Psycho Pass

I always thought that Psycho Pass sounded and looked cool, so I decided to give it a try, and I didn’t regret my decision. HELL YEAAAAAAH GUYS, WATCH IT TOO!!!! It’s really intriguing, a sci-fi anime about the distant future where the country is governed by the Sybil system that determines your mental state, judging how prone you are to committing crimes, and then carrying out relevant actions. Which is stupid. If you feel abnormally stressed, they’d kill you because of the system. I’ll explain more later, but you have got to know that KOGAMI IS HOT and the girl Akane is the type of heroine that I dislike.

Be warned. I’m just saying this first, but Psycho Pass doesn’t have a romance tag, so….. *cries of disappointment* hahaha.Anyway, I love this anime! I think that the premise is awesome and the characters are awesome, although I shall be nit-picky and state their flaws. Firstly, dear Akane is our cliche heroine who cries easily, who believes in protecting others, the type determined to work hard and do well although she’s virtually useless so far. I hope she toughens up. Next, my beloved Kogami was all cool and hot until episode 2 when he began pouring out some of his personal beliefs to Akane, getting all emotional and stuff. DUDE, she’s someone you’ve just met and you’re pouring out your most private and potentially vulnerable thoughts. I thought you were supposed to be reserved and cool… And even he seems cliche with some sad past where he wants to exact revenge on an unknown white haired dude. NOOOOOOOOOOO.

So besides those tiny disappointments in the characters (am I being too overbearing with my judgement. I am narrow-minded after all!) I think that their seiyuus are superb– listening to Kogami with earphones is just pure heaven. Can’t be compared with Mikoto from K though ;) And also, it’s more about the Sibyl system thingy that I have to rant about!

Judging people based on how likely they are to commit crimes by scanning their mental state and administering justice. Sounds cool, but it’s so flawed as seen by the raped woman who was given the green light to be killed even though it was because she was raped that she felt extremely stressed and so her crime coefficient went up so high. Haha that reminds me, the opening song of the anime probably reflects what the people living in that society feel.

My head is full of thoughts I can’t let others know about
I’ve strayed into a world void of even mistakes
… a world with too much beauty, for some reason I can’t see the light

What a… suffocating system. Everything about you is monitored since you were born and even your job is decided for you. And it’s all based on that stupid Sibyl that gives out the reports based on your mental state. Everyone is constantly being watched, and every action is being recorded so what choice is there but for all citizens to act as perfect, functional workers, simply existing to continue this society? And plus, isn’t it easy to manipulate your stress levels, so that even if you’re a criminal, you don’t get caught? Okay maybe they don’t measure it purely based on stress, but Sibyl somehow reads your thoughts and decides if it’s safe or not, since Kogami and the others are still treated as criminals with high crime coefficients. How prone you are to committing crimes, eh? Sounds really unfair. What about the girls with PMS…….okay jk.

But like the guy in the first episode, once he figured that the police were after him and he was screwed anyway, he raped that girl. It was the system that pushed him to that extent, it’s like, once you call a person a criminal and you give him no room to deny that, what other path is there but for him to truly become one? Reminds me of another quote said by the old guy in their team.

When you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

Drown in the depths of the dark, and you will sink forever. I hate how and why everything has to be so transparent. I hope our world won’t be like that in the future. It’s like the security camera logic, to me. (YES I CAME UP WITH THAT ON MY OWN) Every time I walk into a shop and see a security camera staring down at me, I unconsciously become self-conscious and hide my hands in my pockets suspiciously and avoid trying to look suspicious, but in the process I probably end up looking more unnatural. The Sibyl system monitors us because it wants us to be safe, and furthermore, there’s nothing to hide if you’re innocent right? But undoubtedly it causes more stress and suppresses the people. Those who blindly follow the flow of Sibyl– are you really contented? Being placed into a job that a mere machine thinks you have compatibility for? Lack of free will. Go bitch slap that system.

NO BITCH NO WAY. Actually I have no idea why I dislike you. You’re fine actually, but I hope you get stronger and more useful. All talk no action. And as for Kogami, I really envisaged him to be a deeper character, but turns out that he never really thought about the fairness of the Sibyl system and just followed it. Can’t blame him though, it’s his only option if he wants to continue living since he’s condemned as a latent criminal by that phony system too. Anyway, I recommend this anime! It’s really interesting to watch even though i’ve been sorta criticizing it….

Yep, there’s beautiful and elaborate visuals! Pretty to look at. Which reminds me. In the anime and in their society, people can easily change the look of their house and also change their outfits just by selecting what they wish for on some high-tech device. But when you think about it obviously the change isn’t real so it means that it’s all a hologram? So the clothes that they are wearing are also holograms and nothing is really real, only perceived? That’s a really sad fact, because even though you can have so much (a victorian-themed house, stylish clothing), you actually have nothing at all. All these items that were supposed to be appreciated for their luxuriousness can be so easily obtained, and seems so cold. Such a perfect society begets emptiness. There’s nothing you need to work for, no more amazement to be felt, since everything can be gained at whim. Idk, but I really hope that our world stays as it is…. although now it’s already hard for us to be awed at by anything, since we probably have ‘experienced’ or seen it online. Like bungee jumping, which doesn’t seem like a big deal nowadays, when it was once new, exciting and dangerous. The internet has taken away so much from us, but given us so much more. Okay that was a total digression but I just had to say it because I’m spending too much time on the Mac and the outside, real world doesn’t seem that appealing to me. No matter what though, experiencing stuff with your own five senses will always be as real as it can get.

MOVING BACK TO PSYCHO PASS. What else is good about it? Of course…

Mm. You can’t deny that this is one fine man, even if he isn’t drawn in the usual shoujo-styled manner. HE IS MANLY.  Anyway there’s no romance but if there was, I wouldn’t even ship him with Akane. There’s a cooler and prettier girl on the team that i’d rather he be with.


So yes yes yes, watch Psycho Pass!






Okay bye.

Watch it. The guns are cool :)


4 thoughts on “Psycho Pass

  1. innasuu

    Yep, this anime is legit. I haven’t seen a series with this type of setting (though I have read other stories with similar settings). I think one of the themes is the Sibyl system and how horrible it really is, despite the good intentions of its creators (because it obviously has to be created by someone, right?).

    1. Akari Post author

      Yeah.. The Sibyl system was probably created for a good purpose but as humans keep pushing for advanced technology and impeccable living conditions, they lose sight of what it means to live freely. Indeed you can have a safe and perfect society, but not without consequences! The system is so suffocating and citizens have to repress their emotions constantly (which leads to the bullying incident as a way of relieving stress :(). Makes us wonder if our world will become something similar in the future.

      But the anime is really interesting. And has awesome visuals. :D

  2. Rui

    I think Akane’s a great character and will improve soon.She’s still a rookie after all. But I dislike the way the artist draw female characters. This anime is awesome though.

    1. Akari Post author

      HAHA YES! Akane definitely needs to improve– I haven’t really been keeping up with the recent episodes so I don’t know if much has changed, but she needs to be an asset to the team and not a liability! Yeah.. I guess this artist’s style isn’t exactly the best. (HOORAY FOR SHOUJO-STYLED CHARACTERS! :D) But indeed this anime is good!


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