A Short Post!

Hi!!! Haha this is not supposed to happen, but there’s this really strong urge to just post something here again even though I should not be distracted.

BUT GOOD NEWS, I JUST FINISHED MY MATHS ASSIGNMENT! Lol. Okay uhh.. these few days, i’ve been seriously determined to concentrate on the upcoming end-of-year exams. I wanna do well so that when it’s over, I can finally enjoy myself and not regret/worry about stupid mistakes that I had made. But this blog as well as anime keeps popping out in my thoughts –like its just there forever! xD So there’s this inner turmoil.

Do work…. check anime sites…. NO. 

And now i’m just like heck it, I’m just gonna post something! To be honest, I’ve just realized that the key to doing well in academics with minimal studying is listening in class. I mean, have I ever mentioned this before? It’s simply useful when you really pay attention and understand –you realize that you can do all the questions easily and even when you have to refer to notes, you know what you’re looking for.

I’ve been stupid. Slacking, not listening, not doing work. In the latest topics, I comprehend them well because I’ve listened, but I have to revise the earlier ones now. My worst subject currently is probably bio, because I have no idea what’s going on in respiration and photosynthesis. Someone, tell me what is a pyruvate. Oh, that 3-carbon thing?! Now help me memorize the Krebs cycle. I don’t know man. I don’t know anything and I have to revise it really soon! Because even in the latest topic (evolution), simply comprehending won’t work –there’s so much to memorize…

Haha, welcome to my messy workplace. Or the sofa, technically. I have to do my homework/revision here because if I go to my room to do it, i’ll either end up sleeping or using the laptop for other purposes (I’M DOING THAT NOW HAHAHA).

Anyway, I’m honestly quite happy although i’m not. I mean, i’ve been a slacker my whole life so I’m glad that i’m doing homework, but at the same time I know that there’s so much more that I have to catch up to and this time I WANT TO DO WELL! Okay here’s a resolution: increase my GPA. It shall not fall below 3.6 or I will hyperventilate.

Here’s a confession. I’ve not been good. Last weekend (yesterday lol) I read manga. *insert dramatic and shocked loud gasps* And it wasn’t even a short one, it was like 142 chapters, lol. NONONONO! <—– that wasn’t an exclamation. It was actually the title of the manga, lol again. It was pretty inspiring and tear-jerking although the ending wasn’t even an ending. And to console myself, I read this cute shoujo manga, Junai Tokkou Taichou! IT WAS CUTE I TELL YA. HILARIOUSLY SO.

(this is terrible omg inner conflict why am I talking about manga at this crucial period no why no why no!!!!!)

And so in conclusion I have realized that I can’t live (or concentrate) without manga/anime.

Yes you see, one look at a bishie or any anime character and I’ll just feel this strong electrostatic force of attraction towards anime, as if I were a Group I element with a small atomic radius and extremely reactive to it. Oh and there’s super low ionization energy required to pull away my determination which is sad. ARGHHHHHHHH.

Inner conflict number yet again.

Go Izaya, go!

And 10 seconds later…

Good ole’ BL.

The end. Now that i’ve finished venting out all my frustrations, I shall work hard again. I promise i’ll post a lot more once exams are finished –there’ll be so many things to do! It’ll be so awesome when i’m finally free :D I’ll write much more about stuff!!

So yup. No more. I shall go read up on biology now! I’ll just leave one more cute anime picture because anime pictures are awesome like that.

W-wait! Ending with anime is ominous. How about something else to show my determination? ;)

(that was floating around facebook since a long time ago!)

Thanks for staying with me and reading this shitty rant… Hope anyone out there will still continue to support this blog! T_T :) Adios!




9 thoughts on “A Short Post!

  1. Justin

    A) GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK YOU…you bishie lover you! :D
    B) Reading manga is good for the soul :3
    C) I noticed you added the blog I write for in your blogroll. Therefore, as the admin of a team blog, I have to keep my eye on you…I think. (Thanks for the add!)

    1. Revy Post author

      HELLO! :) Yes! I shall attempt to do work, sir! Ahh, reading manga is comforting but not when you get hooked to it during the exam period! :P Anime is like my lifeblood man. But i’ll have to cut the supply for now..

      –and you have an awesome blog!! Haha it would be great if you drop by this site sometimes! :D Thanks and ….seeya!

    1. Revy Post author

      Okay! No more procrastinating. I SHALL DO MY VERY BEST AND CONQUER THE EVIL EXAMS. And then drown myself in anime and fun heh! ;)


  2. meisterbishie

    *cough cough* totally “short” post eh? ^^
    Biology.. omegawd just reminded me of something….
    in our school library there’s actually manga textbooks (calculus, bio, ect..) …
    Science is the absolute bane of my freaking existence- be it chem or physics.. as well as maths… gah x_x

    NONONONO! ??!!!! WHATT?? NOOOOOOO *5 mins later..* i just read through the last chapter… >=( annoyed… i was expecting more juice out of the situation.. maybe her getting found out or something… ANYTHING …

    *end of procrastion period*
    *starts reading yaoi mangas…*

    1. Revy Post author

      HAHAHA HEY THERE! ;) It was meant to be a short post… but my fingers refused to stop typing, I wonder why! xD Wow dude. There’s manga textbooks in your school library?! That’s AWESOME, I remember reading some of those at the public library before and they were so cute! And we’re the same man. Maths and Science just ain’t my thing. Humanities/arts are much better!

      LOLOLOLOL NONONONONO WHYYYYY!! Damn that was hilarious! xD I.KNOW.RIGHT. It’s like, at least resolve the many issues that was started! I was waiting and waiting for the big revelation and for her gender to be found out, but NONONO :( Gah. Looks like we both fell into the unfortunate trap of reading that long but cool story..

      Your end of procrastination = read yaoi?? I APPROVE!! :D They’re.. addicting. Okay but for now i’ve gotta revise! And revise! And revise! Good luck for everything now, i’ll have to regretfully put manga aside T_T ..AND DO WORK. YEAH. :)

  3. Sonny

    Well, it’s alright if you get distracted sometimes, you need to relax a bit, too :) but i really hope you are working really hard, it would be awful if you got all upset after the exams… I don’t want to bother you much more, but do you know from which animes the pictures from your header are? They are so cutee! Please tell me, if you know! Good luck for everything!

    1. Revy Post author

      Haha thanks! :P Yeah.. I don’t want to regret later on too so I guess i’ll just do what I can now! And sure I’ll do my best to name them. (though it’ll be disappointing to know that some are really just fan art..)

      There’s Sword Art Online, Katekyo Hitman Reborn (HIBARI KYOYA! –gosh I just have to add this in. You can find incredibly good fan art of him at zerochan, where I’ve been getting most of my pictures from! Look at this: http://www.zerochan.net/256392#full), Magi the Labyrinth –an anime coming out later in October that i’m really looking forward to! And uhh I think the hot dude against the white backdrop is Izaya from Durarara! although he looks slightly different..

      Lol I swear zerochan is the home of bishies! So.. hope that helped you! :D


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