Sweet Anime, What Have You Done!?

Uh-oh. Warning: this is gonna be another stupid rant about me, my life, and the terrible thing called homework which is haunting and persecuting me relentlessly. And of course, in the middle of this whole mess is the wondrous double-edged sword, sweet with a bitter aftertaste. ..And it’s…. ANIME.

OMG YES. I KNOW IT’S A BISHIE. CALM DOWN. I’ll just say this. Anime is freaking addicting and it has gotten worse ever since I found one whole pile of awesome anime to watch. I’ve been so excited just thinking about it, but one cannot expect to marathon anime and not have any negative repercussions. Of course, yes, homework and projects. Tomorrow, Monday, is an unexpected school holiday so my stupid Chemistry project (which I have no idea how to do and I haven’t started on it lol) is due then. And I shall not harp on the fact that I have no idea on what’s going on in class again.

I feel guilty, but I watch anime. AND HERE’S THE THING. My parents. Parents. The angels of young children, and the (I swear i’m sorry..) annoyance of adolescents. My mum and dad have obviously noticed my extremely lazy pattern of lying down on my bed with earphones for the whole day, eating sinful chocolate and pineapple tarts, and sometimes observing my new-found pet snail. Yes. A pet snail. I think it’ll die soon though, it’s been staying in its shell the whole time.

ANYWAY. I’d have to reassure my mum that I was doing my homework in order to get her out and continue my awesome anime time. They kept coming in my room but I would never ever want them to catch me watching anime. GOSH. It was really frustrating, but every time they looked like they would be coming in, it would be an instant response. You know? Like:

1. Slam laptop screen down.

2. Pluck out earphones.

3. Take random school book next to my bed and look like i’m reading it.

4. —And just as my parents come in, i’ll glance at them innocently, tilt my head, and smile.

“Hey there mum! I love ya!” :D Hehe. Hehehe.

Now every time someone walks past my room, I get paranoid and all. It’s especially due to this blog as well! If anyone ever finds out about this, i’ll just…. bomb my house! xD

So yup. Parents whom desperately want me to do homework (though I know they have their doubts of what i’m doing. Hope they don’t find me too suspicious and think that i’m watching porn or something lol). And thus i’m a daughter with a wavering resolution. A daughter that really wants to do something productive, but oh sweet anime has seduced her into a different path. Not that I regret it though. ;) Wait. Maybe I will, tomorrow night, when I’d have to stay awake the whole night/morning finishing my chem project and cursing at my foolishness. Haha.

Yup. This concludes my current life due to the temptress, Anime. 

Yup but wait yo. This post is not finished! I’ll take some time to praise the awesomeness of Japanese song lyrics. I just realized that it’s only in Japanese songs where the lyrics can actually touch your heart and connect with the emotions in you while tugging at your delicate heartstrings. And for that, I love Japanese songs though I don’t listen to much besides anime OPs and EDs, as well as Vocaloid. I do love Final Fantasy’s music though!

Ok uhh, here’s a really nice piano piece transcribed by the genius Animenz. It’s called Kibou ni Tsuite, and it means ‘with hope’ –how nice right? xD

Heh. I tell you, this transcriber is really good and I love his pieces! It sounds really anime-ish right? Idk how to explain, but anime songs just have a unique touch to it, just like how korean songs have a distinct style to it. You’ll recognize one when you hear it :) And that’s why I love them! The actual anime song (the anime is AKB0048 btw!) has me hooked onto it and I really love this part of the lyric:

“Let me speak of hope,
Like a nameless poet, with passion.
If you find yourself broken down in tears,
Then rather than consoling you,
Let me speak to you of the coming dawn.”

Dawn, a definite occurrence daily, holds much more promise than a wish ever could.

Okay you must really listen to the song to get into the mood but anyway I LOVE JAPANESE LYRICS AND SONGS WHY ARE THEY SO GOOD!?!?

