Great Manga

Uhhhhhhh YO! I’ll be recommending some really good manga (well as usual there’s romance in all of them but it’s not the main genre for some :P) so… READ THEM!!

1. Venus Kisoukyoku

This one is awesome. It’s longer than the usual shoujos I read (29 chapters!) and I was afraid that I would get bored of repetition and cliches BUT NO. It was superb, with bishies, an interesting storyline, and of course, THE FINEST CHARACTERS!! The characters weren’t shallow (well.. it’s 29 chapters after all xD) and each character had a personality. I loved the female lead. She’s one of the rare strong types, damn cute, and pretty. The male lead is CUUUUTE!! \o/ I like all of them!


2. Otokomae! Beads Club

Actually.. I bet some people have already read this.. since it’s by the famous and brilliant Motomi Kyousuke! THE AUTHOR OF DENGEKI DAISY, an all-time favorite. If you haven’t read Dengeki Daisy, go read it or dieeeeee. She (He?) always turns simple shoujos into enthralling, captivating stories and as usual, her female characters are COOL.

YEAH! YOU GO GIRL. I’m drunk in shoujo magic already.

3. Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

T_____________T I definitely recommend this. You should read the manga before listening to my ramblings because I will be kinda spoiling the story. It’s a tragedy, and I always cry when reading tragedies and this time had been no exception– the story was quite simple and I’d just read on and on, getting completely absorbed in the story, –somehow it made me want to read carefully, so I paid full attention to each character’s emotions, their feelings behind every decision, and then suddenly, tears. GOSH!!!! Slice of life/Drama/Tragedy are always the saddest tags.

This manga made me realize that what you do early in life really affects you the most, even though you might be the most innocent back then. I’m gonna share an event of my childhood that could have altered the course of my current life drastically. When I was seven or eight, there was one thing, taught to me by my parents, that I valued a lot— money. I was extremely frugal, bringing food to school during recess so that I didn’t have to waste money buying them myself (lol). Everyday, i’d walk past the bookshop and see a bunch of colorful pokemon erasers that enticed me so much! Okay I’ll just cut the long story short. One day, I grabbed my favourite pack of erasers, and ran. I just sprinted, my mind blank. I could hear the middle-aged shopkeeper saying something, but I didn’t stop. And then after a flight of stairs and a great distance, I just turned around, and ran back. I put the erasers down, apologized twice, not even looking at the lady, and then took flight again. The whole while I was barely thinking, and it just happened.

Those erasers I nearly stole probably costed 70 cents.

(A picture. Take a breather.)

Okay sorry for the boring story! But to me, it’s a huge and essential lesson, an undeniable part of my life. I’m not ashamed of it, just grateful. Because if anything different had happened, I would not be who I am today. If I had successfully stolen those erasers, I could have had that sense of achievement and willingly become a thief till now. And if I had gotten caught, I would have been punished, blacklisted, shamed, perhaps lost my willingness to work hard, and become a recluse. To think that frugality, a virtue, could lead to such a vice.

There’s some saying that no children are born evil. It’s circumstances that make us so. I’ve always wondered– if intellect and genetic make-up can be inherited, why not personality? Evilness? Is it not human nature to be selfish? I don’t think children are entirely malleable. Shyness, for me, never goes away, though I can work hard at covering it. The environment definitely plays a huge role in shaping our nature and perspective, but when we are young, even if we are bad we don’t know that it is wrong to be bad– why can’t we hit others? why can’t we take people’s things?– and therefore we are not bad. It is society that condemns traits like selfishness and rudeness as bad. I think it is only natural for everyone to want something they can’t have, but children don’t understand that they can’t just steal it if people were to co-exist harmoniously together. Okay i’m spouting a lot of bull shit. Point is, I believe that we are all innately selfish bastards, there’s nothing wrong with being selfish bastards, but since we are civilized and live in a society, some compromises need to be made. Children have yet to understand this etiquette, and therefore should not be punished for not restraining themselves. I swear i’m not covering up for myself for nearly being blacklisted. I really think so. Though there’s of course I believe in inherently good traits that we all have too. Some of us at least.

Back to the manga! Tragedies are bad, but you remember them forever– they drive the point home. In our world, truly happy endings are sparse. And sometimes, after terrible things happen, to accept and move on shows inner strength, and could lead to an alternate, second satisfactory ending too. This story is all about hope and forgiveness and is really nice to read about. How ironic and painful that the main dude never died when he wanted to, but was put to death when he began to love, when he most wanted to live. Shows us that we can’t have everything we want, and that the best things often come too late. But i’m glad that there wasn’t much dwelling on the regret– they made the most out of their time together and learnt to appreciate life, and though they’re reluctant to let go because of more precious and happy times and memories they could create as a couple, they both finally learnt the preciousness and fragility of life, learnt of hope and forgiveness, learnt of love.

