Black Lagoon

Let me start this with a bang– this show is fucking awesome! PEACE. I’m not really a vulgar person but that word has gotta accentuate the greatness of this great anime. As you would probably noticed, i’ve even changed my icon to a picture of my new-found love, Revy.

Yeah, her. And Black Lagoon is going down as one of my favorite animes ever! How did I ever choose not to watch it earlier?!

So now. Basically, this badass anime promises a lot of action, excitement, coolness and pure wickedness and fun and you just have to watch this. There’s this place called Roanapur which is a criminal land where drugs, alcohol, violence and bombings are rampant and commonplace. Four main powers control this place, and the main one is Hotel Moscow with their crazy war maniac Balalaika whom is leader. SHE IS JUST A SMARTASS, KICKASS, WISEASS and any ass you can think of, but she’s the most powerful character.

Yep, that’s balalaika.

And this is you if you ever dare to oppose her, just like stupid Rock in season two. Oh yeah back to the story. So there’s a small company called the Black Lagoon which helps anyone deliver things for a price, of course. And the process usually gives a lot of danger, excitement and pure epicness. They basically do about any job but it’s way more than what it seems, and the fact that they are neutral still doesn’t prevent them from making many enemies.

So where does our main guy, Rock, come in? He’s just your usual Japanese businessman (whose skills/strategies really come in handy later on) who gets caught up in the whole mess during one of Black Lagoon’s jobs, and he sticks with them and their adventures from there on. Both he and Revy (from Black Lagoon) are so cute I swear.

There were so many instances that Revy’s friend, some quack nun, kept asking whether they had ‘done it’ (SEXSEXSEX LOL) together but obviously they hadn’t. Please. Revy is way too cool for Rock. I MEAN SHE IS LIKE THIS COOL WOMAN. You have to watch the show to see how freaking cool she is. And she has style too, using two guns which is why she’s called two-hands. And her gun is oddly called Cutlass. I always thought that a cutlass was kinda like a sword, but whatever –her gun is really good-looking. Weird description but yeah. But really, Revy’s the lady of the year. Too awesome for anyone.

And if you want to hear the most accurate description of Revy summarized in one sentence, why not just hear it from her friend, that nun?

Everything she says is true. Revy is just this explosive walking time-bomb. But wait, let’s talk about Rock now. Hell, I didn’t really like his character throughout Season I and Season II, but he was enjoyable. I really hated it when at the end, he said that he was in the ‘twilight’ –having seen enough of scum to and therefore unable to return back into peaceful Japan, but still refusing to take a gun and kill people. Okay boy, if you wanna live in Roanapur, don’t say such things. It just means you’re a coward -_- nahh, I just can’t agree with his ideals but I loved it when he told Balalaika that “saving people was his hobby” xD This is in reference to some Washamine bitch, whom I will curse about later.

Rock appeared as a meek guy at first, but i’m glad when the tables quickly turned and he toughed up.

YEEEEEE HA! Haha he’s actually fine the way he is, and he provides a balance to the other much too violent characters. He emos at periods of time and is quite cute, though I don’t like him at times. But it’s really evident that Revy likes him :P Not in the way as lovers do, but as a person. In the end, the only way to describe him accurately would be as Revy calls him:

“You piece of shit!”

AWWWW YEAH xD You go girl! Sorry Rock >:) But anyway, now I shall give the limelight to some other characters. There were quite a few that appeared, especially in one exciting arc where everyone was trying to hunt down this girl. I vaguely remember some magician dude who was acting cool but ended up as a joke! Really, each character in the story is unique and really interesting and fun to find out about. With certain exceptions. Uhh, let’s see. The cute/cool/lol-you-joke/you rock award goes to….CHANG!!

Dude’s a joke but he’s got swag. Lets now swerve to the character that I hate most, this Washamine bitch.

