Random Recommendations

So here’s some really random recommendations for y’all! Go on, be amazed by them!

1. Knite

I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but it’s a series of really good flash comics by a talented author, Yuumei. You can read chapter 1 here. And in fact you should go on to read all of her flash comics because they’re really amazing and meaningful!

Ain’t this so pretty?! It’s one of her works. If this isn’t pure genius then nothing is. You must really go stalk her deviant art account and be impressed.

2. Zekkyou Gakkyuu 

This is a shoujo horror manga. Hmm. ‘Shoujo’ and ‘horror’ aren’t often associated together right? So you should try this out now! ;) I really enjoyed and got creeped out by this one. It’s a series of horror stories revolving around the lives of school girls, and they try to teach you a moral lesson out of every story. Which was effective, in my case lol. Especially that one about gluttony. That very day, during dinner, I made sure to finish all my food and take my veggies. :P

The art is really nice, shoujo style, and then when they suddenly show you a picture of some mad hideous demon I get really creeped out (I really shouldn’t mention that I was reading this manga in the midst of my exams. Bio exam the next day and instead of memorizing krebs/calvin cycle I was getting myself freaked out BUT IT WAS SO ADDICTIVE). But anyway I like the moral value they try to impart each time xD it’s like education through horror. Scary too. Such creepy stuff.

Intriguing and interesting though, and definitely worth a read. Oh yeah and there were 2 chapters that made me cry!! They were damn sad. In chapter 3 and somewhere else.

3. Hibi Chouchou

THIS IS ADORABLE. I absolutely recommend this. Just when you thought you couldn’t find a sweeter and more pure shoujo story out there! It’s definitely a breath of fresh air but its cuteness will suffocate you. READ THIS NOW.

4. Keishichou Tokuhanka 007

This is a perfectly hilarious romantic comedy and one of the best shoujos i’ve ever read in my lifetime, really. ‘Nuff said. No need to elaborate more xD At first I thought this was going to be under ‘josei’ but no, it’s shoujo! Good, so my favorite josei mangakas can retain their place hahaha. Yoshihara Yuki and Ohmi Tomu are undoubtedly the queens of josei manga– gosh I really love their mangas, they create perfect romances tugging at your heartstrings! OKAY MOVING ON.

5. Inari Konkon Koi Iroha

Lively story! Human girl gets god-powers of changing form at will but no it’s not what you’re thinking even though it’s seinen. The main genre is romance and it’s not gonna be some cool-ass story like seinen stories sometimes are, along with the supernatural tag. BUT IT’S SO FUN TO READ! :D

HAHA I TOTALLY FEEL UKA! And she’s the god lol. I’m totally rooting for her and the main character’s brother to come together because they would make an awesome pair. God and disrespectful human.


HAHA OKAY I’M DONE WITH THIS! Fail recommendation! Oh and also, i’m currently reading Psycho Busters, a cool manga that is quite promising. Okay fine I shall stop! xD Bye!!!


8 thoughts on “Random Recommendations

    1. Aleris Post author

      Yup! :D At the 4th chapter, Yuumei said to wait for the release of the 5th. Gosh her works are so beautiful, she’s seriously amazing right!?

  1. no name

    Yeah, it’s really cool. I’ve already read it until the 4th chapter and I was like “It CAN’T be over!” XD

    1. Aleris Post author

      YES! I know right, the author is definitely gonna continue this great series! (aaand if you haven’t) GO ON TO READ HER OTHER WORKS!! :) ‘1000 words’ was pretty good and actually everything she illustrates is awesome. Oh well, i’m just happily waiting for more out of the Knite series! ;) Glad you love this too!

  2. Kie

    May I recommend one to you? It’s a new shoujo manga called “Bokura no Kiseki” which contains a pretty good plot so far! There’s only 9 chapters as of yet, but it just pulls you in. That, and it’s a rare shoujo male lead that’s not all sparkly and stuff. Check it out, please?

  3. Aleris Post author

    Thanks for the recommendation! I just started reading it and YES THE PLOT IS GOOD! :) Haha the male lead was a princess previously so his personality is really unique– he’s like a cool male with the grace of a female xD I LIKE HIM! I’m only at chapter 4 now but i’ll definitely continue once i’m back from school. Btw there’s 13 chapters out at mangafox! Maybe there’s faster updates there.

    THANKS AGAIN. ;) Damn I wish our world could be that awesome. Magic is awesome.


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