Umm.. Short Hiatus

Hey guys! *tumbleweed floats by…* So i’ve got a few things to say :)

Firstly, LOOK! WHAT DO YOU NOTICE NOW!? It’s large and long and definitely hard to miss. It’s….. new banners/headers!!! Aren’t they all so pretty? xD Heh. Rei the awesome helped to edit them and made the design so well! (THANKS AGAIN!) I’ve added this new banner gallery page thing that can be found when you place your cursor over ‘the gallery’. How cool is that.

“Very cool,” she says.

Next, as the title of the post suggests, i’ll be going into hibernation hiatus for a short while BUT THE REASON IS TOTALLY LEGIT. You see, it’s now the September holidays. Well, people call it a holiday but it really is just one week of shock period where teachers spam you with homework and everyone (*with exceptions) is assumed to be mugging their asses off in preparation for the hell that is the end-of-year exams that comes after. Yup, it’s basically the warm-up before the final sprint.

So i’ve effectively wasted about half of it. No need to mention revision, I have one final Literature project, two Chinese papers, one Physics paper, tons of Bio revision, MATHS and other shit to deal with. SO YES HIATUS UNTIL EXAMS ARE OVER xD Hmm, let’s see. I think that hell will end at around.. mid October? Somewhere around there yeah :D

NO I WON’T. I’ll be serious and do well man. And so if you see me posting around here any further, it just means that i’ve failed and anime has ruined me completely. Just joking. Not. Nah.


LASTLY! On a good note though, i’ve been checking out anime that’s coming out in FALL 2012! :) This is totally awesome because those anime will be released in October, so after my exams I can go on an anime marathon again xD (this is a secret, but today i’ve been sinfully watching Accel World :P) If you scan through the list, you can find some pretty promising ones, but the one i’m most looking forward to is MAGI!

Everything about it sounds so awesome. Adventure/Fantasy? Check. Hot guys/Pretty girls? Check. It’s by A-1 pictures which is made out to be a super good animation studio. And if you look at the fan art, you’d be mind blown by how HOT the guys are. Really. Plot sounds really great, it is based on Arabian Nights and has characters like Aladdin, Alibaba and Sinbad lol. And there’re even DJINNS! (genies. read the Bartimaeus trilogy anyone??) So it’s basically them plus this girl Morgianna on an adventure. How fun. Morgianna is the girl with red hair and she’s on one of my banners too– so pretty right!

So anyway yup! I’ll look forward to this anime. Labyrinth of magic indeed. Magi.

Okay. So. Guys.. whoever’s there! Please do support me even during this hiatus T_T I’ll probably still be checking this site. It’s already part of my routine you know? Like Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo news (yes I read that shit), school websites, then this place. Ha.Ha. Okay uh…..

I have no idea what the words mean but the guy is emo okay!! So yeah..

Last picture for ya

I LOL-ed at this. Haha. Haha. Haha. -_-



12 thoughts on “Umm.. Short Hiatus

  1. Sonny

    Hey there, I only recently came to know your blog and I have to say that I like it very much! I find your blog posts really interesting and so catchy, because I’m also kind of an otaku and my favorite mangas are the shoujo ones. I hope, that the exams go well for you!

    1. Revy Post author

      YOU ROCK!! Haha hey thanks so much, really :D I seriously want to do well for my exams this time! Gotta work hard.. and it’s great to know that you’re another otaku that loves shoujo manga ;) All the best to you for everything! xD

  2. Sonny

    Haha thank you, you’re so sweet. Well, I’m sure you will do well if you work hard and it seems you’re really into it so don’t worry. Yes, it was really great when I got to know your blog, not so lonely now about the fact that I’m kind of an otaku addicted in shoujo in a foreign country and nobody knows about it. Thanks, same to you too.

    1. Revy Post author

      Nooo THANK YOU AGAIN! :D Yeah I want to do well so that I can finally get my mind off academics-related stuff and be free, hang out with friends and start my anime marathon! (especially for the Fall 2012 batch) :P Oh.. I kinda found some friends who are into anime (though not as extensively) but they all seem to shun shoujo for some reason… at least I persuaded one of them to read webtoons! They’re awesome! :)

      And that’s why it’s great to have you around –a fellow shoujo otaku! ;) Thanks so much for being here again! C’mon and spread the love xD

      1. Sonny

        Haha, you’re welcome! Well, there is a girl in my class who is also into manga, maybe even more than I am, because she actually brings them to school! (lucky her, no idea where to buy those around here) No shame at all in letting everybody know she is an otaku, although what she reads is really ecchi! :o But you are the only one I ever knew that is addicted in shoujo! (how can that be, right?) So happy for you, I’m sure they’re great :) Can’t wait for you to post again, just have to waittt a little longer

      2. Revy Post author

        Wow, awesome! She must be pretty brave to be so open (especially in reading ecchi!?) HAHA! xD Same here.. it’s quite hard to find friends who like shoujo :P But shoujo is really awesome man, i’m addicted to the romance haha! And thanks yet again :D My exams will officially be over in the middle of October, and i’ll definitely be posting lots of stuff! It’s so hard to resist watching and posting about all those manga/anime out there now, but i’ll just have to concentrate..

        Thanks for supporting me! :) I shall work hard and try to increase my GPA!!

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