aaaaaaaand ladies and gentlemen, this is the 100th post! *ADDS SPARKLES, FIREWORKS AND SCREAMS OF JOY!!* It’s strange to think that I really did create a blog, but i’m definitely glad I did. :D I’d just like to thank everyone here– especially the kind commenters who have always been around– without you guys I WOULD CRY!! You must know how delighted I am whenever I see such nice comments.

It’s… dazzling. And of course, MERRY CHRISTMAS (IN ADVANCE) GUYZ!!! ;) I’m gonna be getting all my presents today and eating all the good food haha. AND ALSO CHANGING MY iPHONE…… for the Galaxy S3! Haha. I think that’s a better choice, and all my games will be gone so I shall never be distracted again! But the best present is yet to be announced. I said that i’ll say it in this post right? Well without further ado…….

pregnant... girls?!

Gasp. What could this mean, you say? Well it ain’t about me, but well MY MUM’S PREGNANT.



Let that word resound for eternity. Yeah. IS THAT NOT COOL!?!? I’ll be having a younger sibling for once!!! AND IT WILL BE 16 YEARS YOUNGER, LOL. Not that I mind though. Ahh, this will be fun! I shall not think too much of it now though, my mum’s belly isn’t even showing yet. But anticipation builds. I WILL THINK OF A GOOD NAME.

Be merry and happy and very very gaily (ok that doesn’t rhyme :()! And I wish everyone a great 2013 ahead! All I can say is to make the best out of it and not have too many regrets! Be happy! Optimistic! And live a wondrous year. :)

AND OF COURSE. Are you excited about the winter 2012-2013 anime?!!!! BECAUSE I AM!

Click to enlarge the image, or you can read this too! One anime that caught my attention was Savanna Game.

Heh. It’s obviously because of the cool looking guy and girl. DOESN’T THAT SINGLE PICTURE SHOW SO MUCH POTENTIAL?! Seems like another of those fun type of killing/survival games and do I spy the word ‘dragon’ there? K. I’m definitely watching. Fantasy and historical elements (AND ROMANCE TOO DUH LOOK AT THE GIRL), alongside with action sounds pretty appealing. I’ll be waiting.

That’s all folks! Merry Christmas! May cute green elves and pretty pink fairies give you strength and luck (and intelligence and dexterity lol) in everything you do! \o/


4 thoughts on “THE AWESOME 100th POST!!!

  1. Rei

    I want a younger sibling too… (´-`) But my mom can no longer have another one. Minami-Ke and Chihayafuru (yay! Yay!) in January! So much joy!

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Woohoo I can’t wait for it! (gosh I’m gonna make it grow long hair so I can comb and braid it everyday. EVEN IF IT’S A BOY) There’ll be so many things to do and I will absolutely love it! ..It’s okay you know, you’ll always have a younger sibling here. IN ME!!!!! xD

      Onee-chan, daisuki! ;)

      HAHA YOU. Don’t remind me. It hurts to think that i’ll be extremely busy during the start of the year– so idk if I have time to watch those new anime. GOOD LUCK FOR 2013! :P

  2. Sonny

    Congratulations for your 100th post and your mother’s pregnancy! And merry Christmas! Well, at least here it’s still the 25th ;)

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      Haha thanks thanks! :D JINGLE BELLZ :3 Well.. the good days are gone and i’m left with awaiting the dreadful, abominable, damnable, hateful school reopening. All the best to me and you in 2013! ..\o/


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