PROJECT K IS SO GOOD!!!!!!11!!!!!1!

I am in love with Project K. It’s just so addictive, once you start, you’d get so hooked onto the gorgeous visuals, cranky characters, hilarious scenarios and cool music. I don’t know how to describe the background music. It kinda puts you in a trance because it’s so tranquil but serious and it makes you feel like something big is gonna happen you know!?!? OH AND I LOVE THE ENDING SONG. IT’S BEAUTIFUL! Ahhhh gosh. So I just watched episode 4, and I can’t wait for more! (yes that rhymes) And Neko is getting strangely attractive to me now.

IS SHE NOT CUTE?????! Sigh. Looks like a found my great new love in the form of K. Project K is really stunning. Even as much of the plot is left undiscovered and I don’t even know which direction the anime is heading, I still want to watch and speculate about it so much more! I guess the plot isn’t really being concentrated on now, just more of the humor between character interactions (SHIRO AND KURO HAHAHA). SO MUCH POTENTIAL, K. I am waiting for so much more, and this anime is the very definition of entertaining.

In episode 4, the anime seems to be taking off slightly, at least. Shiro’s being accused of being a murderer, and just when he found an alibi, he finds the blood-stained shirt in his closet so he’s panicking and i’m like, uh-oh.

Poor guy Shiro. But then again, he’s definitely not as naive as he appears. I honestly can’t tell if he indeed was the murderer but I doubt so… He’s nice (to his cat) and very fun to watch, especially with all the BL hints with Kuroh, but somehow he doesn’t seem very likeable to me..

But yes he and his cat are just the cutest pair around! And he seems to always nail Kuroh’s weaknesses and never gets himself killed. Kudos for that. Moving on, in the previews for next episode, apparently the Homra guys, I mean the idiotic ones like Yata and his friend are coming to find Yashiro and beat him up or whatever. GOSH YATA THAT HOT-HEADED PUNK.

Umm.. I’ll get a better picture…


WAITTTTTTTT!!!! NO WAY IN HELL DOES YATA GET BL PICTURES WITH MIKOTO-SAMA. MIKOTO IS MINE!!! Yeah. Anyway Yata is that bandana-skater dude carrying around a huge bat that gets on my nerve cuz I don’t like his attitude. How can he be in Homra with my dear Mikoto? T_T YES. I’m starting to adore Mikoto because he’s so HOT! Not to mention that his seiyuu’s voice is so sexy that i’m drowning in love.

*Full picture depicting BL alert*

^ this picture is a masterpiece. The bartender dude is hot, but he’s not my first choice. I kinda ship the guy from the blue side with him, but then again, no one is really fit to be with Mikoto. YES. HE SHALL BE GAZED UPON AND ADORED BY ALL BUT WILL NEVER BELONG TO ANYONE!! HAHAHAHA!!!! Nah just joking. He’s now one of my favourite characters and I really hope he appears more in the anime. I need to see more of him!!! And here’s a new picture that i’ve added into my banner collection. A very cool picture of him. ;)

Yep it’ll be around! :)

SO ANYWAY. I’ll be waiting for one heavenly episode of Project K to come out every week. This stuff is so weird and good.



10 thoughts on “PROJECT K IS SO GOOD!!!!!!11!!!!!1!

    1. Aleris Post author

      Sureeee :D Yes Project K is really awesome!!! I desperately need more. I’m listening to the ending song non-stop to keep myself occupied while waiting and because it’s so good. T_T

      1. Sonny

        Haha waiting is really bad, but at least it’s worth it! I have a question for you: have you already watched Arcana Famiglia? What was your opinion about it? And do you think they will make a season 2? Because the story has so much potencial and the manga is only in the beginning…

      2. Akari Post author

        Yep, definitely worth the wait! OH OH OH ARCANA FAMIGLIA!!! Shit I stopped all anime activity during the exam period so I haven’t finished it but I think i’ve watched most of it! Thanks for reminding me, i’ve been too caught up with the new anime this season.. :P AND YESSS ARCANA FAMIGLIA IS GREAT AND HAS LOTS OF POTENTIAL. :D I really love the interactions between the characters! I love Pace and I love Nova and I love Luca!

        Oh right and I heard that Felicita doesn’t end up with anyone in the end? SO THEY MUST MAKE A SEASON 2! Because incomplete romances must beget more episodes! I support Nova all the way, but it always seems that Liberta gets closer to Felicita… but anyway yeah! I really enjoyed the anime. :) It has a really coooooool premise and I love this type of ‘contract’ concept you know. Reminds me of the ‘innocence’ in D Gray Man. SO COOL BECAUSE I WANT TO HAVE POWERS THROUGH A CONTRACT TOO. T_T

  1. Sonny

    Then I will definitely watch it! I mean… I already watched one episode sinfully, because now I’m full of tests and work form school :'( so I don’t really have time to watch anime or read manga. Well too bad she didn’t end up with nobody, so I really hope they make a season 2! After one episode I was already supporting Liberta and Luca, but the other characters look cool too! Haha I know, I wish I had super powers like that or even those in D. Gray Man. And I think D. Gray Man will have more episodes! Yeey so happy, the anime is really great!

    1. Akari Post author

      YUP! :D Ohh I see, hey all the best for school-related stuff! I shall gloat since it’s my holidays now. :P But really, strive on! School sucks but it occupies most of my life for now, so we’ve gotta at least be happy, work hard and get something out of it. :)

      Ehh after the first episode (and now still) I support Nova! Hmph! xD We have different tastes I see. ;) And yessss I really wish I had supernatural powers. I loved Lenalee from D Gray Man –she was so cool and pretty and I WANTED HER POWERS TOO! :( Oh well, fellow human, we shall have to contend with our puny existence!

      1. Sonny

        Thank you! I will hang in there, but I’m really kind of slacking since it’s only the first tests from the first semester so…. Relaxed, haha. It looks like our tastes are REALLY different but no problem. Wow to be able to ”walk” in the sky and on the water and to do all those amazing mortal kicks, I wish that too! Talking about her, I don’t know if it’s only me, but don’t you think it would be so cute if she was paired with Allen or even with Lavi? Omg it would be great in my opinion! Romance it’s never too much, haha.

      2. Akari Post author

        Haha okay! YOU CAN SURVIVE YEAH! :) …Magic is so distant.. Fiction and supernatural powers make our lives seem even more mundane, and hell yes I would wish to have some sort of power too of course! The anime Kaze no Stigma made me hunger for elemental power because watching Kazuma use his cool-ass wind abilities was too awesome. ;) AND YES I SUPPORT LENALEE WITH ONE OF THEM TOO!! Haha Allen maybe (OR NO HE BELONGS WITH KANDA HAHAHA), but Lavi is also cute! Yes romance is always welcomed in great amounts for any story! Heeee.

        Good luck in school again!

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