Short Break


(No seriously there’s a poodle in my house now. Its extremely loud barks have destroyed my ear drums.) I’m going to Thailand today, so yeah.. HIATUS! I’ll probably be back the next week, but there’s so many things after that to keep me completely occupied. So before I go, I’d like to recommend just one shoujo manga, Mademoiselle Butterfly. It’s really nice and the extra story is even better. AND THIS SONG, CALC. LISTEN TO IT.

You won’t regret it. If you do then i’ll create a time-traveling machine and transport you back so that your time isn’t wasted. Also, i’ve got a prose to share!

Inferior being,
Pitiful young child;
Snivel if you will,
Then wipe away that unsightly snot.
Or perhaps opt to bawl,
Whine incessantly as a wretch would,
And bleed your lungs out.
Then you may laugh
When you realize that nothing changes
And instead, those faces,
Those stares so scornful
Shall pierce your entire being.
All you get is pure disdain.

It matters not
However much hard work was input.
You could have crawled out of hell,
Gasping, barely surviving the mission
–But you did complete it.
Even so, those stares, the ones ever telling you
Of your triviality, your worthlessness,
Can break even the most tenacious of individuals.

You might try to convince yourself
That other’s opinions mayhap not matter
And a pat on the back by yourself
Is better than none.
Yet who are you kidding with that pseudo-optimism?
We crave for recognition, appreciation and love
We beg hard for it.
But for now, the only response
Is that disappointed sigh,
A forceful smile, and encouragement to do better the next time.
What next time?
Your indifferent stare says it all.

I already know that i’m mediocre.


Don’t we all feel down sometimes, and so alone? Haha I think that I can be really emotional at times.

Okay! And so I think i’ll have a lot of time to reflect and think about things during the Thailand trip. I heard that there’s lots of fat red squishy and humongous caterpillars there.. Bye!


11 thoughts on “Short Break

  1. boringotaku

    Thailand!? Wow that’s so far.. Well at least to me. I’m really happy for you :) The most far that I ever got was Portugal and at that time it felt like I flew half of the world XD..*cought* I was kinda a weird child.*cought*
    I started reading that manga that you racommended (I read all the manga that you recomend XD) and is really good. I have no idea where you find them =.=. So I hope in the future you’ll do mor anime/manga recomandation :D .

    1. Akari Post author

      Thailand is really near for me, just a two-hour flight away! BUT WOW PORTUGAL? That sounds really amazing– i’ve never been to Europe or America.. I really want to travel further one day but I mainly only travel around Asia!

      And thanks for reading the stuff I recommend :D Haha yes when I chance upon any good anime/manga i’ll be sure to recommend it. THANKS, YOU AWESOME.

      1. boringotaku

        i never was in Asia too but i heard great things from my friend who was there. i really wish to go there too someday. But two-hours! it’s really funny how we see the world XD but i didn’t find portugal nothing special really.. it’s a lot like Italy.. And if you’ll ever wantet to travell to europe I really recomend Italy. it’s a great place and the people there are really nice. :D

        Of course i’m awesome haha.. No i’m just joking a little. I really hope you will :)

      2. Akari Post author

        COME OVER TO ASIA SOMETIME! YOU’RE DEFINITELY WELCOME HERE! And yeah.. it’s really near for me so I want to travel somewhere further and more exotic –and most importantly I’d love to go to a country with the 4 seasons. Because it’s really hot in Singapore everyday. Going in autumn or early winter would be terrific :) Europe seems like a really distant fairytale-like land! I sure do hope to go Italy one day and I would love to go Switzerland too! Hmm if I were to recommend you a place to travel to in Asia, why of course it would be JAPAN xD

        YES I shall recommend you some manga I like right now! Have you tried Devil and Her Love Song? It’s brilliant! Here it is:
        And umm Chocolate Cosmos and Hana no Kishi and Venus Kisoukyoku ARE SUPERB.

    1. Akari Post author

      Thanks a lot :D The trip was fun (though it was more tiring… since it was a training trip) and at least I bought HEELS! Okay i’m not usually such a… shoe maniac, but the ones I got were really pretty :)

      And all the best for everything for you too! Be happy!

      1. Sonny

        You’re welcome! Wow, heels?! Hope you don’t twist an ankle, hahaha just kidding. Thank you, you too!

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