And that’s why I hate you too, bitch. The moment after Rock, Revy and Gin (this dude that I bet she totally loves) saves her sorry ass, she starts going into philosophical mood and blaming Rock and throwing a hussy fit and calling Rock her enemy. Episodes later, she actually dares to shoot at Rock and Revy. BITCH WANTS TO DIE. Oops, I forgot! She did die anyway! HAHAHAHHA! After acting so cool and ambitiously wanting to move to Roanapur, thinking that she was such a sad kid meant to live out the emo path, she then couldn’t refute or disprove Rock’s argument and realized that she was just a retard.

So she killed herself, yay \o/ but before that!!! Gin, this guy who was sadly on the bitch’s side, had an epic showdown Revy that was really, well, epic.

THIS. I was literally jumping out of my seat and that fight had got to be the coolest one ever. Although it was highly improbable that Revy who uses two guns, could lose to some sword-wielding dude, no matter how good he was. Anyway, in the scene there was blood dripping all over Revy’s face to add on to the dramatic climax and of course I was taken in, and was utterly devastated. More like:

I was thinking “DUDE YOU GONNA KILL OFF REVY NOW!?!? MAKE THIS AWESOME ANIME HAVE A TRAGIC ENDING!?” and then thankfully they showed that Gin got shot through the neck so it was his blood dripping after all. And yes, he died. I liked him but I loved Revy more. And Revy wisely used her knee to block the sword so she was just badly injured there. So came the glorious and oh-so-beautiful moment where the Washamine girl finally suicided. Such a pity that there were no visuals, I mean –the creators even went to the extent of adding in gruesome noises which suggested bone-splitting and blood spluttering, so why not just give us the satisfaction of the visuals!!!

OKAY SO YEAH THE END. This is a freaking long post I know, and thanks for reading if you made it all the way here! Conclusion: Anime is freaking good, and not very long, but extremely enjoyable. Season I and Season II both have 12 episodes each, and there’s a 5-episode OVA about Roberta, some maid who’s actually an insane godly killer. She made a random appearance in one of the arcs, and i’m totally saving this up. It’s gotta be cool too. The link for the anime can be found here:

Black Lagoon (Season I)

Watch it! Its full of kickass characters, awesome scenes and pure fun. I promise you its damn funny to hear the seiyuus trying hard to spew out profanities in English xD And one last word, Revy has an awesome seiyuu whose voice totally fits her character –rough and strong :) I shall end off with a picture of pretty Revy. She looks super pretty when she smiles!

Her closing sentence: “When it comes to us villains, we don’t die so easily. Bang! *cute face*” Heh.

Good anime.


5 thoughts on “Black Lagoon

  1. stardazzx3

    You are totally right about everything!
    TTATT i only watched up to 3 or 4 episodes last year because i have too many manga to read and school works to do ><

  2. sose

    hm.. so i also kinda always didn’t touch that anime cause i thought i wouldn’t like it. but after you discribe it so awesome here i will definitly start watching it. :D

  3. Αγγελος

    Could Rei Hiroe explain us what exactly happened to Rock’s parents? Are they alive,or something horrible has happened to them?Their absence gives me the odd feeling that Kageyama might have orderd their murder,and that should look as “accident” just for a cover-up.Whatever happened we have to know,if the latter did will Rock find the truth?Will Revy stay on his side cementing and admitting her love for him?I want nice developments between Rock and Revy.Rock and Revy!I love them.
    Questions we ought to think,and Hiroe has to answer:Were the Okajima’s told their son “was dead”?If so what was their reaction?Did they demand explanations about Rock’s “death”,and compensations as well?About how much far would the unscrupulous (and maybe trickster!)Kageyama go just to ensure the dirty deals and cover ups of Asahi industries?!Even ordering a murder that would seem as “accident”?! Hm,will the Iranians enter Roanapur?I don’t think Balalaika would be pleased to encounter Qassem Suleimani.He’s so Tough,so tricky!


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