Shoujo, Rape, and Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun

Let’s talk about Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun :D

A high-school romance (DUH. ANIME ROMANCES ALL OCCUR IN HIGH SCHOOLS) of a cold girl aiming to be the top student, and a violent but naive dude who’s smart without trying. Aren’t these type of naturally-smart-and-also-hot dudes getting on your nerves?! Anyway, the dude Haru gets suspended for violence and Shizuku has to bring him his handouts. There begins their eventual romance.

Haha firstly, i’ve gotta say that I love this show right after watching episode 1. It’s hilarious and you can practically feel the cynicism from Shizuku’s point of view as the story goes. And Haru is really cute! He’s extremely innocent of the world surrounding him and he desperately wants friends– though he fails at making them. It’s a great shoujo romantic comedy so far.

But then since I stalk other blogs I’ve realized that there’s a huge controversy and the whole anime is being put down because of something that Haru said.

“RAPE YOU,” is what he says. Rape. Rape. And that’s the word that has condemned this whole anime, to some people. Read this really interesting post.I actually read that post before watching the anime, and I had totally agreed with the author, that somehow rape is omnipresent in shoujo manga and sometimes plays a pivotal role in creating romance. Which is stupid. Like c’mon, we’ve totally seen these things in shoujo manga before! Hot guy likes girl, kinda rapes her, but in the end she ends up falling for him just because he’s fucking handsome and probably does touching little things like saving her from other rapists or something.

It’s like, everything is excused because the dude is handsome! And of course the girl has to feel mutual pleasure during the rape– that’s lust, and she gets addicted to the guy after that. TERRIBLE AIN’T IT?! Sounds bad but these type of shoujo manga are everywhere, and i’ve read tons of them. Let me give you an example from this manga, S Kareshi Joujou. You’ll realize how stupid it is when you read it, and i’ll even put the short synopsis here for you to snigger at.

The defenseless lamb Chiaki has caught the eye of wild wolf Shimchi! She tries all sorts of methods to escape from him yet still finds herself unable to escape from Shimchi’s kisses…

One look at that and you’d probably steer clear of such manga. So my point is that rape is definitely wrong but there’s gotta be a reason why it’s so popular. Think 50 Shades of Grey. How come women are even becoming so bold as to read this terrible BDSM (bondage-discipline-sadomasichism) on public transport? Reading porn in public is not cool. You’d realize that in most popular media and also shoujo manga, females being taken advantage of is okay, as long as they enjoy it too.

If you think about it now, it sounds sick. But why do people enjoy it? Males and females are born differently, and inequality has always existed. It is a fact that males are stronger and women weaker. There’s the media widely circulating tales of men saving women and beginning beautiful romances, and we all learn about it in fairytales since we were kids, up till modern day stories and.. manga. So isn’t it natural that part of our perception of what we females expect out of romance differs and conforms towards what the media wants us to believe? Stupid delusions, but since we see that pleasure is gained anyway (from rape), that satisfies us.

Okay.. I just wanted to point out that those rape-turn-to-love cases are too idealistic, because in real life, if a guy rapes you, he probably doesn’t love you. Because a guy that loves you wouldn’t hurt you, even if he doesn’t have that much self-control. And we should snap out of reading those stories because rape just really sucks.

BUT THE THING IS (FINALLY BACK TO TONARI NO KAIBUTSU-KUN!) Haru didn’t and wouldn’t rape her. I mean, without people pointing that particular scene out, I wouldn’t have thought that anything was wrong. I agree that Haru threatening to rape Shizuku must have scared the shit out of her, but even if she falls in love with him later, there’s nothing wrong because she would have stuck to him for long enough to realize his personality and his awkwardness. She did not fall in love with him immediately, and even after the first episode she only blushed when he kissed her, but still seemed to hate him although she was kinda ‘touched’ by him too. No romance yet.

Mm yeah. Watch this anime happily. And don’t ever love your rapist. Or don’t ever get raped. Girls, we all crave romance and want to be taken care of lovingly by a handsome and nice guy, but don’t ever step into the masochist zone.. cuz…. you really aren’t one.


4 thoughts on “Shoujo, Rape, and Tonari No Kaibutsu-Kun

  1. starsamaria

    I feel like aside from how pervasive the threat of rape in shojo manga (Hot Gimmick, pretty much anything by Mayu Shinjo), the problem with this particular episode is that the line was completely unnecessary. He could have threatened her in any way and we would have known it was empty and he wouldn’t hurt her, but the fact that he choses to threaten rape is troublesome simply because of the fact that she’s a female (and females in shojo manga are constantly reminded of the fact that they are ‘weaker’).

    1. Aleris Post author

      SHINJO MAYU IS A JOKE! And yeah.. you’re right. Haru could have just said something like “make a sound and i’ll kill you” and everything would be fine, but he just had to say ‘rape’, a highly-sensitive term that induced all the rage. Even if we know that Haru didn’t mean it, it still irks (some) people that Shizuku falls in love with someone wanting to rape her, since promoting such romance cases aren’t healthy.

      But I still stand by Haru– I believe that the term was totally uncalled for, and he didn’t mean it that way. (can you believe Haru would truly mean to rape someone with that personality of his?!


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