Okay that hot half-naked bishie was obviously needed to entice you here. Anyway I was reading shoujo (like I always do) and the more I read the more I got enchanted by the freaking beautiful shoujo-styled art. Shoujo art is blessings from the merciful heavens. Shoujo can be cliche at times, but the art never fails anyone. I mean, seeing common plots like transfer student/childhood friend/sensei-student/arrogant prince romances can seem rather drab, and the lame events like bullying or the entrance of the ex-girlfriend or simply refusal to admit to one’s love for the other is just…lame. Of course there are many more unique and awesome stories out there but since i’ve consumed billions of shoujo romances, trust me. Those recurring plots ain’t cool.


Sample from some manga. The plot wasn’t particularly good, the guy was too much of a sadist and a jerk, but THE ART. Sigh. I was so inspired by it that I tried to draw characters too! Wanna see? WANNA SEE??


Obviously not… it turned out to be a huge failure. I can’t draw, my artistic talents are lacking um I mean nonexistent. Hey wait, did you know that I was selected to be in the Special Arts Programme last year? ;) HAHAHA WHAT A JOKE but nah obviously I didn’t go for it because I suck so bad. Anyway this is a really terrible and short post. Just wanna salute all the mangakas and artists out there. How the hell do such people draw so well. Y U NO TELL ME YOUR SECRET!?!? I was really enthusiastic and tried my best to draw delicately and beautifully but no. Nothing decent was produced.

I shall end off with this really good, calming song that i’m addicted to right now.

Listen to it when you’re reading shoujo manga, it’ll make you super susceptible to getting emotional haha! LISTEN TO IT OKAY! :)


10 thoughts on “DAMN YOU BEAUTIFUL ART

  1. Maimi

    What manga is that? The one where you said the guy was too much of a sadist and jerk but the art was good. It looks very interesting!

      1. Maimi

        OMG NEVERMIND! so sorry, I did read the whole thing, it just felt a bit empty so forget my last comment I’m so sorry! (TT^TT)

      2. Akari Post author

        HAHA I REPLIED TO IT LIKE 5 SECONDS BEFORE YOU POSTED THIS! xD Yup and glad you read it! Guess you enjoyed the story. :D

  2. Rimashina

    I know, just being a curious little cat here, but the first picture of the cutie on top, what manga/ or anime is he from, and if possible, could you recommend any good shoujo anime with a little um… “yummy- manservice” in it?

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      That dude is Okita Sougo of Gintama! Hmm shoujo anime with bishies?? OHOHOH I KNOW ONE!! I’m not sure if it’s a shoujo but it sure has hot guys in it. Hakuoki.

      Look at this zerochan image, the guys are totally my type xD

      But a good shoujo anime would be Hakushaku to Yousei (:

      On the other hand, i’ve lots of shoujo manga recommendations that you can find around here! (and let’s not even begin on the awesome webtoons….) Hehe. Hope you enjoy them!


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