Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

I’ve finished watching all 26 episodes of Umineko No Naku Koro Ni, and i’ve gotta confess that I barely understood anything and the ending wasn’t even resolved properly. But the whole anime was so intriguing that I had to keep watching it. Not to mention that it was GORY. I was so afraid that I stopped listening with earpieces and turned off the volume because…. it was scary! I kid you not. Try it and you’ll know what I mean!!

… okay this is one last awesome picture of characters who barely appear (but they look good together xD) before I show you the twisted faces of some nine year old kid, Maria.

This anime takes place on the island of Rokkenjima where the entire wealthy Ushiromiya family is present at, to discuss the splitting of inheritance of the rich family head, Kinzo. So apparently Kinzo got his wealth and gold from Beatrice, a witch, who needs to undergo a ceremony to be revived. Kinzo loves Beatrice and hence he instigates it, and the ceremony involves the murder of their family one by one. So yeah they all die. Thing is, our main character Battler refuses to believe in magic, and hence tries to logically explain each murder. You see, there’s really nothing wrong with that.

It’s just that Golden Witch Beatrice (cool name there) herself appears in the form of a golden butterfly, transports him to a room, brings him back to an alternate past and kills his family again in what is clearly shown as using magic, and shows him her past. OKAY WHAT. This is the part that I really don’t get. I mean, Battler continues to use logic to explain how each of the deaths could be explained (by a third party, accidental, trick circumstances etc.) BUT HOW THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE CAN WITNESS HIS FAMILY’S DEATH AGAIN WHEN HE HAD DIED ALREADY!?!?

The whole concept of magic is reiterated throughout the story, but Battler refuses to believe. There is one reason which makes Beatrice keen on defeating Battler and making him admit that magic is real– she is bored. Haha i’m serious. But one more important and interesting fact is that magic cannot exist without one believing in it. A integral question here then, is whether magic appears even to non-believers. If it only appears to believers of magic, then it must still not exist in front of non-believers. But Battler did witness quite a number of nonsensical scenes.

Like the appearance of ‘furniture’, minions of the witch, which look like goat-men, and can kill people. Could they be but mere illusions? But then also there was this interesting dialogue explaining how our ancestors in the past thought that the rain ceremony was magic, when in fact fire actually creates an updraft which causes rain clouds to gather– an accepted scientific phenomenon. Yet the rain ceremony was like magic to the ancient people. In other words, if you don’t know what principle it’s based on, it’s simply magic to you.

What is magic? Supernatural forces? Things that you don’t understand? Another analogy given was that of cathode-ray tubes in that of a television. I can’t even begin to comprehend how a television works, but due to information that I can easily find on the internet, I know that it’s not magic that makes it work. But until I know this, both the magical explanation of little faeries working to operate the TV, and the scientific explanation, could both exist.

So I think Battler has a sort of legit reason to not believe in magic. But what’s he in, a huge illusion?? Time traveling? I don’t know.. Going back to the point of magic not existing without one believing in it, that doesn’t wholly explain why Beatrice needs to make Battler believe in her as a witch. Because whether he has believed or not, she is still able to work her magic against him! I really am confused, it’s like she needs her existence to be reaffirmed. And let me digress a little on this point. I used to think it was important to make a name and be remembered in life. That was a purpose of living. But then again, do we even remember the greatest of people in the world? Who can name me all Nobel Literature prize winners? Or the great visionaries, businessmen, inventors and leaders who have created the modern world? Most names are lost, and it’s just certain actions or plans implemented that have changed part of peoples lives that matters, even if it’s just a bit. Humans are the same as any other animal; we live with a main purpose, to procreate, to ensure the continuity of our species. But if we could enjoy ourselves and be happy with others along the way, I think that’s enough.

That’s the end of talking about what I barely understand haha xD When someone watches the anime and understands it, please enlighten me! I’ve heard that the manga is more informative so maybe i’ll read it..? OH. TIME TO SHOWCASE THE MANY FACES OF MARIA! She adamantly believes in magic and even becomes a witch and kills her mother later lol. She has lots of creepy faces for a nine year old. She freaked me out the most.

So yup that’s Maria. Besides her, the rest of the characters were okay to watch. I loved Kanon, a guy whom I honestly thought was a girl at first. And George and Shannon– I remember getting goosebumps during one of the first few episodes after George handed Shannon a ring and asked her to make a decision– the next day, she was dead and mutilated but the diamond ring shone brightly on her fourth finger. That was sad. But anyway as the story progresses we find out that she’s a ‘furniture’ too… sigh. Oh here’s some lovely dovey cute scenes between Kanon and Jessica! IT LOOKS SO CLICHE HAHA.

They died right after. Gah and I had a huge disappointment because I seriously thought that Beatrice loved Battler—- but no! T’WAS ALL A LIE. :(

So yep. That concludes around thirteen hours of my life spent on this anime. All I can say is that nothing is magic, as everything should be explainable. Even magic card tricks, even the wonders of David Copperfield, even flying cars of the future– it all must be explicable. Have you heard of wireless charging being put into place by Samsung? When I first heard it I was like WTH great so now electricity can travel using air as a medium and conveniently go into your mobile phone. Jk but it’s definitely not magic but just advanced technology that I don’t know about.

The end it’s the end, and here’s a lovely song (from the anime?) to listen to! It’s really good, so LISTEN TO IT BITCHES. Sweet, sweet song. And here’s a last picture to spook you.

…..Delicious? Hurhur.

Riposa in pace.


3 thoughts on “Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

  1. 117

    I just finished watching the anime and found out that you made a blog about this. yes me too barely understood anything but thanks to the help of internet I understood it a little bit. Like what was the thing Battler forgot to be his sin and who Beatrice in reality….. BTW the Golden witch Beatrice really is in love with Battler But it is really complicated. to explain it all you need to find out who is Yasu

    Like Shannon, Kanon and Beatrice is actually one person just splintered personality and things like that makes this anime deserves an OVA or season to explain all of them because i do not know where to buy the games of which this anime came from

      1. 117

        I hope that helps you understanding the enigma of Umineko No Naku Koro Ni. It did in my case but it just left me with more questions and the feeling of wanting more like another season or a game that one can buy really easily. some story needs to be told in anime style only and this is it.

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