I’ll leave one more link to a AKB48 (the real band’s) song which really got me pumped up. These songs are powerful, meaningful and really good. J-pop artistes might not be as good in dancing, or as sexy or charismatic as compared to Koreans/Americans, but the songs are really top quality.

AKB48- Beginner 

Peace! :D


25 thoughts on “Sweet Anime, What Have You Done!?

  1. Rei

    I actually expect even more of this kind of rant (anime vs school work) next year–happy national exams year–if you continue as you are now, haha. I hope you don’t go overboard with procrastinating, if that’s what you’re doing now! (´・ω・`)

    1. passingotaku Post author

      Yo Rei! :D Haha yeah.. next year would probably suck! I’d just need to take Chinese though, but then again Chinese is one of my many horribly-scoring subjects -_- and every year it just gets worse. Homework piles up and anime gets better and better which just makes me procrastinate more! Indeed, right now, i’m stuck watching the awesome Black Lagoon.

      Eh, good luck for you now! It must be a tough period but i’m sure you can do it xD

      1. Rei

        Just memorise more better words and phrases to score for your composition! Don’t forget the old words you have already learnt as well! I know what you mean, but I guess there’s just some times where you have to pause those anime for awhile, haha. I haven’t been catching up on any new series these few months, it makes my heart sinks.

        Thanks! Prelims is starting tomorrow for me, and here I am, spent my weekends playing and then doing last minute work right now. I actually feel guilty for not feeling guilty about behaving like that, lol.

      2. passingotaku Post author

        Yeah! I think that memorizing is the only way to score high. I guess I should try to remember a few good essays soon.. Haha :P it’s okay! Once you’ve finished with O levels, you can just sit back and enjoy anime as much as you want xD and feel awesome because you’ve conquered this huge stressful thing.

        OH. That means you’re having your prelims now as I type this!? HAHA GOOD LUCK!! Lolol it’s GUILTCEPTION xD Anyway, c’mon, let’s do our best! *Stares with apprehension at my Chem project task sheet* It’s gotta be much more stressful for you but yes, hang on there till’ the day where you can watch anime freely without bothering about school/academics! :D

      3. Rei

        Good luck with that! Yes, indeed, I really can’t wait for my O’s to finish! It seems so close yet so far! On a brighter note, the first day of AFA is the day right after my last paper of O’s, which means I’ll probably get to enjoy and dose myself with anime and the likes the very next day straight after my O’s! Will you be attending AFA as well?

        Thanks! Chemistry project, eh… …/stares at my humanities notes/ Dang… I hate having to memorise at least 6 chapters in just one night… /coughconsequenceofprocrastinationcough/ Well, I’m pretty sure you feel just as stressful, and if you do, lighten up! >September holidays! \(´∇`)/

      4. passingotaku Post author

        Heh thanks! Yeah, strive on xD Haha how nice! Uhh AFA is from the 9-11th Nov right? I’ve been anticipating it but there’s some important presentation on the 10th, right in the middle of it -_- I’m waiting for the results to see if i’m presenting on the symposium or not, because if I am, i’ll have to prepare.. BUT I’M DEFINITELY GOING FOR AFA! Haha let’s look forward to this!

        Well well well. I’m still halfway stuck in my Chem project eh :P I know right. Procrastinating is EVIL!! But it’s too late. And i’m sure you’re feeling more stressed out but YEAH. SEPTEMBER HOLIDAYS IS COMING. And we get a free Friday because it’s Teachers Day Celebrations! (Is it the same for you?) For now, i’ll I can say is that we have to survive this horrific period whether we like it or not, so…. GO OWN EVERYONE AND DO SUPER WELL! xD

      5. Rei

        That’s right! Well, it’s a three day event so having the possibility of missing one day isn’t that bad, unless you’re actually planning to attend all three days, lol. I am not yet sure which day(s) I’ll be attending though, since the ticketing details doesn’t seem to be out yet. Will you be going with any of your friends? It’s a silm chance, but perhaps we might walk pass each other on one of the days without knowing, haha.

