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A friend of mine recently asked me why I liked shoujo romances so much. My first thought was actually that maybe I, as teenage girls do, craved for some affection from the opposite sex, and satiated myself through manga. But I realized that I didn’t really feel such a longing for romance, and instead it was the vivid art and story of shoujo manga itself that hooked me so much. Shoujo art can be so poignant, and the characters are extremely expressive, which can lead me to get really emotional. Because of such display of emotions, it’s easy to get engrossed in the story and enjoy it. Plus most shoujo manga are usually short with happy endings, so they give instant gratification! All hail shoujo.

I’m gonna recommend some shoujos that I think are really nice!

1. Hatsukoi Hakusho

A nice collection of one-shots!

Sigh.. there’s always this heart-wrenching moment in shoujo when the heroine forces herself to do something painful for the guy she loves. It never fails to create a successful tragic moment but sometimes (especially when the girl is being blackmailed) I wish she’d just speak up and then everything would be resolved. Shoujo manga usually concentrates more on the female, whom I find endearing most of the time except that they usually fall in love really randomly and based on appearances mostly.

As for the guys? The common popular, handsome prince is usually a sadist and treats the heroine badly until the end where one sweeping, sweet move touches the girl and everything ends happily. Wait but i’m just talking about some bad recurring occurrences! Hatsukoi Hakusho is GOOD :)

2. Blanc Marie

THIS. Okay it’s not shoujo but it’s by the queen of all josei manga, Yoshihara Yuki! I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HER WORKS! They’re all romantic comedies and very interesting. Not to mention that her heroines aren’t weak; they’re cool, and her guys are simply too hot. With great personalities.

Hell yeah I love it when seeing the guy struggle during the story. Okay fine he wasn’t the love interest in the story, Yoru Cafe (by Yoshihara Yuki too), but desperate guys are drive the story– basically their passionate feelings are reaffirmed and it’s sweet in its own way. Great that the girl is not always the only flustered one. I’ve always wondered if people in love can really go to such extreme lengths such as pushing away their loved ones from a car or something. Personally, it’s not that I would be unwilling to do so, but I think my innate, selfish nature wouldn’t make that a reflex. Putting myself at a risk? Nah. I don’t know, but I guess if I did love someone that deeply, it could be a possibility. But how can I ever love someone deeply? IMO, shared experiences and connections wouldn’t just create undying love– you could create similar experiences with someone else over time too. It’s probably extreme circumstances and hardships fought together, crystalizing trust into the relationship.

Since i’m a noob on romance, I shall refrain from blabbering more, but really– what is love? Having a great guy friend that you can converse with easily and whom you know you can trust? The best out of the bunch you know? I wonder at the idealized and exaggerated concept of how love conquers all; a love like Gatsby’s seems implausible.

3. Nijiiro Days

Hoho this one is refreshing! It’s about four guys and their love lives, told from a guy’s perspective– the main character is extremely cute and there’s such honesty and friendship evident in their interactions that it’s hard not to like any of them xD

4. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru

Long title aside, this one is promising! It’s hilarious, entertaining and full of good stuff. It translates to My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected….. and it’s about a cynical boy with cynical view of highschoolers, believing them to act in a fake manner even though they seem to have created beautiful, perfect friendships and memories. Together with a similarly individualistic girl, they make the ‘service club’ where they voluntarily (though forced to join the club) help other students with their problems. The dialogue and scenarios are just too great xD You have to read this! It’s good! Except for the fact that only two chapters are out -_- I’m impatiently waiting for updates now. MORE NEEDS TO COME.

Too interesting.

typical way shoujo romance plays out


9 thoughts on “More Shoujo Goodness

  1. Sonny

    You should do more shoujo recommendations, I really liked Nijiiro Days! About Hatsukoi Hakusho I have already read it before and you’re right it’s pretty good, the art is also so beautiful! Wow the art fan from Killua is so good, God! Sad that in the actual anime/manga there´s no romance…

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Thanks i’ll definitely do more recommendations! Yesss shoujo art is undoubtedly the best. AND YEAH– i’m always sad to see no romance tag on a series, but that’s when fanart and the power of fangirls/fanboys will come into play right? xD

  2. Zach D. Himiona

    hi i won’t babble on but i agree with you how can a friendship become a love that makes you have a reflex to make decisions where you chose to put your love ahead of your own life i’ve only done that once but i have a reflex where i try to protect everyone (sorry babbling on) i asked a friend what he thought about love but him being a teenager just started talking about intercourse so i gave up for three years till i hopped onto this site my curiosity is peaked i would love to talk to the one who made this website


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