Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai!

Holy shit hahaha EVERYONE HAS TO WATCH THIS ANIME!!!! It’s damn good, hilarious, fast-paced, interesting and has nice visuals. Thing is, it’s kinda relatable for me and many others too i’m sure! xD

It’s about this guy, Yuuta (the main character) who HAD chuunibyou, some sort of “8th-grade syndrome” where adolescents with overly active imagination think of themselves as different (unlike you mere mortals). It’s like (in an exaggerated case) how Yuuta calls himself DARK FLAME MASTER and uses spells and aims to destroy the world in darkness in 2012 or something!! Hahaha i’m glad to have read up on chuunibyou on 2-DT’s blog before! You should read it here. :) It’s such an interesting term!

And now it’s all about his interaction with another girl, Takanashi (oohhhh eye-patch girl. Eye-patched girls are always awesome), who is currently facing this problem, and how he is trying to fit into high school as a normal student. Did I mention about how cool they actually look in their ‘chuunibyou form’?! ESPECIALLY THE DARK FLAME MASTER *gasp* uhh Yuuta!!!

The producers could totally scrap the whole idea of them being normal high school students and make an anime about their chuunibyou world being real and these characters would be so kickass! ;) But now the whole idea of chuunibyou is so good, AND YOU’VE GOTTA WATCH THIS! All characters especially Yuuta are extremely likable and I really want to find out more about Takanashi’s sister! I love how Yuuta treats Takanashi like an irritating brat haha. Well, he’s been there and done that eh. :D It’s damn cute to see his reactions.

Even his sister thinks his sword is cool. HELL I DO TOO.

HAHAHA SO CUTE!! Gosh I love that chimera cat.


He’s hilarious, always desperately trying to hide that side of him! xD

ANYWAY!! I’ll just say that this has gotta be one of the best anime ever– it got me engrossed right from the start. The dialogue is AWESOME, the characters are full of WIN and the plot is GREAT!!!! :D And this is so relatable to me. I swear I had chuunibyou, but when I was younger. Like when I was 8-11 years old. I freaking believed that I was a dragon. A dragon-human that could shape-shift and no, I was not any normal dragon. I was a damned ice dragon, because fire dragons were too mainstream. xD

I kid you not. My obsession with dragons were insanely huge mainly because of those fiction books I used to devour at the library. AND I EVEN HAD AN AMAZING LUCID DREAM ABOUT BEING ABLE TO FLY ONCE! Nothing could compare to that experience!! Anyway I was supposedly this really pretty ice sorceress who wielded a duel frost sabre that could shoot out ice beams and basically manipulate the element of water. Doesn’t this totally explain why I always chose Squirtle as my starting Pokemon?! Lol…

So yeah idk when I passed this phase, but now I think that it’s just a cool passing phase of life. Now i’d honestly still like to be a dragon secretly, but oh well. LIFE AND ITS REALISTIC CONSTRAINTS!

Yeah Takanashi, you’ll eventually realize it! I wonder if you’ll realize it before the end of the anime though.

So.. I thought about it. The idea of anime and chuunibyou are quite closely intertwined since watching anime (or reading fiction maybe) gives you wild delusions/ideas. (Uh-huh. Shouting out getsuga tenshou is totally cool. Thanks to Ichigo, I actually shouted it out in front of my batchmates.) So am I just satiating my thirst for the impossible by watching anime!? Highly possible actually. Because I really want to be an unbeatable swordswoman/have some sort of ‘innocence’ within me (D GRAY MAN!!!)/harbor some sort of magic that I didn’t know I had and have a mysterious organization train me to defeat evil youkai/I don’t know man. I JUST NEED SOMETHING! T_T

Thus I relate to Yuuta. Passed the chuunibyou phase, but still wistfully dreaming of it and enjoying such stuff. Maybe that’s why I love RPGs so much eh? New characters with cool classes to choose from in a magical world. I can train the character to be what I’ve always wanted to be; a strong magic-user/weapon-wielder! xD

Yeah, something like this you know! We can always choose cool classes like ranger, swordsman, shaman/magician, thief etc. in RPGs and there’ll be subsets of the classes and i’ll get so excited thinking and playing because choosing your class is like choosing your destiny and your unique, special power. Melee characters ftw, though I used to love ranged ones (especially in DoTA where melee characters were so hard to play at the start).


..yeah. Being a mysterious character harnessing great power does sound good to me, but its good to pass the phase of chuunibyou and ENJOY IT BY WATCHING ANIME INSTEAD! :D HAHA. And imagination and mild delusions can’t do any harm sometimes too. ;)

Watch Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai!!!!!!!! You won’t regret it. It’s pure entertainment and really fun to watch! There’s only 2 episodes out now, but i’m definitely waiting for more to come out. IT’LL BE GOOD. :)

—and for now, i’ll just think of my phase of chuunibyou as fleeting, great memories of my childhood.


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