        But you mentioned about your project since yesterday! Seems like you’re really procrastinating a lot if you’re still halfway through right now, lol. Well, as for me, I’m almost at my limits on mugging humanities, so I think I’ll just browse through the rest of the content and hope for the best tomorrow… Yup! I’ll have that day off as well! Haha, I wish I could do that, but it seems like I’m one of the most laziest one in class when it’s near exams because even the inattentive ones have already finished studying–all but me, ughh.

      6. passingotaku Post author

        Haha nahh i’m not attending all three days xD That leaves me just the first and last day, ahh, idk when to go! I’ll have to ask my friends whether they would like to (I think I know someone who would want to!) and yes that’d be cool if I ever did meet you (but not know it :P)! The last time I went was two years ago, and it was really crowded and exciting, full of shops selling awesome stuff, and there were cosplayers everywhere. Heh, i’m definitely not missing out on AFA this year!

        YES I’M LIKE A TERRIBLE SLACKER xD I don’t see the need to do projects until it really hits me hard in the face when my urgency alarm rings and I realize that the project is due really soon. Not yet evidently, as i’m still checking this blog! xD I’ve got 5 hours which actually seems pretty long, if I don’t sleep. But I wanna sleep T_T Okay I’ll definitely try to finish up after this! GOOD LUCK and no stress, just try to impress with vocab and style ! And yay for Friday :D Don’t worry and do your best, it’ll be fine x)

      7. Rei

        Oh! Since I’ll be going with my brother, I think I’ll only go on either the second or third day (he has work on the first day), and I think it’ll most probably be on the second so we’ll hardly be able to meet if you have that presentation going on. That’s too bad, but if you happened to see someone there whose rather short, wears a pair of blue spectacles, has moderate long hair and is wearing the outfit of Izaya from Durarara!!, then that might just be me, haha! I think I’ve attended it every year with some friends except for the first and have only bought two straw hats from there since. I might buy more stuffs this year since I’m into figure collecting now. Did you buy anything two years ago?

        Well, maybe you should start thinking to yourself that it never hurts to start and finish them early! Wow, do you stay up till so late frequently? Don’t you feel tired the next day at school? I used to do that a lot (did once for final year exam, had to mug a lot in one night and ended up not getting a wink of sleep), since I was like you (still am actually) but I can no longer do that anymore. I now tend to start getting dizzy and have a swirling vision around 1 am so I pretty much have to try to finish everything before that time. Ah… I remember the day when I was still young and strong enough like you to do that… Hahaha.

        On a side note, I’ll have to start getting use to your new DP!

      8. Revy Post author

        Oh oh oh wow a working brother! Haha cool, okay! I’ll probably be going on the third day I think.. Aww man yeah but it all depends on what time the presentation is xD HAHAHA I HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! Izaya is badass man. I didn’t buy anything that time! But I really wanna get some cool stuff this time >:) Bet you’ll find a lot of figures that you like :) I just remember going for some concert which was really crowded and in the end I couldn’t see anything lol..

        Yeah haha but doing work early seems to be a thing of the past, indeed now I just stay up late to finish homework that needs to be done, and ignore those that don’t :P That’s why I have to try so hard not to sleep during some lessons (although sometimes I just heck it and sleep) but i’ve tried the power nap method –sleeping for about one hour just before I go to school, and it works sometimes xD Haha you’re not old, dude! –I mean my, uhh, most respected senpai ;)

        GOSH I AM SO FRUSTRATED! I’m trying to make this blog look better and all and adding a gallery but I have absolutely no idea how to format stuff and use the widgets, and googling only gives terrible information about changing the .php and all that and I am an absolute tech noob in this area -_- but yes for my DP, i’m totally in love with Revy from Black Lagoon now!! xD When I finish the complete anime, I must write a post about it >:D

      9. Rei

        Ah, I see. I just thought it might be better to go on the first or the least, the second, day because then all the goods will still be there and not sold out. Being pretty paranoid, but meh. I really hope I do! I have quite a bit on my wished list, but I guess I have to moderate my spending too so I don’t continue to burst my wallet for the year… What kind of merchandise do you think you’ll be getting? Oh, concert! I’ve attended one (forgotten which year) before just to see Miku on some big screens, haha! It’s better to stand at the most back area to see if you don’t have tickets for the front seats. You won’t have to crowd with the others too if you’re at the back. Well, that was my experience, but I don’t think I’ll be attending any concert this year.

