What Anime Has Done To Me

I’m gonna be writing about a few things that anime has done which impacted my life.

1. Extreme Fan-girling of 2D Anime Characters

LOOK AT KUROKO. This tiny little insanely cute boy who is holding…. KISE?! CHIBI KISE. Now that’s amazing. Let us see Kise in his true glory as an unbeatable bishie.

I love you too!

Okay so yes. I absolutely adore all these handsome, hot and extremely cool anime guys. And it leaves me virtually (PUN! i’m so cool haha xD) obsessed with them! Wish that real guys were like that but that’s too good to be true. BUT BUT BUT my dear crush is really awesome okay! :)

2. Weird Tastes

Precisely. For example, loving the wrong type of badass guys, like:

Yeah, him. I mean, ISN’T HE CUTE?!!! Haha! Reading too much manga can make you a little weird because the stuff that Japanese people write are weird. There really are some disturbing but addictive manga out there. Too many.

3. Loving Anything In Anime Form

Every single time I spot something in anime form (anime character, toy, anything resembling or related to anime) or see something Japanese, I will definitely go check it out. I’m so used to seeing anime stuff.

You know Happy Tree Friends? The super weird horror popular youtube series with cute characters and terribly horrifying events happening? Well of course the Japanese would take an interest in it since they seem to love anything weird xD They’re just creative people I guess. But so, there are anime versions/fanart of it that I’ve seen :)

See, they all look so innocent and cute, right?

But they’re really just all psychotic madmen. I read Flippy’s background somewhere and apparently he’s the most sociable character. When normal. But whenever he hears something loud he gets reminded of his traumatizing past during wartime where he had to hide in the corpse of his dead comrade so that enemies wouldn’t spot him. Sounds insanely scary. And then he kills everyone (using staplers once, too). Haha..

4. Picking Up Anime Expressions


There’s so much anime awesome expressions that only otakus would know about and some look simply ridiculous but at least we know that these are unique to anime/manga :D Anime stuff are just so cute you know. Thumbs up!

5. Obtaining The Anime Vocabulary

Watching so many animes have let me remember at least a few words that I often hear xD

Kiseki: Miricle

Kokoro: Heart



Yeah words like those! Haha stuff like youkai, shinigami all become common and i’d often scream out the name of the spell/attack that characters use (“GETSUGA TENSHOU!!”). And sometimes I’d say ‘tadaima‘ when I return home and ‘itadakimasu‘ before I eat lol. It just creeps its way into my life!

And I’ve just gotta say that the Japanese language sounds so beautiful, no? Hai~

6. Making Real Life Seem Boring

Like duhh. In anime, everything is so animated, exciting and cool. There’s fantasy at every corner and that makes my real life seem so bland. Especially in those stories which start off with something I can relate with– a bored protagonist just living his daily life, then it eventually turns out that he is a heir or an advanced magician or something cool that just happens. I’ve been waiting for the day when I realize that i’m actually a dragon, or that I have some hidden power, or that I am a samurai or hell, even that I was adopted or something. I just want something new to happen, but no. Life ain’t the same as anime.

I know that i’m taking many things for granted but.. never mind, no excuse. Just want some excitement, the rush of adrenaline, you know? Realizing an ancient secret, being part of something special. Teenagers all long for something unique like that.

Indeed, being an awesome fighter seems great! So cool.

Okay! So that’s just about it for now. Anime has really impacted my life in many ways– and i’ve probably spent more time on anime than on anything else. It’s like my core interest and hobby! Lastly, I shall share this really cute picture from Kuroko no Basuke again (it’s a really awesome manga and I LOVE KUROKO and his ‘harem’, that’s why!).

Look at their hair hahaha! Gosh this is really cute!

Ahh anime, my drug.

(that metaphor is completely justified considering that anime, like drugs, have brought me so much harm– not doing work mainly and creating my main source of depression since fantasy did not exist in real life. But anime is always comforting and pleasant, though ‘costly’ to watch. I know that I should stop it, and do something good and productive for once, but it’s just too addicting! haha lame, I don’t even know why I wrote this.)


16 thoughts on “What Anime Has Done To Me

      1. Rei

        Yes, the translations are very misleading. I used to think it meant “shut up” as well, especially because of Shakugan no Shana, but that was until my teacher corrected me, haha.

      2. Rei

        Yeah, my parent signed me up for a 12 session Japanese class last time. They helped a bit, but not too much since just a few lessons can’t make me be fluent in a language. Now I’m just learning it by myself.

        Oh, thanks! I do admit I’m procrastinating a bit too much nowadays though, heh…

      3. passingotaku Post author

        I think that it’s pretty hard to master a new language after a certain age right? :O But at least you have the interest and determination! Haha I would be too lazy to even try– lol my Chinese isn’t even getting good grades :P

        Good luck!! I procrastinate a lot too, and it’s so bad that I’m lagging behind for a few topics in some subjects xD Do your best and i’m sure you’ll do well! It’s the last stretch already :D

      4. Rei

        Well, I guess so. It’s not impossible, but just really difficult. Don’t worry, I don’t score well for my Chinese either (I barely pass every single time) but if you know the basic Chinese characters, I think Japanese will seem less difficult. Maybe one day you might kick away your laziness and pick up learning it. Maybe after your Chinese O-Level paper? That was also the time I started to really seriously learning it, heh.

        Thanks! You can procrastinate now but not too much! If you catch up with all of your subjects now, next year will be so much more easier to work with!

      5. passingotaku Post author

        Haha the standard of my Chinese has never improved since primary school! Now it’s just all about memorizing full essays or the format or random quotes.. Yes I look forward to the day where determination comes upon me and I get inspired to work hard and learn Japanese! I see.. wow, you pro.

        Sometimes I really can’t stand how unproductive I am! But at least I can still do last minute mugging. Haha I agree with you, I really hope to do well next year. And thanks :D All the best!!

  1. no name

    I’ve been wondering, since you love anime/manga so much, do you know the website MyAnimeList? If you don’t you should go and take a look.

    1. passingotaku Post author

      Yeah I’ve heard of it before! Seems like quite a number of people use it :D I don’t though. Maybe i’ll try it out one day when i’m free!

  2. eidod

    it has changed my life i always used to be shy but then anime has brot light to me now my entire personality is bast of meny different anime shows and also i went crazy from my life and now i see anime in realy life and all my memorise are in anime form but that also means i can say i love my life so with out anime there is no me Love eidod23


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