The Ire of a Girl (Prose)

For all the girls out there. For us who cry easily even though we refuse to. For us who need to look strong, even though we’re really emotionally-charged creatures. And for us who hate crying when we’re getting scolded. We can’t win arguments when we’re crying.

I am a girl who is emotional

So I have no idea why

I feel like killing you now

I’m gonna hunt you down

Like demented wraiths

I’ll let the coils of my asperity

Dismember all of you

The swallowed wrath you have incurred

Char you till you become worthless ash

Cursed to wander around nothingness

You can make me cry easily

But no, that’s not me,

It’s my silly body forming these tears

Don’t worry. I’m gonna pay you back

For that effort tenfold

I’ll make you swallow back all your pride

Let your acids burn it to nought

And finally let it be passed out

As shit

Just like you


Seriously, sometimes I feel




Slamming a fist into the table

Doesn’t solve

The issue.

I really abhor crying, even though, or rather, because it happens to me often. I remember once when I cried, the crows were cawing. And you know,

Whenever the crows caw

Ominously singing

The prophecy of death,

Of wars and of warring lands

I will look up

At the blazing, crimson sky

That watches over all bloodshed;

A stain of grief

JK. Cool ain’t it. I guess i’m still stuck in my own delusional and magical world. It’s much better there.

Didn’t I just digress a lot. Sigh. End of prose time!


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