        Lol, that’s not a very good habit then. You should at the most try to listen in class. I think it really cuts down on your revision time needed at home if you listened to everything taught in class and remember them with some note making. Wow, that’s great. I would never be able to wake up from just an hour of sleep so that method won’t work for me. I could only wake up from my sleep of a minimum of 3 hours, otherwise, not even the sky crushing down can wake me up and I have no idea why (guess I’m just a pig like that, lol).

        Haha, I’ll look forward to that review!

        If you don’t mind, maybe I can give you some of my suggestions? Perhaps you should first give your blog a theme, and the best way to do so can be making a banner and a background that accommodate with one another. As for your posts, I think you should start adding a “read more” tag to them. Since many of your posts consist of chunks of words, it is quite difficult to browse what you have to offer on your blog through your home page (it takes a while to scroll from one entry to another). As for the side bar, perhaps you should arrange the ‘author’ and your random greetings on the top after the search bar and place the ‘recents’ together just before the ‘categories’ with the ‘meta’ and ‘follow’ at the most bottom. I think it will look much more organised and also easier to browse, but that’s just me. Regarding your gallery, it’ll be nice if you arrange the images according to some catergories (anime/artist/etc.) and definitely try to include the source of each image!

        Ooh, pardon me for the long opinion. Not sure if you’ll find them as reasonable as they are with me but I do hope they’ll help in some way!

      10. Revy Post author

        Haha you’re right. I hope nothing gets sold out, but then again I heard that if there’s too much extra stock then they might sell everything for a cheaper price xD Hmm for me, unlike you, i’m not really a collector of anything but I do love pretty keychains and i’m always tempted to buy (bleach) miniature swords and posters. Hope to see awesome stuff there that I can buy home! Haha I see! I don’t think i’ll be going for any concerts this year too..

        Yeah.. I’m a pretty stupid student. There was a period of time where I realized that if you just listen in class and do the worksheets that the teacher assigns, then you would do extremely well even if you don’t revise or do extra past year exam papers or anything. I’m trying to cultivate this habit now.. but i’m always so restless -_- Haha well, it’s good to sleep well! And good luck again for yer exams!

        Thanks for the suggestions :D Thing is, (okay i’m gonna sound like a noob but) how do you give your blog a theme/create a banner?! And yeah! The read more tag thing –i’ve wanted to put it but I have absolutely no idea how :O OH OH OKAY I’ll do that for the organization part, thanks! For the gallery, i’ve actually already deleted most of the images after uploading them on my posts a long while ago and i’ve no idea which anime/artist they came from for some of them.. Sorry.. Haha well I just liked the idea of scrolling through anime pictures. I LOVE ANIME PICTURES!

        And thanks again eh :)

      11. Rei

        Ooh, right! That might be the case as well! You should definitely get those swords and posters if you see them! I think getting some button badges can be really nice too! /coughdaywhereyouspendallyoucancough/

        Haha, it’s still always good to do some extra practice with past year papers. It really helps a lot. Go! Push yourself and make that a habit! Actually, does your teacher not wake you up when you sleep in class or is it that you’re too good at hiding it?

