde is kindda cool,cheery,hyper.. = = and so we know who our heroine will end up with!

    1. passingotaku Post author

      Great that you watched it! :D Haha the silver-haired dude is my type then xD yeah.. she’s totally gonna end up with the blonde but anyway I hope to see more competition between the other guys too before that happens! :)


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