Badminton Olympics 2012


At first I was like:

Then I was like:

And finally, I was like:

Like, what the actual hell?! And then resignation to the fate that awaited the world. Epic badminton gold olympics finals. Lin Dan VS Lee Chong Wei.

AND LIN DAN WON!!!! Damn it, they played 3 sets and the last set was won 21-19, too close!!!!! OMG. Such an intense and heart-stopping match, I swear. Two of the best badminton players of this era in a final showdown, and whatever the result was, it was an awesome game. Yeah, actually I supported Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia’s light!! Hey China, give other countries a chance for gold too :P) but i’ve gotta say, both players played really well.

Lin Dan was full of emotions the whole time. Showing his frustrations and happiness so clearly that it was kinda cute. And Lee Chong Wei was playing cool but there was the occasionally burst of triumph when he won a point. BOTH OF THEM ROCK YOUR SOCKS.

It’d be cool if their hug was more true at the end, though. I think Lee Chong Wei was pretty disappointed and Lin Dan was too hyper and happy.

I once saw a badminton match where the match ended with the diminished one falling on the floor (where he failed to return the shuttle) and then the victor crossed over the net, pulled him up and they both hugged tightly. That was just beautiful! But this olympic final is pretty epic too, and both of them are truly in a class of their own. GOOD JOB TO BOTH! :)

AND AND AND on a small side note for swimming, MICHEAL PHELPS, YOU ARE AMAZINGLY AWESOME AND CONGRATS TO YOU! :) Heard he’s retiring already, but of course not before he created a blazing trail and a legacy for all to remember. There are so many good and unforgettable athletes out there which will engrave their names in everyone’s heart. Like Roger Federer (congrats on winning the 4hr game!), Kobe Bryant, Ronaldo/David Beckham and so many more, thanks for inspiring so many!

London Olympics is really cool and i’ve enjoyed it so much. Good luck to all the other athletes out there! God knows how hard you’ve worked to get thus far.

Cool olympic moon! Yay.


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