Akame ga Kiru

This is it. You absolutely cannot miss out on this manga!! A rare treasure that i’ve finally unearthed!!!!!!

So I was feeling bored and unloved, and hence set off on a quest to find a beautiful shoujo that would make my heart thump and my cheeks redden (no, that never happens. I only get shivers when a manga becomes too good for me xD). And obviously while searching for the romance/shoujo/comedy genres I scrolled through every page and realized, “WTH. I’VE ACTUALLY READ THEM ALL. EVEN THE CRAPPY ONES.” Shoujo manga otaku, indeed.

BUT THEN, while I let my options run more broadly and only checked the ‘romance’ tag, I FOUND IT. A GOOD MANGA. AKAME GA KIRU!!!!

(No, this is a totally unrelated picture of Kuroshitsuji. A cute picture was required to get into my extremely happy mood now.)

THE MANGA THAT I’VE BEEN HUNGERING FOR. It totally suits my taste.

1. Shounen, but no ecchi, and barely any fan-service. AND SHOUNEN MEANS: AWESOME PLOT!!!! (Sorry shoujo mangas, but most of your plots are more shallow. Shounen is POWER.)

2. Romance. Perfect for girls like me. And a major plus point because the one that fell in love is the ultimate villain while our hero is righteous and on the opposite team.

A few chapters later…

Don’t be taken in by this hot chick. She even has a cool name, Esdese. She is one hell of an evil sadist and if you read the manga you’d definitely hate her even though she has a soft spot for Tatsumi.

3. Fantasy. Who doesn’t love fantasy!? A great plot about a corrupted Capital, a group of awesome, typically shounen-ly righteous guys (and girls) and freakily insane (and many sadistic) villains. With other ancient creatures to boot, and sacred relics called Teigu which are extremely powerful and each with different abilities. DAMN COOL RIGHT.

And of course, the art is good and it’s just a manga for everyone to read. Characters are pretty cool, and while the main lead is not exactly the alpha male type, I like him and I like almost all the characters! Even most antagonists are acceptable with the exception of Seryuu whom i’ll define as a psychotic idiot. I remember actually feeling scared of her the first time I saw her going all crazy about her warped sense of ‘justice’ since she looked like a pretty decent girl before. Pretty and decent, I mean. Her Teigu seems pretty strong though.

*randomly adds another cute Kuroshitsuji picture because talking about Akame ga Kiru is too intense*

Oh and one thing i’ve gotta add, Braht (some awesome guy in the good team, which is called Night Raid by the way. But *SPOILER* he died T_T) looks really cool when his hair goes back to the way it was a long time ago. I have no idea why he likes to style it the way he usually does haha.

Like, isn’t this:

Way cooler than this:

LOL HAIR. Okay badass quote he’s got with him, but because of that hair, his point is deemed invalid.

Okay and I just gotta say that I really love this manga. I didn’t expect much when I first clicked on the first chapter, but now it’s gotten so good! Every time they introduce more characters, it’s always so exciting to know what they’re like and what their Teigu is :) Haha for now in the Jaegers (latest enemy team), i’d say that Bohr is the cutest xD

HAHA WHAT A LOVELY FAMILY HE HAS! And Wave is really like Tatsumi, the hero of our story, in so many ways. Hope that he’ll cross over to the good side! But for now, the person i’m most curious about (besides the latest tanned-skin guy who goes shambala lol and transports Esdese and Tatsumi to some tropical island) would be Ran, who’s also in the Jaegers.

The prettiest and most mysterious character yet, in my opinion. Since it’s already implied that she has a hidden agenda, I really hope that she’ll end up as part of the Resistance army! And her Teigu which gives her wings is just plain cool.

Okay, imma end here. Seriously guys, read Akame ga Kiru! It’s a really good fantasy manga, that’s all I can say :)

And if you don’t believe me, i’ll add an unhappy lady Ciel here because this post needs some colour in its pictures.

See? She’s telling you to read the manga. The link is right here:

Akame ga Kiru

No regrets. This is one of the best ones i’ve read in a long while.


10 thoughts on “Akame ga Kiru

      1. passingotaku Post author

        Haha hello! :) Hmm I can’t really think of many now, but Iris Zero is pretty good and Kaze no Stigma (i’ve only watched the anime though) is pretty cool! OH RIGHT. How could I forget 1/2 prince!? It was once one of my favorites but now the uploading is pretty slow :( The first few chapters might seem a bit lame but trust me, the story gets so good as you read on.

        And if you want to start on the webtoons (there are PLENTY), there are: Girls of the Wild’s, Orange Marmalade, My Heart is Beating etc. Webtoons are just too awesome! :D

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      OMG AWESOME! This is a really good manga, hope it gets adapted well! Killing off characters always hurt but well… try enjoying Esdese if you can :’)

  1. Achankun

    It has alot of fanservices for us guys, boobs, bikinis, harem, a pack of action with cute bad ass harem girls, definitely a good plot witha cool storyline. I hope they could release more harem shounen, shoujos? No They dont impress me because of those crappy “Otome” game adaptations, good art but shitty plots, anime now are harem+shounen like SAO.


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