        Oh, well, you have to decide that for yourself! I’ll take one of your favorite platform as an example, “Ambivalence, or is it Ambiguity?”. They have many different banners, but when you see that name or “aoia”, or perhaps even their favicon, you’ll know it’s them straight away. Another can be “Figure Culture” [http://figureculture.wordpress.com/], you’ll know it’s them the moment you see that character on that colorful banner, haha. Actually, I feel that your blog right now looks alright (I like the banner a lot, actually), but maybe you can think of a way, perhaps, to make your current banner pops out more? Otherwise though, if you really have no theme in mind, I think it’ll be fine if you leave it like that, at least when I see “Nest of the Passing Otaku”, I’ll know it’s you! Haha! Oh, you can read up on the tag here: [ http://en.support.wordpress.com/splitting-content/more-tag/ ]. I see. Haha, why you apologising?! Welcome!

      12. Revy Post author

        Yup thanks, i’ll be sure to get more back home so that I can slowly admire them! Heh, time to start saving up I guess :P Haha i’m not really a badge collector but in the end I guess i’ll just end up buying many things on impulse if they’re too tempting!

        AND YES THANKS I MUST STUDY HARD! I actually try very hard not to doze off in class but sometimes I just sleep while trying to stare at the teacher (and show that hey, i’m awake!). So I think that my teacher knows that i’m really tired and doesn’t scold me. Ahh September Holidays is already here/soon, so good luck with revision! The only time to catch up before the last stretch of exams.

        Oh oh! I see that’s really nice! But how do you personalize a banner? Photoshop? I have no idea how to use it but one day when I really want to make my blog look better/when i’m free, i’ll try to make a banner! And then maybe we could have a banner exchange? (I see that around quite often!) THANKS ANYWAY :D and wow it’s great I tried using the read-more tag on my latest post but then I realized that I have to do it for the previous 60+ posts too and then it would be weird if only the latest post had a ‘read-more’, so I took it off -_- gosh, sigh. I was really to tired to add it in right from the start so i’ll do it some other time.. hopefully.. but thanks really!!

      13. Rei

        Haha! Impulse buying is deadly! Be mindful!

        Maybe you should give yourself some light slaps on the face to keep you awake sometimes, or perhaps pull your own cheeks to make it hurt, hehe.That’s pretty nice of your teacher. My teachers here would ask if you’d like to go to the toilet to wash your face if they noticed that someone is seemingly dozing off. Maybe you should ask the teacher for permission to go and wash your face when you feel sleepy next time? Yep! I hope I’ll actually study hard this holiday and not… spend it playing again… You should work hard too!

        I uses Photoshop, yep! But there’s many times where I’d use MS Paint too, for things like resizing an image, cropping, moving pictures by a few pixels and other simpler jobs that doesn’t require Photoshop. I’ll definitely love a link exchange! Actually, I might make one out of your current banner for temporary use on my blog in the coming holiday, if you don’t mind. Oh, I don’t think you should edit and include the more tag for all the older entries if you don’t want to. Many blogs have changes here and there and it’s along the way, not right from the start, so it’s alright to start using it now and continue so for your future entries. You’ll have to start somewhere after all, if not it’ll be really tiring to edit all the other 60+ posts, isn’t it?

      14. Revy Post author

        Okay okay! xD And lol yeah washing up keeps me awake most of the time but i’d be too lazy to go to the toilet :P A day can really be dreadful when you’re feeling sleepy though.. and YES!!! Good luck this holiday –I’m quite determined to revise everything from scratch >:) Good luck to you too! It’s such an important period so all the best :) Gosh, I just hope that laziness can be conquered and procrastination prevented. I’ve been so lazy.

        Ohhh cool I was never adept at using all these stuff like Photoshop! AND AWESOME. I would really really really appreciate it if you could help me make a banner! THANKS!! But there’s no need to force yourself to do it if it takes too much time/trouble okay! And yes how shall we do the link exchange?! (should I create a new page and add a blogroll or put your banner up on the side menu haha i’m so confused) And once again for the millionth time….. THANKS :D yup i’ll heed your advice and start somewhere soon! For now I just need to get accustomed to using wordpress cuz I just realized that there’s so many things that I never knew how to do!

