Lolz hi!

….hell has blown past. EYAs (end-year-fucking-omg-i’m-vulgar-assessments) have ended. It ended yesterday actually, but my brother was using my Mac mostly and I was out with my friends so tis’ a little late but HERE’S A POST CELEBRATING THE GREATNESS OF LIFE! :D There’s nothing better than feeling so great when you know that the rest of the year is just gonna be slack and next year you’re gonna be so awesome as a senior. For now, I can finally openly and freely indulge in anime!!!!!! YAY. My bishies must have been waiting for me!


Okay but so anyway!!! Stuff to say first: MY USERNAME HAS CHANGED. Revy was getting too old, and I wanted something cool but hell, my brain lacks any originality or creativity so I just, umm, borrowed google’s massive prowess to get a name.

Aleris, oh sweet Aleris.

Yeah. Aleris Celt, to be precise, because I like Celtic myths, and Celt sounds nice anyway. I think i’m gonna regret this name (NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT, IT SOUNDS LIKE A MARY SUE NAME).

Oh and one more update. I’m dropping Sword Art Online. Why, you ask? BECAUSE

–they had sex. Jk. Jk. Jk. It didn’t happen. I just lost interest, period. Gorgeous visuals and action scenes are one thing, but some characters are really annoying. Plus with the influx of cool new Fall 2012 anime, SAO just doesn’t seem as appealing for now. Maybe i’ll change my mind after watching more episodes and realizing how awesome this show actually is, but i’ll give it a pass for now.

Okay anyway *commences short rant* i’d just like to say that during the exam period, I was in fact still reading a lot of manga. And I began to excessively stalk a lot of blogs, particularly this one, 2-D Teleidoscope, and got starstruck. I just realized that there are many cool people who blog about anime. I feel so shallow compared to them :(

Yup so bye!



Sucks No! Aleris, you have the power to change your life into the way you want it to be! It’s all about perspective– so be optimistic, and everything will start looking great for you!

Lame, I know………

(YEAH I DREW THAT) okay bye!


13 thoughts on “Hi

  1. innasuu

    Welcome back! Glad to see that you are doing well.
    I’ve been meaning to watch SAO, but I haven’t had the time since I’m watching InuXBoku and Project K. So you’ve been stalking other blogs? Do you have any other recommendations? cause I would also like to chack out other blogs (´◕ω◕`)

    1. Aleris Post author

      Hey there, thanks! Nice to see ya again! :) Haha i’m just putting off SAO for now, but i’ll probably go watch it again when I’m done with the other anime I intend to watch. OHHH PROJECT K I’M GOING TO WATCH THAT! It looks so cool I swear.

      Haha blog-stalking has become my pastime man. I included the main ones I stalk in my blogroll, and they’re definitely worth checking out! Freaking amazing people.

  2. sose

    ah you’re back :D
    i hope you did well on your exams and no you don’t have to feel shallow i think a lot of people like your blog (like me)… i always love your posts so keep it up! :)


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