Frustrating Brother(s)







Okay. Can you guess what that was? That was my brother playing DoTA. -___-” My computer would be screaming “HOLY SHIT” continuously as he slaughtered all the other heroes while I was the one getting pwned by them. Sad life for me. Can I cry now. :(

(Damn him, yes.) I hate being inferior. I’m inferior in just about every aspect to both my brothers. Be it academics, the piano, general knowledge, or anything, they’re better. BANG. That’s the sound of my heart being shattered into 3463754 pieces. I love them sometimes and hate them at others. OKAY NO I HATE THEM NOW. Criticizing my results and my weight now omgomgomgOMGOMG THAT BARNACLE. How dare he. Just because he’s light (56kg. HOW CAN A GUY BE SO LIGHT?!) and i’m nearly 50kg (it’s muscles I swear xD). That guy is an elitist through and through and he just said my results “were in dire straits” T_T I’m so gonna get 3.7 for my GPA next year.

But brothers can be nice too. When they help with my homework hohoho.

Baka onii-chan! (eww no.)

Which reminds me of something I must announce for my next post. ;)


10 thoughts on “Frustrating Brother(s)

  1. Rei

    It’s nice how you play DotA with your brother. My bro’ has been pestering me since forever to play that with him but I was never interested. Now I feel like a bad sister, haha. It was more of “Keep that down! I’m trying to watch some anime here?!” the last time when I shared a room with him and he was playing that all long day.

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Haha damn. Actually DoTA is pretty fun, but when some super strong idiot keeps owning everyone (even when he gets ambushed by 4 freaking enemy heroes, he kills them all), obviously i’ll feel like -________- k. Nah you’re a cool sister. I’ll refuse him like that next time too xD

  2. sose

    aaaah ikr. my brother is the same. but when i’m playing games with him and he wins against me he’s always telling me how awesome he is and how i’m a drag… T.T
    BUT i became better in gaming and now i also win sometimes and then i’m like: in your face! *evil laugh* •_• (i know i’m not that nice sometimes… well )
    in case of school and stuff he’s just to intelligent i can’t beat him… and that’s not even funny :D

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      :( It’s terrible I know!! I can never beat him in DoTA but guess what, I CAN BEAT HIM IN MARIO KART. (I don’t care, that’s a huge achievement!) Yes. I feel so awesome when I finally emerge triumphant.

      Gosh, same here. It sucks that he can be so consistently diligent while still complaining about being lazy. And he gets terribly good grades. And can sightread and play the piano damn well. INFERIORITY COMPLEX, BEGONE! Let’s just try to work harder!

      1. sose

        oh god no in car games i’m even worse -.-
        but yeah my brother is elder and finished school with awesome grades and i’m like.. how about no? :D
        and he never studied! NEVER!!!!
        okay i’ll try to…. work harder.. (probably not :D )

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