As I Sink (Prose)

…Here’s another one!

The inspiration for this came purely from the song Raggs Requiem– like I was really listening to the song and then typing this out. xD Listen to it!

As I Sink

To the bottom of this

Gaping ocean

I’d just look up

To watch the shimmering light above.

Fainter and fainter, it gets.

Further and further, out of reach

Being hugged by the cold darkness,

I would just wonder

What would the future hold

Had I taken a step,

that step,


Would it all be fine and good?

Would I ever get rescued?

Yet this serenity, all my feelings

So numb, so distant, so fleeting

As I lie in tranquil waters.

Can I let all of this go?

And sink down,



And reach the end of this?

Can I let myself go,

Free myself from societal chains?

I wonder where i’ll end up

But i’m steadily going down.

Down, and never




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