      15. Rei

        You’re that lazy to even walk to the toilet? (´Д` ) Oh, come on! Just that few steps wouldn’t kill you, haha. Heh, don’t we have that determination with every holiday that approaches? I just ended up using that determination for something else every time anyway, lol. Don’t worry though, you’ll make it through.

        No problem! I really love making/editing graphics and have done so many times during my leisure time. Not only would I love to make the banner used for the link exchange, I wouldn’t mind helping out with your main header for your blog too. Just tell me which few anime/characters (or even better, pictures) that you want to use and I can try to make some to your liking if you’d like! Oh, but I can’t say if it’ll turn out great or not, that will be for you to judge!

        As for blogroll, you can see on my blog that I use banners to link others and I prefer to put them on the front page because I believe they all deserve a decent spotlight. For one, you should choose for yourself if you want to use banners for linking or not. A thing to keep in mind is that not everyone has banners available for link exchanging so sometimes you’ll need to create one yourself for them if you’re going to link them, which is why many would prefer to link others without banners. As for how, if it were me using your blog layout, I’d prefer to create a new page for that but in the end, that’s for you to choose which you think would look better!

        Well, good thing the holiday’s here! You’ll be able to spend some time on exploring!

      16. Revy Post author

        HAHA OMG DUDE THE EMOTICONS YOU USE ARE HILARIOUS xD but yes yes! And okay i’ll try to stay awake and alert in class from now on and be a good student :) Indeed, such determination wavers easily…. but good luck to us. I just hope that guilt is strong enough to make me do the right things.

        Haha cool! So you’re one of those pro people who actually use technology effectively xD I’ve learnt absolutely nothing from my ICT lessons which are supposed to teach me about photoshopping, video editing and other relevant skills.. GOSH THANKS SO MUCH T_T Kind soul, may you live in eternal happiness! I’m fine with any anime character you use really! It’s all up to you –after all you’re already going out of your way to help! THANKSSSSSS :D

        OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH (lol that’s all I can say) okay! Yes why then i’ll create a new page for this link thing! You’re probably gonna be the only one there for a long time though until I gather enough courage to ask other people for a link exchange :p

        THANKS AGAIN, SAVIOR :) enjoy your holidays!

      17. Rei

        I’d really prefer it if you would give me specific directions to follow on the making of the banners because my taste might not be yours! Do you happen to have a Facebook account which you wouldn’t mind adding me on? It’ll be much easier to chat over there about this and also other stuffs too instead of flooding your blog everytime! I understand that you don’t want to reveal your identity on this blog, so if you have one that I can add, then you can search me up on Facebook by my email: [ inekox3@hotmail.com ]. If not then, that’s alright! Just thought I’ll take a chance and ask!

  2. sose

    haha I had to laugh sooo hard :D
    I’m always doing the same when I hear my parents walking by my room ^^
    and my brother also is thinking i’m watching some perverted stuff when watching anime/reading manga..
    well procrastinating is bad, so stop it :D
    and the song is nice!

    1. passingotaku Post author

      Hello there! :) Yeah, I really don’t want them to catch me watching anime! I wish that they wouldn’t come in so often, but at least they can only do that during the weekends when they’re not working >:) My mum LOVES spying on me -_- It’s nice that she’s concerned, but hey mum, I’m a teenage girl who needs her privacy! xD

      Heh. Well sometimes I tend to get lost in the sweet trap of BL or some… age-inappropriate manga but…. yeah :P Heheh I wish I could stop procrastinating too ya know! Why is anime so awesome!?

      And yes, the song is really nice! Hah, nice to meet you :)

  3. caire

    1. Slam laptop screen down.

    2. Pluck out earphones.

    3. Take random school book next to my bed and look like i’m reading it.

    4. —And just as my parents come in, i’ll glance at them innocently, tilt my head, and smile.

    that is exactly what i do everytime that I’m supposed to study! you know, if you lay on your back with your random schoolbook pressing against the back of your laptop screen, it will look like you learn, even though you watch anime :P the problem is that holding it up can be quite heavy..


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