…My only complaint though, is that our main guy didn’t deserve it– the two innocent’s deaths he caused were accidental, and he was coerced into killing the evil guy. SO WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE. UNFAIR!!!

Okay! Anyway i’ve written a lot of crap but in all, this story was great. The author’s genre of human drama is fantastic– seeing the intertwining interactions between characters, the more realistic and sometimes ugly emotions that were displayed was nice. The important aspect of hope really inspires. Loved it. The end. Btw this author has other great stories too!

4. Zippy Ziggy

NO I DID NOT JUST RECOMMEND THIS! Haha. This is a really lame manga that somehow managed to literally make me lol many times! It’s a manhwa, to be exact, and those type of funny korean comics with exaggerated faces much worse than those you find in anime. Go on, give it a try!

It’s seriously lame you know…

Okay. I leave you with these lovely tales. Have a great 2013 anyone/everyone!! While I suffer with hellish proposals, hateful revision and absolutely no time during competition season early next year. IT’S GONNA BE A TOUGH YEAR, BUT GO ME!! lol i’m pathetic. Bye! :P


12 thoughts on “Great Manga

  1. boringotaku

    Thank you for all those manga reccomandations. I started reading all of them alredy and just now I finished reading Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan and I’m still crying. The story is really sad and I JUST CAN’T STOP CRYING. oh god… but I personally don’t like tragedies becouse I just start crying and I feel so weak (maybe that sounded a little weird..haha..). And right now I’m blaming myself for reading it, becouse I’ll be thinking of it for the next week, of course I could have easelly stopped from reading it becouse you WROTE that it was a tragedy but.. no.. of course.. the stupid me had to skip that part when you wrote that becouse I just wanted to read a romance manga so bad..

    Not long ago I red a good tragedy manga, It was really sad and of course I cried, like everytime, I wanted to share it with you now but I can’t find it.. Maybe If I find it later..

    P.S. Just to light the mood up a little now, I really liked the K anime to and the greate news is that they ANNUNCED THE 2nd SEASON. HELL YEAH! It’ll probablly came out in spring.. just letting you know :D

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      You’re most definitely welcome! ;) YES YES! That story was really a masterpiece and I cried a lot too.. Haha yup that’s why I don’t read tragedies often! Tragedies are always heartfelt and bittersweet and this one revolves around the theme of hope even after death, which is really T____T!!! Sad, but excellent! If you do remember, please share that good manga with me! I’ll read good tragedies any time..

      HAHA REALLY?! Awesome!! Thanks! K needs more episodes and more plot content! I’ll be looking forward to it. :) I reeeeaaaalllly want to see Shiro again. Yay for K! xD

  2. sose

    i already read some of those but i’ll definitly try out the manwha haha. thanks for the recommendations :)
    anyways. your story there kinda brought me to think about my past, and you are right. those things really mark (?) us..
    when i was four eye “stole” some choko eggs from a store and put them under my doll in my little doll…car.. without anyone noticing and at home my mother got reaaaaaally mad (don’t blame her)
    and the best thing was i didn’t even like those chocolate things. orz.
    but even if i was a really youbg criminal i guess i learnde from it. lol sry for the long post. i just wanted to share my thoughts :)

      1. Aleris Celt Post author

        HAHAHA DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE TYPOS! Hoho. You’re gonna try out that manhwa? Get ready for real weirdness and hilariousness xD Damn! I’ll try to recommend more that you haven’t read in the future!

        Yessssss. Oh my that… sounds really cute! But whut, you didn’t like chocolate eggs? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! \o/ Yeah indeed it’s these mistakes of our childhood that we remember later in life, but i’m just glad that an essential lesson was learnt without being punished. (too harshly, for you!) Even as we’ve become a little wiser, we’ll keep learning from experience. :)

      2. sose

        yeah after reading most of your post i guessed that i kinda read most of the mangas you read :) means too many..

        i… don’t really like chocolate…. – please don’t kill me! –
        and i remember that my mother had me eat lots of those eggs as a punishment lol :D
        i won’t steal chocolate eggs again haha

      3. Aleris Celt Post author

        Nah it means that we have great taste! ;) HAHA YOU WEIRDO!! Your mum’s amazing xD Yup at least nothing really bad happened, and all’s well that ends well.

      4. sose

        ah yeah true. we HAVE great taste :D
        yeah i think my mum enjoyed seing me suffer :D (i’m not weird… i guess)

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