Glorious Japan (Pictures!!)

Okay! So last year during Nov/Dec (I can’t remember which month lol..), I went to Japan for a little more than a week and i’ll just post some (awesome) photos here for sharing and promoting purposes! Cuz’ Japan is really good!

Before we start, I’ve been to Japan a couple of times already but the first time I went, I remember hoping that it’d be super exotic.

Like totally different and anime-ish. But obviously it isn’t. Okay so.

Okay the picture might not look super good but I think that I have decent photography skills, considering that I only use an iPhone, okay! >:D HAHA just showing off. I love taking photos but I don’t have a camera of my own. Anyway, I went to Japan when winter was about to start, and it was terribly cold already T_T But pretty, since we got to see the yellow landscape!

Everywhere we went had really pretty scenery. Japan is such a serene and beautiful and clean country! The toilets were multifunctional and just everything I had expected of Japan. People were sincere, friendly, kind AND OH OH I saw some high school students (UNIFORMS!!!! Although the sailor uniform’s skirt is much longer in real life..) and there was this really hot guy at a shrine ;) I stared at him for awhile and he stared back but that was the end. Everyone was really pleasant and random passers-by would just volunteer to take photos for us.

Haha this looks like such a typical shot but it’s still pretty! Anyway I can’t remember everything we did, but our family went to many places like Kumamoto, Nagasaki and uhh uhh I don’t know :P I’ve been to Osaka and Naru (deers!!!) before but never Tokyo :( Our trip this time was mainly for sight-seeing and traveling but we did go shopping during the last day! It was all kinda fun, in a different climate (albeit the cold) and with new and awesome people. OMG I still remember the onsen (HOT SPRING) at the hotel– it was just heavenly! It was like an outdoor route that led to about 7 differently scented hot springs which were all colored so prettily in purple/red/blue etc. SO GOOD I TELL YA!

And I went on this cruise thing too.

You should have seen the number of seagulls following the ship, all diving for the food that we threw, haha. And the sky looked damned cool because it was the first time I could see light passing through the clouds and shining down like that. It looked..heavenly (sorry, it just reminds me of something you’d find that was related to God and Christianity). And the solo seagull in the picture has so much swag.

Okay that’s all, sorry! Other pictures would have my family in it and I don’t wanna give away anything! It’s really great to have been in Japan (although i’m thankful that my country doesn’t have four seasons..too cold..) :D so go visit, guys! I saw many things that had anime-art (like advertisements, food wrappers) but I didn’t actually go and specifically look for anime stuff. I regret that now :( I could have brought home awesome souvenirs.

K so go to Japan!

P.S. HOW COULD I FORGET TO ADD THIS IN!? THE FOOD!!! Haha Japan serves awesomely brilliant, simple and nutritious food in every meal (even the buffets). Did I ever tell you how grilled meat, the one that you cook yourself, is simply the best meal? The meat is so tasty, juicy and the flavour is incomparable. I just went to get the last box of mochi from my fridge (yes, it’s been quite long but mochis don’t expire that fast I hope :P) AND ITS AWESOME.

Its really nice. Love ya, Japan.


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