DON’T Call Anime A Cartoon

I don’t know, maybe anime, which is truly an ‘animation’, may be a subset of cartoons or something. BUT! It just hits a terribly sore spot when you call it a cartoon because cartoons come with the general idea and connotation of being childish and… lame.

We were talking about The Girl Who Leapt Through Time which our whole family watched, and when referring to it, my mum called it ‘that cartoon‘. GOSH I was so irked. It might not have had awesome visuals, but the plot was so good it nearly made me cry and the soundtrack was awesome too! Speaking of other such great movies, those by Hayao Miyazaki are pretty good! I watched Howl’s Moving Castle and it was so strange but cool :) Yes and the theme song was pretty good. I’ll post it here.

You know, Sungha Jung (THAT FAMOUS GUITARIST THAT’S SO GOOD) actually played a cover of that song too but I thought that it sounded better on the piano :P

Okay, anyway moving on with life, yesterday night was terrible. I was doing a collaborative project with a friend when I dozed off, lol. Now I have so much to do, clear up the report and make slides for presentation. And I feel really lazy and bored and like usual, I don’t even know why i’m trying. Really lets me recall my very different past.

This was the me of the past. Or what I envisioned myself to be, at least. A young child caught up in impossible dreams but at least I was extremely studious, a perfectionist and an active, happy child. Now i’m just a stupid slacker who feels too lazy and questions why anything must, or should be done. I don’t even know what my future holds. It was supposed to be either:

1. Being a dragon

2. Spell-caster/weapon-wielder, you name it.

3. Top assassin

4. An alpha wolf (shape-shifter perhaps)

5. A princess

SERIOUSLY. Lame, right. But anyway now i’m stuck stuck stuck and i’m just too unmotivated. I totally agree that youth is wasted on the young. I now know why I enjoy RPGs and games like Warcraft (mainly DoTA) and EVEN NEOPETS. I just love any of these type of fun games, including Pokemon which I recently finished after downloading onto my computer.

HAHA I remember the time where I still played pokemon on the Gameboy and I stopped just before the release of Pokemon Pearl, I think. AND NOW LOOK, the guys have become so hot. They just turned my childhood into something cool.

Hehehe. Anyway, these type of games just let me escape, because I could imagine myself as the online character and fight with all my might. I was once so addicted to Neopets. Haha and I was so awesome– the rainbow fairy gave me a quest eh. And for Warcraft, the AI (artificial intelligences) for DoTA are getting stronger and smarter all the time sigh. So now my iPhone is filled with games like Zenonia and Inotia and even Maplestory lol. Sad life.

But the no.1 form of escapism will always be in anime/manga.

Because they are just enthralling. Need I mention the bishies too? Good art is really good.

THIS BISHOUNEN. Reading sinfully good romance manga like Hapi Mari lets us all dream, but in the end you’d realize it was all kinda stupid. I’ll recommend this manga called Oiran Girl— it’s good but new. There’s another shoujo that i’ve read recently, called Herione Shikkaku and it’s entertaining but it’s going nowhere xD You’ll see what I mean if you try it out! 

Okay yup, so i’ll just continue sinking deeper down, and hopefully find something truly good to do soon. I really feel like i’m doing nothing with my life now– will getting good grades/actively volunteering for a good cause satiate my self-satisfaction? I don’t know but I do know that i’ll regret all the time I squandered away, some day.


6 thoughts on “DON’T Call Anime A Cartoon


    O hewo =w= Just a random passerby don’t mind me 8D

    1. I love the Mei and Hugh pairing from Pokemon Black And White 2

    2. Did you read a Yaoi called Sekaiichi Hatsukoi before? =o

    3. Where do you get most of your pictures from? =o

    Anyways Anonymous Passerby is out,peace or may the waffles be with you. (=^-^=)

    1. passingotaku Post author

      Why hello there! You’re welcome here :D haha I don’t actually follow Pokemon anymore, but that pairing looks pretty cute :) AND YES I HAVE READ IT (Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi) xD Haha that’s a secret though :P Yaoi is too sinfully good. Oh I get the pictures from some really awesome sites like zerochan and fanpop :) I really love these pictures cuz the art’s really good!

      Peace out and nice uhhh typing to you :D

  2. Jeremiah stewart

    I don’t follow pokemon and never have and ive never played the games u mentioned, ive heard of them but never played them. But still, I respect everything u just said. I absolutely love anime and I will never let anyone tell me different. The at design and the stories are so delicately and beautifully told. I hate it when they are called cartoons too.Thanks for posting this

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      (: With a wide array of lovely characters, themes and scenarios to boot. It’s just like exploring many new worlds, experiencing and feeling so much more and then reflecting. About the term cartoon, I really feel that it’s being used with the speaker feeling that anime is simply about characters with sketchy lines and color doing useless, childishly entertaining things and that’s why I hate the term. But yeah, let’s continue loving anime \o/


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