The Username Dilemma

Omgzzz. Online usernames are really hard to decide on right?! Every time I play a game I’d always take really long to decide on my character’s name. After all, names aren’t trivial, and I need an elegant and cool one suited for my character!! Haha I was reading this interesting post titled Chuunibyou and Embarrassing Online Names and recalled awkward usernames that floated around the virtual community.

Amidst people with names like dragonslayer921 and shadow_assasin, my own character in Maplestory was named xXstarclawXx or something. (The xXs and Zs were very popular then) IT’S SORTA COOL RIGHT. And as for email addresses, I recently realized that to my horror, a prominent figure of my school, uses a really.. umm.. non-formal one till this day—— ice_princess_*her name*. When I saw it I was like k. Hipster.

Usernames are really important for those who care. In real life, you don’t get to choose your name. And your name usually doesn’t have a meaning to it anyway. (Does Amanda or Brandon mean anything? Those names are just means of differentiating and addressing someone. Though certain names do hold special meanings of course.) But with online names it’s a different matter altogether. You get to choose your name, imbue it with all the power and qualities that you desire, and create a persona represented by that individualized name. When you put in all that thought into a name, you are mixing in your true desires (or delusions), birthing a character or alias into the virtual world where you can freely roam with the protection of anonymity. The character whose name you have bestowed upon is then a mould of yourself, or how you would like to be seen. That’s probably why people like to include hunterangeldark and the like in their online names especially in action games; they want to evoke that rich sense of power, stealth and fantasy.

Right. Back to the point of this whole post— MY NAME IS ALERIS CELT AGAIN! Idk if anyone has realized but my name was changed to Akari which sounded better for a while, but now I find myself using Aleris every time I play a new game. So Aleris it is. It’s supposed to give off a strong and dream-like vibe, YOU KNOW YOU FEEL IT.

Okay mission accomplished! I’m a jk i’m feeling really bad because I’ve barely started studying. Honestly I resent and fear math. But as Aleris I can conquer anything. So I shall set off on a quest to vanquish that terror, and be the master of math. ..Hopefully.


8 thoughts on “The Username Dilemma

  1. schneider

    Most given names do have meanings, as well. For instance, my name means “fiery”, and I find it fitting for myself. It’s really cool to learn the meaning of the name of your favorite characters, which may be ironic at times.

    I do spend a lot of time coming up with a name in a game, and I detest having to add numbers or special characters just to make it unique. I try to make my character’s name fit the world to the best of my ability.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Yup i’m sure many names do have meanings :) In fact mine means ‘young lady’ or something. YOU, FIERY?! That sounds way cooler, lucky you! But yeah it’s indeed interesting to learn what a character’s name means especially in anime since Japanese names mostly hold special meanings. E.g. In Kaze no Stigma, I really liked Kazuma’s name which meant ‘true harmony’. Totally suited his role– an unsociable character thrown out of his own family, yet he eventually worked together with and united them.

      HAHA YES YES. I take really long to come up with one too, because I can’t stand having thoughtless (and ugly) names like asdasd123.

  2. no name

    Humm… Intresting view. I never thought a name could have that much of an impact. I always use the nickname my family calls me or “no name”. I think it’s kind of cool :P

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      HAHA NO NAME!! I used to think that the chinese version of that, 无名 (wuming) sounded pretty cool. Reminded me of a nameless warrior, hiding in the shadows, withdrawing any identity, just blazing a trail, leaving a legacy. OKAY DELUSIONAL but it’s always fun to think of more usernames and ponder about a name that has elements or meanings of your interests and yet sounds cool too.

      …Like Aleris Celt ;)

  3. DinDeen

    For some time I was “kyubichan” because of Japanese ghost stories, until goddamn Naruto came along and everyone was like “omg ur kyubi cuz Naruto ryt?” … and it was just really irritating. I still use it in some places, and people just call me Kyu anyway. Nowadays, I use my real nickname which was something that my parents came up with. I originally disliked it because it’s so childish, but I realized that it was fairly unique, especially in our country, so now I’m using it (“Dindeen”).

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Hello there! That was so cute :D Hey but I do love the Kyuubi from Naruto :) Kyubichan and Kyu are really nice names. It’s great that it’s special to you and actually Dindeen reminded me of TinTin at first :P


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