So It’s The School Holidays

Yup, the holidays have finally started. It feels terribly good to wake up at 9 in the morning in your soft bed hugging fluffy pillows and feeling completely refreshed. But i’ll also have to prepare for next year and at least read up and increase my knowledge because I need to do well in year 4!!! SO WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING THUS FAR?


I met Kuroko.

Okay obviously not the Kuroko but during a competition on Sunday, I met someone whom I couldn’t take my eyes off because HE WAS JUST THE LIVING, 3D VERSION OF MY DEAR KUROKO!!!! Firstly, he wasn’t tall. That wasn’t an insult but Kuroko ain’t tall too, and he was playing doubles with this taller, buffer guy that could totally be Kagami. AND KUROKO WAS HANDSOME. And on a not-so-related note, his shirt was the exact colour of Kuroko’s hair, that nice ash-blue colour. That’s my favourite colour now.

This Kuroko guy was really cool. His strokes had so much resemblance to Kuroko’s (I’M NOT TELLING WHAT COMPETITION I WENT TO! I hope this isn’t too obvious); it was very accurate, gentle touches and perfect placing. And he was insanely swift just like Kuroko. Intelligent gameplay, and so cuuuuuuute with his partner omg I think he just got a new fan. AND HE’S FROM SPORTS SCHOOL, LOL TOO GOOD!! And yup, that marks the end of my fateful encounter with the awesome Kuroko dude. I kept watching him play and smirking at the resemblance and nearly wanting to tell my friends that that guy must be the incarnation of Kuroko when I realized that none of them watch anime T_T

Anyway, both of us got kicked out in the quarter-finals. Sounds not bad, but I only got there due to my lucky draws. I got thrashed by this pair that probably wasn’t even playing their best…

I REAAAAAALLY LOVE KUROKO. Small, fleeting crush on that dude too.

Anyway on a kind of unrelated note, I haven’t gotten my academic report yet but I know that my GPA dropped to 3.54.. :( ALL BECAUSE OF CHEMISTRY. Or nah I should just blame my indolent self. Which is why I really want to work hard from this holiday onwards, at least read up some books, textbooks too, and gain more knowledge of the world. Hone personal values, appreciate philosophy, so that i’ll never appear as a weak and stupid girl, and because I need to keep in contact with the real world. Knowledge is really everything; ignorance kills.

Hmm yeah. What else have I been doing during the holidays, READING MANGA OF COURSE! So first because I was too tired of mainstream ones, I read Tonari no Seki-kun, this really strange manga about a guy entertaining himself by playing games during lessons. I think that the girl whom observes and interacts with him is more interesting though, and her reactions are hilarious!

Lol.. so I was feeling so lame after reading this, and I wanted something deeper and darker to satisfy me, and I chanced upon this even more lame (the ending at least) story. Hoozuki no Shima. Fine, it was actually pretty scary (well it’s horror), about a group of children in an isolated school on an island, and how they’re running away from teachers who are trying to kill them for insurance money. Or so they think. While reading it, I was seriously freaked out.


And laugh when I thought that the most hatable teacher died. He obviously didn’t. Anyway, this manga isn’t as deep, twisted and gory as others, but it was enjoyable to read, although the ending was……… that the children realized that there was actually nothing wrong with the teachers and the school. They weren’t being killed or hunting down because of the money or anything. It’s like laughing back at the children’s wild imagination and trouble they had caused, while attempting to show maturity at the recollection I think, but it didn’t turn out well… like how they explained that a ghost they saw that constantly helped them to escape was just an embodiment of their inner, calm thoughts that they already had. IF ONLY THAT HAPPENED IN REAL LIFE, YO.

And so I gave up on all these wild genres.

And started reading what I always do, shoujo. Ahh, shoujo is truly where I belong. The best of the best and the sweetest thing in life.

So. Many. Good. Ones. Out. There. The one-shots are my staple diet now.


The school holidays have just started. And i’m satisfied for now. :)


10 thoughts on “So It’s The School Holidays

  1. sose

    hmmmm your holidays sound awesome :D
    but i gotta question.. will you ever see/meet 3D kuroko again?
    anyway enjoy your holidays :)

    1. Akari Post author

      Yo. HAHA UMMMMM i’ll probably meet him at national competitions next year but he won’t know me anyway! :( IT’S OKAY. At least I know that cool guys exist here hahaha. ;) And thanks!!! All the best for everything! :D

      1. sose

        … well can’t do anything about it :D
        hopefully you’ll meet someone else.. if you know what i mean. jk.
        yes. thanks~ :)

  2. no name

    You’re so lucky! How come your holidays have already started?? :( MY holidays only start in December…
    Shoujo 4ever an ever! :P

    1. Akari Post author

      HAHA TOO BAD FOR YA! :P Nahh jk, hang in there, it’s just a while longer to freedom for you too! xD And then you can read all the shoujo manga you want. YES SHOUJO ROCKS!!!

      1. Akari Post author

        Haha! YOU’LL FALL IN LOVE WITH SHOUJO, MARK MY WORDS. :) Maybe not shoujo manga, but one special shoujo. Loooooooool. ;)

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