Wondrous Japanese-English Translations

I love reading English subtitles that are translated from Japanese. BUT NO I DON’T MEAN IT IN THE SILLY WAY!

I’ve always read the english translations whenever I hear a Japanese song, and their interesting wording– even though each translator comes up with unique word choices– always fascinates me. Well, in real life, you’ll never hear someone say that they are going to make a wish to the star that runs through darkness. (That’s from Black Rock Shooter) Sometimes, the translation sounds all nonsensical and odd, but mostly they make sense!

Like how.. ever since you came, my ordinary life was painted in scarlet. 

Because I met you, a fragrant wind the color of the sky blows through my heart.

But then you hurt me, and I hurt you. And I just want to let you go. But I doubt even myself.

Will your shadow fade in the rain?

All I want… is to take back your smiling face…

AIN’T THAT NICE?! Those words in italics are the english-translated Japanese lyrics and each phrase is from a different song! They give such a romantic and expressive touch, don’t they? And they definitely make sense. Here’s one more cool sentence.

Even if we’re under different skies, even in a broken world, we won’t be alone.

OOOOOOOooooozing with amazingness! The terms like ‘broken world’ and ‘smiling face’ are among the most common ones i’ve come across. Oh yeah, and you know, the lyrics use the image of roses blooming as a metaphor for blood being spilt really often too! I was packing my stuff just a moment ago, and found a short prose-story thing that used that idea. I’m going to share it!

What an incredibly lovely, frilly, pure white gown she was wearing! Along with that beaming smile, she looked so perfect next to her impeccably-dressed groom. Excited chatter was all I could hear, and I made polite conversation with the guests.

“Gorgeous girl, that bride!”

“Ain’t it like sending a sister off, Sara?”


It’s time, I thought, making my way towards the couple. John and Greg and my friends all smiled. They told me not to cry, but wish Alice and her husband-to-be the best of luck. How could I not cry though? Alice was like a sister to me.

So when I was finally before the couple, I didn’t cry, I smiled.

I took out my dagger and let beautiful roses blossom upon Alice. Red frills are more gorgeous after all.

Ignore my strange story. See, thing is, don’t you think the ending paragraph (uhh I mean two sentences) sounds much more elegant but sinister this way? Or of course I could write something like:

I took my dagger out and started stabbing Alice wildly. STAB. STAB. STAB STAB STAB. A crazed frenzy made me oblivious to the surrounding astonished gasps, which soon escalated to horrified shrills. Blood sprayed out like that miniature water fountain I saw at their new apartment. Pretty little thing it was, and is. The groom’s face was stained crimson, and boy he did look like a petrified little cat! I cackled. This was amusing.

D-don’t you prefer the first one? xD

Random Shiro interjects. He shields Sara with his umbrella and it too, turns a dark, vivid red. The end.


5 thoughts on “Wondrous Japanese-English Translations

  1. no name

    Yeah, bad subs are everywhere indeed. But I still think that the best one is:

    Check it out. I laugh every single time I look at it, it’s just too much :D

  2. sose

    nah i have to admit i like the awesome STAB STAB STAB version better :D
    argh i had to laugh so hard reading this post.. now i’m crying \(^o^)/

      1. sose

        yeah i know what you mean :)
        sometimes in japanese songs with subs i’m sooooo fascinated. nobody would say those things in real life but to find the hidden messages between the lines… is awesome ^.^

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