The Bishounen of Your Dreams Have Come

Hey you there!

Hungering for gorgeous bishies? 

Searching for that irresistible, charming, fiery guy?

Well… Look no further!

I present to you, a small picture collection of beautiful characters from Wand of Fortune!

…you ready for some sexiness?? YOU READY???

ARGHHHH SEE THIS GIRL?! She’s hogging all of the bishies! At least she’s pretty too!

Oh and what is this I spy? A DRAGON?!?!? I FUCKING LOVE DRAGONS!!!!! Now this is why Wand of Fortune is awesome. The visuals are just top notch. How can such pretty anime characters ever exist?! Ahhhhhh. Too bad Wand of Fortune is an otome game and I don’t play otome games. But I just had to share these pictures because….. because? OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE THEY’RE DAZZLING, ENCHANTING, AND THOSE CHARACTERS NEED TO BE LOVED BY THE WORLD!!!!

Haha that’s all. What a feast for shoujo-romantic fangirls like me. Just gonna stare at their passionate gazes for eons.


8 thoughts on “The Bishounen of Your Dreams Have Come

  1. Sonny

    Oh God so unfair! It’s all so beautiful why can’t it be an anime or a manga?! It felt like my heart broke because of the disappointment of knowing it was just an otome game…

  2. sose

    aaaaaaah everybody’s soo beautiful. T.T
    i love this kinda style..
    but i personally don’t really play otome games (let’s face it. most of them are in japanese anyways)
    did you ever played one?


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