The End of Project K

FUCK MY LIFE. That moment just killed it for me.

That precise moment, all music stopped, and all attention was on Mikoto. Then Shiro. And then tears started flowing uncontrollably, I couldn’t believe it, and my heart was throbbing wildly. I was breathless. ——IS WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO SAY. But due to fucking circumstances like the video pausing to buffer many times, as well as accidental spoilers of the ending from stupid facebook newsfeed, I didn’t feel much at that climatic moment and in fact I was like “oh okay. That was not cool.”

DAMN ME. K is a damn good anime and the whole 13 episodes was interesting and good. It took me a while, but I realized that Mikoto wasn’t the awesome and perfect guy that I thought he was. Undeniably hot, with a sexy voice thanks to the seiyuu, extremely protective of Homra, SUPER STRONG, but retarded too.

If you could calm down and listen to what Shiro had to say, you wouldn’t need to kill him– wasn’t it the colorless king you wanted to kill?! KILL HIM ON YOUR OWN WITHOUT USING SHIRO AS A VESSEL– and then you would have spared me the tears. Yes I cried a lot in the aftermath, and during the sad part where all the students thought he was the murderer and were wondering why him seemed so familiar. He said, “You all don’t know me, but I know all of you. You’re my precious friends.” Oh Shiro. My new love.

The Silver King. The nicest, most thoughtful, carefree, and kindest character ever. If he was somewhat like Lelouch, then Munakata Reisi is definitely like Suzaku. He and all the blue people irritate me a lot (PARTICULARLY THAT FUSHIKI BASTARD. I’d like to know his story though, why he left Homra) but he knows he’s got a job, and that it takes priority over his personal feelings, so he executes it. Sucks to say it, but he does restore law and order.

Sigh. My favourite character is definitely Shiro now. At least there’s hope for him being alive, he did say that he was the immortal king at the end. Finally, my only complaint is that K COULD HAVE GONE ON MUCH LONGER! There’re supposedly 7 kings, but we only see 4! Oh. I think there will probably be a second season though, and i’ll definitely watch it. I hope they don’t start with a new set of characters. I need more background stories of all the current characters!

The end. I loved how the anime ended with Homra’s team spirit raging strong. Indeed, as they all say, Mikoto was the best king they could have asked for.

Yup. Lol okay. Come, hear this nice special ED— it’s by Totsuka (umm, I mean his seiyuu), the very first good guy that died. Love his voice. Love K. Love Neko a lot too.


9 thoughts on “The End of Project K

  1. usagixkimi

    I actually cried at the ending. the most touching part is that Mikoto told Anna that he couldn’t show her the lovely red anymore. And when all red lights came out of Homra ppl and flied away gently~
    I really hope that there is second season or new anime that continue K to show other kings and more backgrounds….and Shiro’s return! >o<

    1. Aleris Celt Post author

      I cried at many moments.. yes that part was really sad! When they all demonstrated the Homra spirit and started chanting “No blood! No bone! No ash!” (haha I thought their motto was rather lame but it sounded touching at that moment) Mikoto could just have listened to Reisi and Shiro’s explanation, avert the fight and live on, but he just had to die with style… Oh well I really like him still!

      YES I THINK THERE WILL BE A SECOND SEASON! :) I want to see more plot too! And Shiro must come back. (though I doubt he’ll be the main character again..) K was really good.

    2. Bloop

      I don’t understand why the red lights come out of the homra people, did they lose Their power?? Love this anime tho ❤️

  2. Mitchum

    Fushiki quit Homera because he joined it with Yata. They were best friends but after joining Homera Yata became so enamored with it he kinda for got about Fushiki so Fushiki not really feeling like he fits in leaves the reds goes to the blues to gain power and to get Yata’s attention. Even if he is only looked at with hatred.

  3. Craig

    Does this have an actual ending. I see that there are multiple Manga, a prequel and some continuations but i Haye watching anime that has no ending. I don’t want to read spoilers so i haven’t been trying to read all the comments.

  4. Broccoli

    Ummm I read how many people here showed hatred towards mikoto for killing shiro. But you need to listen to what shiro said before mikoto struck him. Considering you don’t have the patience to go back and watch it again, shiro basically said something along the lines that meant “Here I have brought him(the evil colourless king) for you(after which E C K switches with shiro and says damn you why interfere in the battle)”. Shiro goes on to say only a king can kill another king to which mikoto says thank you and chidori’s shiro like kakashi did to rin. Shiro couldn’t hold on to the ECK longer cause he was after all a king so that was the most suitable solution. Peace out


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