Rivalry Against K-pop, Because Anime.

LIFE IS GOOD! I just came back from Malaysia today and shopping there was so fun. And there were two anime shops there…….. that played K-pop songs– i’m not anti-K-pop or anything but there’s always this sort of obligatory animosity towards K-pop when you’re an anime fan. Doesn’t anyone else feel it?! Before I start ranting, let me try to illustrate my dilemma.




Look at them both. Look at the first, beautiful, irresistible being and kowtow. T Then stare at the second bishie with his smoldering, arrogant gaze and his lithe figure.

Okay lets move back to the context haha. I was hearing this song, I wish, by FT Island, and I fell in love with it and went to watch the MV. THE MV WAS SO GOOD I replayed it ten times in a row. No joke. But you see! It’s no secret that K-pop is now leading in the music industry and J-pop isn’t doing as well. This actually makes me seem like a petty person but I consider myself as standing on the Japanese side so I feel a little guilty for liking K-pop. But that’s not all! Here, there’s this outlet that sells K-pop and anime merchandise. A few years back, anime items probably made about 70% of the stock, but now it’s reduced to around 30%, at just an area at the back :(

More is to come (I need to justify my pettiness). You know, friends and family have asked me how I can like cartoon characters. Every time someone calls anime a cartoon, my heart just breaks a little. Or my eyes just cry a little. Or my soul just disintegrates a little.

Anime characters are just (awesome) portrayals of people (except they obviously look cooler and have way more desirable qualities than the average person) so why not. And generally there’s nothing wrong with loving Korean idols while liking anime characters would be weird. I wonder if other people think this way too. Well anyway too bad Korean idols might exist in real life and anime bishies might not, but either way we both won’t get our hands on them. But actually K-pop isn’t popular for no reason and truthfully I find their idols and music more appealing that J-pop. J-pop idols (look at AKB48’s albums..) kinda look like they’re cosplaying…. So begone, prejudice, and may the two coexist in harmony! But I still demand more anime stock.

But. Moving on to anime items, I don’t actually buy them. I was admiring and gawking at the gorgeous anime girls on some keychain but I’ve never did strongly feel the intent to purchase it. I think I understand now, it’s not the money that I can’t bear to part with. It’s just there’s no practical use for the item and I don’t really have the interest in collecting them. Plus it’s not the item that I liked, but the anime character on it so I decided that i’d be better off ogling at the infinite stash of pictures of beauties and bishies on the internet :D

Yay. This trip was really good. And i’m going to Indonesia later this week for yet another shopping trip \o/ I’m enjoying my holidays while I can.. everywhere I go, I see Christmas decorations. Which is more ominous than joyful since school reopens the week after Christmas. And not to mention that a pile of work had been dumped onto me and I have to prepare for the orientation concert of next year’s new batch of students for some reason. But a positive mindset is everything right? SO ONWARDS TO 2013!!


12 thoughts on “Rivalry Against K-pop, Because Anime.

  1. no name

    I’m happy that you are enjoying yourself, but please don’t abandon this blog. I mean, you’re posting less and less things, and that kind of makes me sad :(
    Please continue making anime and manga recommendations, and all of what you have made up until now :)

    1. Akari Post author

      Aww man, thanks! :D Haha i’m not gonna stop blogging! I think i’ll just adopt a steady pace as of now. I can’t ever stop reading manga or loving anime and talking about it, plus I also need to rant and vent my frustrations here! :P And it’s truly great to have readers like you around!

      1. no name

        Thank you, I feel much better after reading your comment. I think it’s better to make posts slowly but for a long time than make lots and lots of posts in a row and then never post anything ever again.

        It’s also great to have bloggers like you around, the ones that don’t forget their readers :D

  2. LadyAyame

    Hey, if you haven’t already, you should check out the Korean group called SHINee. They are my favorite! :D I really like that ‘I Wish’ song!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Akari Post author

      Hi there! Haha SHINee was one of the first groups that I came to know about because ‘Lucifer’ was being played everywhere. AND MINHO IS COOL :) Thanks for listening to that song– i’m addicted now gosh the guys and the girl in the MV are so beautiful!

  3. justplanetosh

    I have so many things to say after reading this that I feel like I should categorize them in list form:
    1.) I feel it. I like K-Pop ok, I don’t hate it, but I do feel a sense of rivalry…didn’t really notice until you pointed it out but it’s definitely there. xD
    2.) I think it’s AWESOME how it snows on the page 8D
    3.) “Anime characters are just (awesome) portrayals of people (except they obviously look cooler and have way more desirable qualities) so why not” Haha! It’s a perfect description! I agree 100%.
    4.) Your banners at the top of the pages are the coolest.
    5.) SNOWFLAKES!!! 0_0 So coooool

    1. Akari Post author

      Haha hey there :D Yeah.. because it always seems like the Korean and Japanese entertainment industries are rivals so we otakus can’t help but feel a little hostile towards K-pop right? ..But K-pop is actually good. Some guys are seriously drool-worthy xD

      Yay i’m glad you think so too– of course anime characters get to be loved! THEY’RE MADE OF LOVE ;) And the banners! My awesome friend helped with designing them!

      Lastly…. THE SNOWFLAKES!!! You can make it happen on your blog too you know? Go to general settings on your dashboard and scroll all the way down! Then click the box and MAKE IT SNOW \o/ Thanks a lot haha and merry christmas in advance!

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      I KNOW RIGHT. The song is so addictive and the singer’s voice is so sexy AND THE GUYS. Such handsome creatures.. perfectly sculpted with the touch of angels. That glasses dude especially captivated me– you know, t’was love at first sight.

  4. kagami

    hey there..nice blog u have ;)..i’ve been addicted with anime since like 8 y/o..and yeah totally INTO IT..few of my friends like anime..there’s 1 or two..so its sooo hard to find someone to talk++ about anime..i’m just glad my lil sis also hardcore of anime..then when i was about 16 y/o..there’s one friend of mine introduced me to the world of KPOP…and mainly all BOY-BANDS..its like a culture-shock for me..hahaa..its like turning 360 degree..24/7 always about kpop n their variety shows..sooo..i had slowed down my paced being an otaku..*basically its like throwing it out of my life:p*..but..being addictive in kpop doesn’t last long..it takes me 2 years holding onto it..then i switch back being otaku..but still i admire kpop song and their ent. industry… anime was a whole different story..both of’em have different kind of vibe…nevertheless..anime+manga rules!*for now,,who knows?!.i may found something elses interesting..in the future:P*

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Hello! I feel you. I’ve loved anime since I was young too but there weren’t many people who had this interest. But there was always this tiny group of otakus whom I loved mingling with. And then in secondary school, there was this huge K-pop craze that swept me up and I started fangirling Lee Min Ho (HE IS HANDSOME!!) and groups like C.N Blue, Big Bang and Infinite etc.

      I agree that these industries have different vibes and in the end I still linger more closely to the anime/Japanese side, but I watch K-dramas occasionally, and some Taiwanese ones too! Haha hope we find more cool stuff next time! But whatever it is, i’m just glad that I had this experience (that brought me into blogging eventually). :)



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