AFA Singapore 2012

*warning, picture spammage shall occur later!

So…… it was crowded. I went to AFA on Saturday all excited and enthusiastic despite a headache and hell it was a great experience, though i’m still wrought with many regrets. I blame my thrifty mind for this, preventing me from buying excessively expensive (BUT DAMN NICE) items. Like some pretty anime glass thingy that was $18 for some reason. Everything was overpriced, but everything was so tempting. And so I’ll spend the rest of the year feeling sad but at least my wallet was quite saved. :(

AND I FELL IN LOVE (AGAIN). There was this gorgeous lady cosplaying as Ichigo AND SHE WAS SO PRETTY!!!!! She was wearing a hollow mask that covered half of her face, but no that did not stop her pheromones from leaking out full-blast. Anyway, being the stupid and shy shit that I am, I never did ask anyone for a photo, (and thus ended the love story of Ichigo and me. I mean, so many people were taking her photo and I didn’t have the guts to go up to her…) and so I just took photos of cosplayers while they weren’t looking. The times when they occasionally looked back was awkward. Especially when I took a photo of this girl and she looked back and stared and then walked towards us and then said hi to my friend while I was like ‘oh shit she’ll think i’m a weirdo/stalker’ so I hid away. xD THAT WAS AWKZZZ. And it happened that she was a schoolmate that I had never known. Shit.

In all, I left AFA with high spirits and it was good. THOUGH I’M PISSED THAT THERE WASN’T MY SIZE FOR SOME HIBARI KYOYA CHICK SHIRTS THAT I WANTED. WHY ONLY XL LEFT. WHY. Okay I shall halt with useless words and show you how awesome AFA was with pictures. Let the spammage begin.

aaaaand that picture again (WTH THE ARTIST IS FREAKING TALENTED)! My new background. :D That marks the end of that insanely long photo spammage haha. AFA was really fun and there were so many female Kurokos! So yupppp the end. Next year, i’ll have no mercy on my wallet. NO MERCY I SAY.

So fun.


5 thoughts on “AFA Singapore 2012

    1. Akari Post author

      HAHAHA of course not! xD identity…

      B-but my hand does appear there! The one with the AFA stamp mark. :P

  1. boringotaku

    Ohh you’re so lucky. Where I live noebody knows anime and whan I say noebody I mean it. We don’t have a single shop that sells something from an anime or at least something related to it in my country. ;_; . And this really sucks. I even tried to make my friends watch some anime but they didn’t like them, or it was maybe just theyr self-importance becouse they are too good to watch ‘cartoons’
    I never was to an event like that and I wish to go in the future maybe, who knows. But you mustn’t be sad becouse you spend to much money on anime becouse I’m sure it was worth it. :D
    I’m jelous ;)

    1. Akari Post author

      Aww man! :( I really hope that anime gains prominence world-wide but I guess its spread of influence won’t be able to reach everyone.. I totally understand how you feel about that one. I’ve tried to get my friends to watch anime too, and i’ve learnt never to do it again. They just look so bored and I know they’re thinking it’s lame. But I’m sure at least one other person in your country loves anime too! :) Otakus are hard to find, but if you do get an otaku friend, i’m sure you’ll have tons of fun discussing about anime together!

      I hope you could go to such an event too! AND YES, EVERYTHING WAS WORTH IT! xD Hey maybe you could start anime interest group or become the first mangaka ever in your country! ;) Haha nah.. I know it sucks when you don’t have anyone to pour out all your anime woes or fangirl rants to, but you can do it online too! HAHA. Anime really brightens up my day. All the best, and at least you know that you have a cooler tastes than most people do (subjectively)! :P


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