Project K

First impression after watching the first episode:

\o/  Meet Project K, yet another awesomely awesome anime. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY GOOD ANIME THIS SEASON!? Hella good visuals, addictive opening song, damned good action scenes, interesting plot, cool guys, cool guys, cool guys, cool guys, cool gu– yeah.

But actually I thought it was kinda weird. Like the trash-picking machines were weird. And the main character, Yashiro, is weird. But either way, he’s cool xD and the hints at BL are so good, looooool.


Anyway so the best thing about this anime is really the action scenes. All action, no talk. Which is fucking awesome. And don’t let the slight weirdness of the starting of this show deter you. I love the premise of this anime, and how it has a sci-fi setting with supernatural powers. Supernatural powers make everything cooler. Not to mention that there was a group of hot guys from Homra shown at the beginning.

Homra = bishie gang xD Especially the red haired dude, Mikoto. OMG YOU MUST WATCH THE ANIME AND HEAR HIS VOICE. HIS SEIYUU. Freaking deep and sexy voice I swear –i’m in love! But lol after that he got caught in a cell but oh well. Anyway their group aka delinquent group was fighting against some irritating blue team and i’m totally supporting Homra all the way (duh).

Then the anime jumps to Yashiro and his high school. The thing I love about this anime is that they don’t give you any background info whatsoever. You know, unlike those anime that explain how the powers come about and how you can use them etc.? This one leaves everything a mystery and it makes the anime so intriguing and exciting! Yashiro seems like a playful and absent-minded guy but he is also shown as being a murderer. I bet this has something to do with the anime name, or how it is shown.

Mmhmm. Like how there are two sides to him, the light and the dark maybe. Idk, but there’s definitely something more to him than a normal student. Firstly, he has no real friends, as pointed out by some girl in his class; he’s forever playing around, and also he is very calm in the face of death and can manipulate people (making Kuroh and the skater dude fight by taunting them). Captivating and mysterious guy, and also extremely cute!

Yashiro and his super cute cat who is actually a hot naked girl who has powers too and probably knows the identity of the real evil king which everyone assumes is Yashiro. That’s why everyone is trying to kill him.

And later both Yashiro and the cat-girl played around with Kuroh, whom was trying to kill him! Aww man, poor Kuroh! xD He’s really a trusting and kind boy, feeling bad for Yashiro’s sick and dying sister (a story Yashiro made up) when he was supposed to finish him off. He then got tricked and Yashiro escaped. Then later the super cat leads him on a wild goose chase and finally he ends up making breakfast for her and Yashiro. You’ve gotta love and pity that guy man. He’s super strong but way too nice and hilarious xD ESPECIALLY THAT SCENE– when he banged into a wall, after screaming “It’s an illusion!” HAHAHA.

So yeah man. You’ve gotta watch K. It’s good. It’s so interesting now and there’s still so much left unknown about the whole story and the plot! Characters are all great and I NEED TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT YASHIRO! Oh yeah and I found this manga on mangafox that is related to the anime. It’s really interesting and tells you a little more about the characters in Homra and their interaction with the protagonist in the manga, a newbie in their gang. Quite beautiful. It’s a sweet story of friendship and thankfully it’s uncompleted so I can wait (albeit impatiently) for more to come out! READ IT HERE. :)

Conclusion: watch Project K now. 2 episodes are enough to hook me to this show and keep me wanting more. In the meanwhile though, I’ll probably go watch Btooom!– I read the manga some time ago, it’s a seinen type of survival-game manga and it was enthralling. I always like this type of plot. (Japanese) Survival games are definitely GOOD. Good luck to the protagonist Ryouta and I know he’ll be a kind dude and let the people trying to kill him survive etc because he’s a classic kinda-loser-turned-hero-with-morals but yeah he’ll kill when he needs to. ;)

End of digression! Watch K, k? :D


2 thoughts on “Project K

  1. shinseifuu

    i was going to watch this anime because of its seiyuu actually (and its bl hints). But one of my friend said that this anime is rather echi, so i dont know if im going to watch or not. Is it or is it not? But Im very curious bout this anime..
    Thanks for the review btw~ 8)

    1. Aleris Post author

      HEY THERE! ;) Yes yes you should watch Project K! Eh don’t worry, this anime doesn’t have ecchi actually. Wait a minute. It kinda does –the hot cat-woman appears naked at some scenes, but they’re really negligible! Don’t give up this series just because of that! xD The visuals are really awesome and overall it’s enjoyable, exciting and fun to watch. :D The characters are all freaking cool (AND YES BL HINTS ARE GREAT!!), and i’m sure you’ll enjoy the anime! Haha thank you for commenting! WATCH IT K. :P


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